Prison Break’s main antagonists and what they’ll most likely be remembered for

I’d have liked to add “getting my hands on a mastermind escape artist to further my agendas only to throw it all out the window for a crush, meeting with agents in broad daylight, waltzing in the streets with the guy whose death I staged, having my agents pretend to try to kill my wife and shooting at me to make me seem innocent when she wasn’t even doubting me at the time, hence allowing her to see their faces too, and overall proving my amateurism and incompetence as a leader repeatedly” on Jacob’s, but it would’ve been a bit long.

ms-tsuki  asked:

Jacob was being a jackass warning Michael not to try anything because he could read everything on Michael's eyes and Michael was like, "it's what's behind the eyes that matters". I hope the 2 eyes tatoos on Michael's hands will be the key to reveal the truth about the murder of the CIA director. That would be the start of sweet JUSTICE on that psycho Poseidon, don't you think?

It’s actually funny because while Jacob was going on about always being a step ahead of Michael and having complete control over him, Michael was already going around his back to see Sara and Mikey from afar… and he was probably already thinking about how to double-cross Jacob too.

The tattoos will be a key element for sure. Michael ‘foreshadowing’ his own plans gives me life tbh. Like for the “it’s what’s behind the eyes that matters”? While Jacob is bragging about having the bigger one controlling Michael and predicting his every move, Michael quietly goes “You’re not seeing the whole picture, you think you’re ahead of the game but you don’t know what I’m capable of.” And when the opportunity is there for Michael to seize, justice will come to kick Jacob in the ass as you said.

Claus: Hey. I’m Claus. I’m not too internet savvy, but I decided to make this blog as a result of excruciating boredom. I’ve been sitting in my apartment for the past two days with nothing but Judge Judy and Boney Jr. to occupy my time.
Claus: See, I kind of managed to break my legs. As in, both of them are completely shattered. I should be fine in a few months, but until then, I’m kind of at the mercy of my own immobility.
Claus: As of right now, I’m waiting for my brother to come in from Onett. I can’t afford a caretaker, so he dropped his life to take care of me until I’m healed again. He’s an angel of a guy, I swear. 
Claus: So say “Hi” or something. I’ve got a few hours to kill before Lucas arrives.