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FMA AU Week Day 2 Theme E: Change your fate

A special au based off of a conversation I had with @ladywiltshire where Brotherhood Envy goes with Greed when he runs away and they run the Devil’s Nest together. Envy is still themself, but they are a little less of a jerk towards people for greed’s sake. They at least tolerate them. Their jealousy isn’t quite as strong as before and they are relatively happy. Still they get angry every time greed brings home new chimeras and acts like he brought home stray dogs. Anyways, Enjoy.

Hope & Healing (Newt Scamander X Reader)

@mudbloodscars requested: Reader is very self-conscious about her looks/weight and doesn’t think she’s pretty at all. She is very sarcastic and cracks jokes a lot, but inside she is very depressed and anxious. (Element of thoughts about self-harm, but if that makes you uncomfortable, you can leave it out.) Newt senses something is up and tries to dig deeper, but reader is so anxious that she doesn’t trust anyone. One night, reader can’t sleep at all and starts crying (just because of general anxiety). Newt hears and rushes in. It’s very fluffy, a little dark, but they end up having a little make-out session and say they love each other. @ashfox1203

A/N: *For everyone feeling this way, please know that no matter what, you are loved and needed and the world is a better place with you in it. We all have a part in the story. Make it the best! You will find hope!*

Title: Hope and Healing



Pairing: NewtXReader


Warnings: Fluff, Angst, implied self harm but nothing graphic

Fluff Level: Out of control!

Author’s Notes: This is a little gift for my new friend Alexis. I enjoyed writing this because it was a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t typically write too much angst. (I’m all about that fluff life.) But, I DO like to branch out with my writing and this helps. I really hope you enjoy it, girl! As always, feedback is appreciated.

Newt had tripped over the same hole in the floor of his shed about a hundred times now. 

“Well Pickett, about time we patch that up, don’t you think?" 

The Bowtruckle squeaked in response, peering out from the lapel of Newt’s coat.  

"Yeah, I agree. Maybe later.” Newt smirked, walking out of the shed.

You were standing near the Occamys, laughing gently at the little creatures as they writhed around in their giant nest. You somewhat envied them. They looked so comfortable. “Hello, little ones, I wish I could cuddle up with you and take a nap.”

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bird-ly  asked:

A bit about OO!Yachi heat habits? As in, about her nesting, (Yachi has the most beautiful and calming nest, ngl. She even has a calming playlist for building and relaxing in it) cuddle habits and preferred scents!

Yachi’s nests are the envy of other omegas. She has a knack for picking the softest blankets and fluffiest pillows, so her nest is always soft and comfortable. She has a playlist she only ever listens to while making her nest, full of calming instrumentals.

Yachi is a cuddler. She loves to tuck up against her mate, swapping little kisses and grooming together. When her heats get close, she loves to spoon in her nest. This also helps the nest to smell more like her mate, which makes her feel safe/comfortable. She also likes to light vanilla or lavender scented candles before her heat.

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