nest eggs


Sea turtles nesting, Nicaragua

Imagine if a chicken found an abandoned nest of Tyrannosaurus rex eggs, sat on them, and hatched them. The three fluffy peeps follow her around and love their momma, they just keep growing and she insists on trying to sit on them anyways. Then they’re all grown up and protect her from predators and she eats their prey with them, but still finds them little beetles to eat and they do. Every night she roosts on one of their backs and does the bedtime singing that hens do, they copy her. They respect her too, when she gets after them they listen. A happy family.

The Fox and the flowers

I put all the images together into one big post, now, the images aren’t HQ, i had to resize them down, if you want to see them full quality i made an imgur album for them. 

I also put some sort of morale at the end, in text form, saying what was going through my mind while narrating this story, what means to me and what i wanted to tell or make people feel in this seemingly empty and purely edonistic comic.
So yeah, check it out. And if you already did I hope you enjoyed it, it makes me really happy that a personal project like this got noticed as much as it did ;v;


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Finally found the time to finish this piece. It took me more time than usual to achieve a satisfying result, the crow feet were quite the challenge. I still don’t have a fixed title for this one ( “instinctual” & “driven” are the 2 I have floating around), so feel free to come with suggestions. Cheers!