Nessian Smut Week Day 3

So… I wrote a thing.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  @accidental-rambler, tagging you because you didn’t request this one, but you usually enable my Nessian ways.

They don’t tell them anything.

              There was nothing in the way they interact with her or Elain that made Nesta think it was a trust issue.  No, it’s just that the Fae looked at them and saw pretty little dolls – attractive, but otherwise useless.  So they plot and plan a way to bring her sister home, and Nesta is left with a burning anger inside and no way to release it.

              “Oh.  It’s you.”

              Nesta looked away from the window, she hadn’t truly been seeing anything anyway, and looked at the doorway to the library.  


              She tried not to let it show, but somehow his treatment of her hurt the most. Not that she would ever tell him so.

              But… she had thought he thought… not better of her, but more.  He might think her a bitch and harridan, but she had also thought he had seen her strength.

              More the fool her, for thinking that any man would give her validation.

              Not that she needed his validation.

              “What do you want?” Nesta asked him coldly, turning her gaze back to the window.  If she didn’t look at him, then he would never know that he had…

              She refused to finish that thought.  The bastard didn’t have the power to hurt her.

              “I’m looking for Mor.  Where is she?”

              “As if I would know.” The words were sneered, followed by an incredulous scoff before Nesta could think the words through.  Had it been Azriel, or even her sister’s High Lord, she would have considered each word before she spoke it.

              It’s only Cassian that can somehow gain access to the thoughts she keeps hidden away.

              “What’s that supposed to mean?”

              Nesta said nothing, just tilted her head away. She’d done the same to many boys back in her village, and each had been cowed by the cold dismissal.  She heard Cassian move behind her, his leathers creaking, and she felt a derisive smirk curl her lips, at the sign that he was just another weak boy, so easily pushed aside.

              The door closed with a snick, and Nesta had to get to her feet, had to do something, with the rage within.  Alone, he could surely find an outlet –

              She hit a hard chest and froze, her gaze shooting up. Her eyes met cool hazel, and one of Cassian’s arms came up and wrapped around her waist, tugged her close when she would have taken a step back.

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The Fire In Your Eyes Keeps Me Alive

Cassian always knew that this woman, Nesta, was going to be the death of him.

They had spent the day buying gifts for their family. It had become a tradition for all of them to spend Xmas at Feyre and Rhys’ house; Elain and Lucien traveled to the city just for the holidays and returned to their home in the countryside as soon as the festivities were over, Mor and Azriel refused to spend the holidays (or, to be honest, any other occasion) with their biological relatives, and even Amren, who hated holidays with all her heart, made an appearance on Xmas, before leaving to enjoy the tranquility of her home – although everyone was sure that her night was going to be far from calm, as Varian had made his own tradition of staying over at Amren’s during the last weeks of December.

As soon as they entered their flat, hands still full of shopping bags, Nesta pushed Cassian against the wall, kissing him deeply. Cassian dropped the bags to the floor, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

“If I weren’t so tired, I would pick you up and carry you to the bedroom.”

Nesta made her best effort not to laugh at his whimpering tone. “Mmm… that sounds tempting, but I have another idea. Why don’t we take a shower and a little nap? We can order some take-out afterwards and…?”

“A shower?” Cassian couldn’t help the look full of mischief that adorned on his face.

Nesta rolled her eyes. “Ugh! You are insufferable!” He tickled her over her clothes and she giggled. “Just a shower, Cass.”

Cassian trailed his lips over her cheek until he was close to her ear, and used the most seductive voice that he could summon. “Is there anything I could do to convince you not to take a nap and engage ourselves in more… pleasurable activities? Please, Nes?”

Nesta didn’t have to put too much thought on it. “A foot rub?”

A huge grin covered his features. “Deal!”

They placed the shopping bags next to the Xmas tree and raced to the bedroom, got naked quickly, and jumped into the shower. Cassian tried several times to sneak his arms around Nesta, tried to pull her closer, but she slapped his hands. “I’ve already told you, Cass, it’s just a shower!” Cassian pouted but Nesta could not be convinced.

Once they were done, Cassian put on a pair of black boxer briefs and headed straight to bed. Nesta told him that she would be joining him in a few minutes. Cassian dropped unceremoniously onto the bed and closed his eyes for a moment, until he heard Nesta entering the bedroom.

She stood in the doorway, wearing a pair of black lace panties briefs and a black see-through nightgown that left little to the imagination. Her hair was still wet, and she smelled amazing. Lavender and jasmine.

He sat against the headboard without breaking eye contact, while she walked towards the bed. Her hips swaying in the most sensual way.

Cassian swallowed hard before he managed to form a coherent sentence. “You look amazing.”

Nesta gave him a bored look. “I know.”

“Come here, sweetheart. I want to… I need…”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. The last time I wore lingerie you got too carried away and ended up ripping it. I cannot – I won’t – allow it again, Cass.”

“I promise I won’t…”

“Mmm… I’m not sure if I can trust you, but I have an idea.”

Nesta crawled over the bed, like a cat stalking her prey, the fire in her eyes consuming him. She straddled Cassian hips, and it was then that he realized that she had something in her hands. Rope. Before he could even touch her, she grabbed his right arm, placed it against the headboard and tied his wrist there. She did the same to his left arm.

“See? Now I know that you will behave.” Her voice full of innocence, as if she didn’t know what she was doing. She placed soft kisses on his forehead, the tip of this nose, his lips, his neck. With every kiss, she was going down, and down, and down.

When she reached the waistband of his boxer briefs, she stopped kissing and started tugging his underwear. Cassian lifted his hips until she was able to remove it from him.

Cassian was already so aroused, so hard, that he was certain that he would explode as soon as she touched him.

But Nesta had other plans.

She placed a pillow against the footboard, sat in front of him, and lazily started to move her feet over him. She touched his legs, his knees, his firm thighs, her feet going up and down, each stroke barely touching him. Eventually, she moved her right foot up, her sole trailing over his abdomen, going up, up, up, until she reached his face.

She pressed her foot against his face, and he rested his cheek into her warm and smooth skin for a few seconds, and then gave her foot a long, slow lick. It started at the heel of her foot, going over the arch, until he reached her toes.

He couldn’t help but murmur how perfect she was while he pressed little kisses to her toes. Perfect little toes, nails painted in a cherry shade of red, his favorite color. He then took each toe into his mouth and sucked them slowly. He grazed his teeth over her sensitive skin to tease her, Nesta shuddered and giggled. “Cassian! It tickles!”

She removed her foot from his mouth, pressed it against his chest. She could feel his body taut with anticipation. She started moving her right foot down his body, at the same time that her left foot started moving up, until both reached his cock.

She spread her big toe and her index toe of her left foot apart, and fit the head of his cock between them. She moved his foreskin out of the way, before she started rubbing her right foot over the glans, the precum leaking out of him decreasing any sort of uncomfortable friction. His cock pulsed at the stimulation, and his hips jerked involuntarily.

Cassian moaned, and he could barely keep his eyes open. Nesta noticed that his hands were holding tightly the ropes that were restraining his movements, his arms tense, his tanned skin covered in sweat.

“Please, Nes. Please. Let me touch you. Please, sweetheart.”

Nesta changed the position of her feet, her soles on either side of his cock. She stroked her feet up and down his length, squeezing tighter, her toes touching his glans with every motion, making him moan louder. She made sure that her feet covered his entire length. Her feet stroked faster, rougher, until he could not take it anymore.

“Nesta. Nesta. Nesta… Sweetheart… I’m gonna… Nes, I can’t… I’m… I’m…”

She moved her feet a few more times, his hips moving to match her motions, until a groan escaped his lips, his pleasure spilling all over his torso and her feet.

Nesta used his underwear to clean the semen that had landed on her feet. She went to the bathroom and came back with a wet towel. She cleaned his torso tenderly, slow motions to help him recover his breath, and then she untied him.

As soon as Cassian was free, he held her tight, wrapping his arms and legs around her, kissing her as if there was no tomorrow.

“Your feet are amazing. The best. You are the best. Nesta, you are perfect. I love you so much.”

Nesta couldn’t help but smile while she nuzzled against his chest. “I love you too, Cass. But…”


“You still owe me a foot rub.”

I’ll Show You How Mad I Can Be

Nessian Smut Week: Angry! sex

Rating: M


Nesta took off her jacket, showing off her tight fitted dress that accentuated all of her lovely curves, and some cleavage of course. Oh yes, she would make this hell for him.

“So,” Nesta purred, “What have you been doing while I’ve…been away?” She gave him a wicked smile, stepping close enough for him to touch her. He stilled, not knowing what to do. But she wasn’t done yet. Oh no, the fun had only just begun.

“So,” Mor said, “It’s been a week and you still haven’t talked or heard from  her?”

Nesta has been gone for a week now, no one knowing where she went but Feyre who wouldn’t say a word. Of course, Cassian knew she went to The Cabin but gave her space even though it killed him every second he was away from her.

Cassian shifted uncomfortably in his seat, fidgeting with his dark, silky hair that he just washed. He spent a whole hour in the shower, thinking, not feeling anything.

“Yeah I full fucking week Mor thanks for reminding me,” he said, snapping the words at her.

Mor’s eyes widened, her mouth turning to a thin, straight line.

Cassian sighed loudly, “God sorry Mor, I’ve just…It’s just been hard okay.”

Mor slowly got up from her seat, walking over to him, “Go talk to her Cass. You never know she could be over it already.”

Cassian smiled at the thought of Nesta not still being mad. “Mor you know damn well she’s not over it, you know her temper.”

She smirked, “Yeah I know, I was just trying to make you feel better.”

“Well you aren’t so if you wouldn’t mind leaving me be and not trying to be my relationship counselor for once, that would be great.”

Mor put a hand on her hip, pouting a little. “Fine you Illyrian baby, I’ll leave you be to your brilliant thoughts.”

Cassian scowled as she walked from the room. Sighing, he put his head in his hands, rubbing at his temple. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, it was making him go crazy.

He stood up with a grunt and started towards the door. He stopped dead in his tracks .Right then and there he knew, he would know that scent anywhere.

She’s back.

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Day 6: Reconcile/Makeup Sex

@accidental-rambler - I hope you expected this.  Also @illyriancrown, who apparently like my smut.

They had fought.

              And fights were typical for them.  Their relationship had started as a fight, because Cassian had needed to get under Nesta’s skin, and she hadn’t been able to stop him.

              Cassian would say he even liked their fights.

              But not this one.  This one had been The Fight.  The Fight that would end them.

              He looked at the pretty chain, with the sparkling diamonds around a red stone with a heart of fire.  It had reminded him of Nesta, all hard edges until you found that fire within.  It had been exactly twenty minutes and thirty… thirty-one… thirty-two seconds since Nesta had thrown that necklace at his head and stormed out.

              He still didn’t understand, why it had made her so angry. It made him think of her - he was always thinking of her, dammit -  and  he thought it might make her smile.  She didn’t smile enough, even though Feyre was back with them, and Elain happily settled in her new life.

              He clutched the necklace,  hard edges cutting into her palms, and he wished that he could curse her, could wish they had never met.  Instead, he just felt so tired.

              Twenty-seven minutes and four..



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Nesta’s Rage


So this is my first time ever writing smut. >//////<

It is 3am and I have not reread this, so I apologise if it doesn’t flow very well  or if there are mistakes, but I really wanted to do something for Nessian smut week! So I picked Day 3, Angry!sex, because come on!

I will probably reread tomorrow and edit, but I just wanted to post this now before I lost my nerve!


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Are They Hurting? - A Nessian Fic

Domestic Kink - The one where Cassian helps Nesta with some pain. Featuring: Illyrian Nesta, Caring Cassian and a lil Wing Sin.

Nesta walks into her home after training her sword fighting all day. She’s pretty miserable as she walks inside and throws her weapons and siphons on the floor. She follows the amazing smell to the kitchen. She finds Cassian stirring some things in pots on the stove, his wings and ass look magnificent and she stops to appreciate them for a second. Throwing herself on one of the chairs around the table, she rests her head on her forearms. She groans.

“Welcome home, sweetheart.” She makes a noise that manages to not be a groan or a word. Cassian chuckles, “Tough day, I see. Now, tell me something, is the rule about weapons only for me? Because I’m pretty sure you just threw all your weapons on the floor.”

“It doesn’t matter because my mate will just pick them up for me. Right after he feeds me.” she says, with less of a bite than usual because she’s just too tired.

He places a plate of food in front of her and takes a seat opposite her. She smiles and she’s certain her smile is nothing short of feral from the deep chuckle that comes from Cassian. Before all this training she would have scoffed at anyone that ate like she was eating, but she was hungry cauldron dammit. And she wasn’t even human anymore and she was mated, so really what did it matter if she ate like a savage?

She wiggles her wings trying to help the pain in her back and wings and shoulders. Cassian moves his chair closer to her, running a hand down her back, then rubs her shoulder a bit. Between the food and the spontaneous back rub she let out a moan. “Are they hurting?” she nods, “Just the wings?”

“My back and shoulders, too,” she says finishing her last bite of food. Now that one of her basic instincts were met, another came barreling through her. Especially with her mate touching her wings like that. She shuddered at the feel of his warm calloused hands on the sensitive membrane.

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Day 5: In Public

More Nessian smut for smut week!  As always, my enabler, @accidental-rambler is getting tagged.  And @fanfantasticworld.  I hope you enjoy!

              They didn’t set out to have sex in the public bathroom at the zoo.

              Really, that isn’t something that any sane  person would set out to accomplish, and while Nesta oftentimes wasn’t sure about the state of Cassian’s sanity, she herself was very, very sane.

              She didn’t even really want to go to the zoo, to be honest.

              She had been perfectly content with the state of her relationship with Cassian.  They met, they fought, they had angry, bed breaking sex.  She would let him cuddle her for a few minutes in the afterglow – the only time that Nesta didn’t feel perpetually angry – and then leave and continue on with her life.

              Then Cassian changed the game.

              He decided to grow attached.

              And somehow, Nesta ended up agreeing to a date.  At the zoo.  The freaking zoo.  Nesta didn’t even particularly like the zoo.  That was more of an Elain thing.

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