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Let me tell you something about my childhood.. (½)
(Or what’s left of it)

Today I downloaded the latest Swan Princess movie. The first movie came out in 1994. That was the year I turned three. I always enjoyed it, fell head over heels in love with it, because it’s one of the few movies in which the female lead isn’t exactly what you call a damsel in distress, and the happy couple doesn’t fall in love and head off to be married after four seconds of first introductions and unspoken pleasantries. So there.

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140120 10asia - The reason why we became singers (Interview)

JYP Entertainment unveiled their new rookie group GOT7. On the 15th, they held their garage showcase and showcased their debut stage on various music programs, already at the center of the attention. In fusing together martial arts and bboying, they carry out an impressive performance with martial arts tricks and have come out with strong, addicting music that has JYP’s special sound. Not only that, but they also have stage manners that can’t be seen from rookies that they show off. They’re all ready to be on their toes as KPOP’s representing candidate with talent found in Namyang-ju, Mokpo, Jinhae, Ilsan, and other places within Korea as well as foreign countries like United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. By building the nest in JYP Entertainment, we decided to hear their reason as to how they became GOT7 and why they wanted to be singers.

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