nest envy

bird-ly  asked:

A bit about OO!Yachi heat habits? As in, about her nesting, (Yachi has the most beautiful and calming nest, ngl. She even has a calming playlist for building and relaxing in it) cuddle habits and preferred scents!

Yachi’s nests are the envy of other omegas. She has a knack for picking the softest blankets and fluffiest pillows, so her nest is always soft and comfortable. She has a playlist she only ever listens to while making her nest, full of calming instrumentals.

Yachi is a cuddler. She loves to tuck up against her mate, swapping little kisses and grooming together. When her heats get close, she loves to spoon in her nest. This also helps the nest to smell more like her mate, which makes her feel safe/comfortable. She also likes to light vanilla or lavender scented candles before her heat.

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