i made a list of cryptids (and other folklore creatures) in preperation of inktober since i’ve decided to participate this year! some are well known, while others are the silliest things ive ever heard of. (the weirdest ones are my favorites honestly. i’m very excited to draw a squonk)
feel free to use this if you want to!!!

Leaky faucet, creaky floor
We don’t even own a bathroom door
The sofa set is nothing to be jealous of
We don’t have a lot but there’s no shortage here for love

I have the really bad feeling that my tablet died but that didn’t stop me from drawing these three amigos again. Inspired by this song, this fanfic and this epic picture!

I really like this Living Together AU!?!?!?!? Like a lot? I would love to have more written about it?!?!?! PLEASE?

Plus Maria’s bed hair/ lazy hair day must be something to see. I love lazy dressing and staying at home just relaxing.

Backup Vocals by @klapollo is causing me heartache right now (which is good). But also laughs and warmness and feels! Go read this amazing klapollo AU, you won’t regret it <3 

(I’m sorry they don’t look so much like your original design, this is actually how I imagine them when reading /////)