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@clarz​: “don’t leave me, you’re too warm.”

The line’s ringing before Niall thinks twice about it. It doesn’t even register until Bressie answers with a curious, “’ullo?”, and Niall has to look at the screen of his phone to figure out what’s going on.

Bressie’s contact picture is staring back at him – the one Niall took while they were in bed nearly six months ago, Bressie all sleep-soft around his eyes, cuddled up in Niall’s blanket – the one Niall desperately needs to change.

Anyway… Right, he called Bressie. ‘Course he did.

“Niall?” Bressie asks, when Niall doesn’t say anything right away.

“Hi, hey, Bressie,” Niall says, wincing at the way his voice gets all polite. That superficial voice he uses when he’s dealing with his boss. This is off to a great start, isn’t it.

“You rang?” Bressie prompts. Niall’s cheeks get warm. Right.

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Tomlinshaw/Nessie college AU

Louis and Niall are best friends living in a flt off campus. They’ve always been uber competitive with one another constantly challenging each other in various different areas and there latest challenge is to find the ‘biggest boyfriend’ bc apparently they both have a size kink, something they found out Tom Hiddleston was 6'2 in the middle of watching the avengers for the umpteenth time and Hugh Jackman in Wolverine before that and after the latest episode of Supernatural Louis who had been fiddling with his phone as the end credits rolled suddenly sat up and turned wide eyes to Niall.

“Ni, mate Jared Padalecki stands at a whopping 6'4…” so yeah they def had a thing for taller men and so their newest challenge was to find the tallest boyfriend who could not old tower over them but nearly blanket them when they fucked.

Niall who had been toying with going out for the school’s rugby team anyway knew exactly who would make for the perfect big boyfriend, that is if he even swung that way. Niall 'Bressie to his mates’ Breslin.

So the day of the tryouts niall’s performance is less than stellar but he still manages to catch the eye of the team’s star player, who was quite amused by the fellow irishman. And to Niall’s surprise Bressie invites him to a frat party.

Meanwhile Louis isn’t faring any better he thought his trouble would be actually finding a guy to pursue but nope the first day of the new semester he walks into his advanced lit lecture and spies this fit, incredibly tall and deliciously lean bloke with a quiff so tall it must add at least another foot to his already tall stature, with a smart pair of specs on his nose and a comfy looking jumper that sags a little at the collar.

Louis thinks if nothing else he this may become his favorite class if only for the view. But then the professor enters and to Louis’ dismay introduces Nick to the class as a graduate student from a neighboring university who will be acting as student-teacher for the remainder of the semester.

If this wasn’t bad enough, when Louis and Nick actually get the chance to speak of course Nick would turn out to be a grade A arsehole and Louis really wishes he still didn’t want Grimshaw to bend him over a desk and fuck him because maybe then he could move on to some other ridiculously tall chap with less attitude.


this prompt was originally going to be for kima week’s gloves prompt but i decided to scrap it and make an entire au for the week instead. rather than let it go to waste, i wanted to write this for rare pair apprec day ;3

She didn’t think that she was asking for too much. Just a quiet night away from the mass would have made her happy enough. But when a young man– tall and formal– close to her age presented himself in front of her, hand extended, she figured that she could entertain a dance or two.

On a night where it was important to make connections, Maka wondered if this person was put up to the task by an older gentleman to get close to a diplomat’s daughter. It seemed likely enough, she thought, watching women hide and gossiping safely behind their fans. They fluttered their fans and batted their eyelashes at men just as fast as their mouths. And Maka wanted no part in that, taking the first chance that came to her and escaping into the dancing crowd.

Even if it were with a stranger.

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anonymous asked:

3. Hesitant Kiss for nessie ofc!

“Are you shaking?” Bressie asks, laughing roughly. 

There is a slight tremor to Niall’s hands where they’re resting against Bressie’s chest. He looks at them for a moment – pale against the dark blue of Bressie’s shirt, nails bitten down – then looks back up at Bressie, shrugging. 

“Guess so,” he admits, tongue feeling thick in his mouth. Bressie chuckles again, readjusting his grip on Niall’s hips. His hand is hot through the thin fabric of Niall’s t-shirt, his thick thighs putting a stretch in Niall’s legs as he straddles them. Bressie smells like faded cologne and beer, and he’s stupidly handsome smirking at Niall the way he is.

“Don’t be nervous,” he coos, condescending enough that Niall smacks his shoulder and glares. Bressie laughs, rubs his hands up and down Niall’s sides. “S’just me, little one.”

“That’s the issue,” Niall says grumpily.

“Don’t have to do it,” Bressie says, mock-offended, “Could find you a nice lass to snog. Doubt you’d having any trouble with a face like that.”

Niall flushes hotly, fidgeting at the compliment. “S’fine,” he says quietly, looking at his hands again. He’s been absently petting over the soft cotton of Bressie’s shirt, thumb rubbing the ridge of Bressie’s sternum. There hasn’t been so much as a twitch in response, Niall wonders if Bressie even noticed. “Bloke, bird, doesn’t matter.”

“Alright, then what’s the issue, chief?” Bressie asks, knuckles knocking under Niall’s chin so Niall will look at him. There’s probably a hectic flush to Niall’s cheeks. A bit of pink stains Bressie’s own cheeks, but that’s probably from the beer more than anything. 

Niall, on the other hand, is blushing because he’s had this exact fantasy – sat on Bressie’s lap, Bressie’s hands on him. That’s the issue here, really, but like hell is he going to tell Bressie that.

“Nothing,” Niall says. “Nervous.”

“Might as well pull the plaster, then,” Bressie says, with a grin. One of his hand moves up between Niall’s shoulder blades, applying pressure until Niall tips closer. 

“Yeah,” Niall agrees, squeezing his eyes shut as Bressie starts to lean forward.

He feels Bressie’s lips brush his, more of a whisper than anything, but he still inhales sharply, waiting for it. Then, a soft graze of Bressie’s mouth. Niall wiggles impatiently, whispers c’mon between them, a quiet plead.

There’s another laugh from Bressie before the hand between Niall’s shoulders pushes, and the hand on Niall’s hip tightens, and then they’re kissing properly – Bressie’s lips warm and smooth as he presses them to Niall’s. 

Niall really… has no idea what to do – 22 and never fuckin’ been kissed – so he lets Bressie take the lead, slides a hand up Bressie’s neck until he can feel Bressie’s pulse fluttering under his thumb. 

He gasps out loud when Bressie licks against his bottom lip, jaw going loose enough for Bressie to deepen the kiss properly. It’s probably sloppy on Niall’s part as he kisses back enthusiastically, but Bressie isn’t pushing him away so god knows, Niall isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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Caboose x Fem!Reader : Best Friends (And Freckles)

Written by: Nessie

Summary/Prompt: There’s a fierce fight, and everyone’s lives are at stake - including yours. Would you make it through, were it not for Caboose and his pet droid?

A/N: I’ll fully admit, I haven’t watched any of season 12. This, I suppose, takes place during season 11. Unnamed enemy, so it could take place any time when the Reds and Blues are working together to defeat someone.

Rating: PG-13

WC: 951

T: Swearing, lots of guns, fighting

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l0chn3ss  asked:

blushy soma in apple?

this was not my original idea for the pose, but it’s still beautiful  (‘∀’●)♡

thanks to nessie for another prompt, sorry i’m late again haha ;;

enjoy waaaay too close blushy soma + apple [ x ]; [ pose insp ]

2014 in review!

If we ignore the fact that I haven’t been posting anything for a couple months, here are all the fics I’ve written in 2014, linked in chronological order! While we’re here, I would just like to thank anyone who has read and enjoyed any of my fics in the past, and I hope that people continue to enjoy them in the future! Here’s to a 2015 with as many fics, if not more than the ones below!

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l0chn3ss  asked:

Soma prompt- You're the light of my life aka QUIT PULLING THE COVERS OFF ME ITS 5AM

Thank you for the prompt Nessie! I made it super fluffy for you! (imagine that!) I hope you like it! Thank you to khaleesimaka and fabulousanima for editing this thing for me!! :)


“Maka,” Soul called out softly. His girlfriend’s sleeping form lay beside him as they (she) slept, the dim light from the window illuminating the contours of her face and colouring her hair a golden yellow.

“Maka,” he called again, reaching out and gently shaking her.

“What is it?” she asked blearily, sitting up slightly, her blanket cocoon sliding down her shoulders. She rubbed her eyes and rested her weight on her forearms.

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@liamalmighty: “you don’t have to be so gentle.”

There’s sweat beading at Bressie’s temple, biceps bulging as his arms strain. His face is flushed red, frowning in concentration. Niall’d think it was cute, if he wasn’t so impatient about the whole thing. 

“Just shove it in,” he whines, muscles achy and tired from trying to hold still when all he wants to do is get on with it. 

“Takes some finesse,” Bressie says, low and stern, little pucker between his eyebrows deepening as his eyes flick up to Niall’s face and back down, essentially ignoring him. Niall lets out a small sigh, shifting a bit. Bressie grunts. “Don’t move.”

Niall stops moving, teeth biting into his bottom lip. 

“Oh, don’t move,” Niall quips, once he’s taken a breath. “Easy for you to say.”

“Is it?” Bressie asks, still not looking at him, hands downing whatever they’re doing just out of Niall’s line of sight. There’s a slight pressure and, nope –

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” Niall says. “Quick, like –”

Niall shifts his grip before shoving as hard as he can 

“Christ!” Bressie yelps, stumbling as the footboard slots into place with the bedpost. 

“Told you,” Niall smirks, letting the thick piece of wood drop to the floor. His arms are numb from holding it up. How’s it fair that he got the heavy bit while Bressie tried to finesse the furniture together, honestly.

“Oh sorry love, didn’t want to break our first bedset the day we got it.”

“Ikea shit’s sturdy,” Niall says. “It’s supposed to be shoved here and there, that’s how it’s made.”

“I’ll shove you ‘here and there’,” Bressie snorts, looking at the ceiling in amusement. After a beat, he seems to realize what he’s said. He grins at Niall, eye twinkling mischievously. Niall takes a step back out of self-preservation. 

“You can shove me around later,” Niall says, ignoring the flush creeping up his cheeks. “Right now, we have a bed to build.”

“An Ikea bed,” Bressie says, rolling his eyes. It’s all fond, Niall can tell. He rolls his eyes in response, pulling a face at Bressie.

“Shut up, you love it.”

“Just love you, petal,” Bressie says, tapping his fingers under Niall’s chin. This time, Niall can’t fight the blush. He gets all warm, tingly.

“Shut up,” he says again, picking up the other bedpost and shoving it at Bressie. “Let’s put this together so we can put it to use.”

thepainlessmoustache  asked:

9 for the kisses!! (If you're still up for it)

Distracting Kiss

“This is what you get for assuming,” Niall says, as the tiny plastic ball rolls merrily down the course, following the exact path it’s supposed to take. He watches it go, bouncing off the bumpers and leaping over hills before dropping into the funnel at the end. The funnel leads to a tunnel that delivers the ball neatly into the hole at the end. 

“Another hole in one,” Niall says with a grin.

“How was I supposed to know you were amazing at mini-golf?” Bressie asks, heaving a great big sign. “You didn’t tell me you golfed.”

“I don’t think mini-golf takes that kind of skill,” Niall says. “It’s more of settin’ it on the right path and letting it go.”

“Deeply profound,” Bressie says flatly, hopping down onto the lower level of the course they’re on. His ball is wedged up against the wall, so he has to stand on the ledge surrounding the green to position his club correctly.

It’s a sight to see, Bressie bent nearly in two because the golf clubs are so small and he’s so very massive. 

“Woulda taken you golfing for real,” he says, flexes his forearms the smallest amount. The ball still shoots off like he smacked it real good, bouncing wildly off the sides and missing the funnel completely. It follows the longer course before it skips right over the hole. “Fuck!”

“Language,” Niall chides. “There are children here.” Bressie flips him off before dropping down onto the green next to his ball. He doesn’t bother swinging, just uses the flat of his putter to put it into the hole. Niall claps to show his support. 

“Are you any good at actual golf?” Niall asks, once they’re at the next course. 

This one’s a little more complicated. He has to time his stroke with the windmill lazily turning in front of the small opening that leads the ball to a hole in one. If his ball bounces off the flat, wooden blades, or goes into a different opening, he’ll get a birdie at best. 

Which he doesn’t want. Since he’s gotten aces up to this point.

“Uhm, yes,” Bressie says, hovering close as Niall positions his ball where he wants, eyeing the angle. 

“Don’t mess me up,” Niall mutters, once Bressie doesn’t move away. 

“I won’t,” Bressie says lightly. 

Niall doesn’t believe him so he takes some practice swings to see if Bressie’s going to try and move. He doesn’t. Still suspicious, Niall draws back to actually hit it, ignoring Bressie in favor of timing the shot with the windmill blades.

He forgets to be vigilant when he takes his swing – Bressie leans over and kisses him on the cheek, warm and sweet and lingering. It startles Niall so badly, he puts too much power behind the shot.

The ball bounces straight off the blade with enough force to come right back up the hill to his foot. Niall turn to Bressie with a glare, cheeks scorching hot. Bressie grins at him, somehow managing to look both very smug and very fond.

“I demand a reshoot,” Niall says, stomach fluttering. 

“Your face is really red,” Bressie replies, and Niall hits him in the shin with his putter.

Gavin x Fem!Reader : Words of Wisdom

Written by: Nessie

Summary/Prompt: You’ve had a fight with your boyfriend, yet again. Your best friend, Gavin, helps you out with breakfast and advice.

A/N: So this is a fluffy, friendship piece - I hope that friendship is what you were going for, requester! I DO plan on writing another, an angsty version, that will hopefully be up soon!

Rating: PG

WC: 861

T: Mentions of drinking, fight with boyfriend (no details, and certainly no abuse)

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North x Fem!Reader : Stupid

Written by: Nessie

Summary/Prompt: You and York are the perfect team, but North is a little resentful.

A/N: York is my bae, so he features kind of heavily. There has to be a reason for jealousy, right? Takes place during Project Freelancer, before Tex’s arrival.

Rating: PG

WC: 1,246

T: A short fight scene at the beginning

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High School!AU Tucker x Fem!Reader : Homecoming

Written by: Nessie

Summary/Prompt: Caboose is a little too protective of you, his younger sister, making it hard for you to find a date to homecoming. You really want to ask Tucker, but he’s too cool!

A/N: I love high school AUs, because I can like, re-live my high school experience, only better!

Rating: G

WC: 1,039

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Ray x Fem!Reader : Hey Intern

Written by: Nessie

Summary/Prompt: You’re the new intern. You and Ray definitely have chemistry, but you don’t want to lose your internship. The only solution is obviously to keep it a secret!

A/N: You guys. Fluff is so fun to write. Also, I realized that Lindsay knowing all about Reader’s feelings is a common theme in my fics, because Lindsay is a boss.

Rating: G

WC: 1,422

T: None!

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scalesfromadragon  asked:

22. Giggly kiss

Gift for mrsashketchum to make you feel better too

They held onto each other as they stumbled through the dark streets of the city, tripping over each other’s feet as they struggled to hold themselves upright. The challenge was far too great though and every once in a while, Soul would double over in abdominal pain, and Maka would break out into another fit… of laughter.

Soul continued to slap his knees as Maka sputtered out the joke again, accentuating the highlights and stressing out the syllables, making Soul’s voice echo all around them. They fell onto each other, tumbling onto the ground while Maka kicked out her feet and held her stomach, and Soul beating the ground with a fist.

One of the shutters opened then, and an angry shush silenced the pair. They looked at each other when they heard the window close, but immediately let out a “pfft” and crumpled back onto the floor, shaking and vibrating with the jubilant night and the cackling moon above them.

Maka got up first, brushing herself off and rubbing her sore cheeks. She reached for Soul’s hand as he held his out to her, but he whispered the key word again, turning Maka back into a giggling mess. Her knees gave out then just as Soul had pulled on her, and she came crashing down onto him, sending Soul into another wild high.

She looked up at his face, wiping away his happy tears that sprouted from the corners of his eyes, her hand cupping his cheek as she tried to steady his head. Soul brushed a few stray hairs that escaped from her careful pigtails off her face, biting his lips to keep himself from being too loud, his chest shaking as he held back with all his strength.

Their faces were so close, so warm, so full of life. Maka leaned in quickly and Soul met her somewhere soon after, their breath mingling again. She deepened their kiss, bending her neck and pressing herself harder against him. His lips were still curved into a smile, one that she loved as much as him, that is, until he broke his composure, dissolving back into uncontrolable giggles, and Maka following him into euphoria.

Kiss Kiss Fall In Love
Even if I’ve done a Kiss, if you want another, send it again



Write a story from the point of view of a young character. The catch? One day, a strange (almost terrifying) creature knocks on their door claiming to be their relative. Double catch? The creature is not lying.

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