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                It starts out with the little things. For me it always begins this way, but this time was different. A slight brush across my skin left burning embers that were hot for days. His words were a song; whispers a melody. Under his spell he kept me and I was more than happy to stay there. He could throw me to the flames, and there I would wait for him to return. Distance allowed my mind to reflect on my feelings and decide against them but when he got close- against my better judgment- the feelings won out every time. I know shouldn’t be with him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want to be. And here I am now.

                Tearing through the wind and rain in the forest, the chill settles deep into my bones. My lungs are on fire, begging me to slow down. I don’t until I see him in the clearing. His uniform shirt is all but ripped completely to shreds from the battle. Another small raid on the castle and he took all 12 men on all by himself-his men would have only slowed him down. Sword in hand, his back to me I can see every tense muscle. Still going full speed he slowly turns to me breathing heavily. He tosses the sword to the ground and spreads his arms catching me as we tumble to the ground.

“You always know how to make an entrance.” He mumbles lovingly into my hair and sits us upright, brushing the tears from my face I didn’t even know were there.

I run my fingers through his soaked hair and his eyes flutter closed. I kiss both eyes and softly brush my lips against his. When I pull back those dark blue eyes pierce right through me acknowledging every thought and caressing my very soul.

“I love you.” He states it as if it were a fact that the entire world already knew to be true. My heart warmed.

“And I you.” I answered as though I had said it for many lifetimes. And I truly did, I loved him with everything I had.

My Oliver.

Unspoken Feelings

Pair: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Prompt: "Why didn’t you just talk to me?” 

A/N: So I felt like I had to write a New Year’s fic so I did.  I know most of the world is already in the New Year but where I live, I still have an hour or so so here you go! Enjoy and Happy New Year everyone! I love you all so much and I hope 2017 brings you lots and lots of happiness! 

Bucky looked around the crowded room at the party he was dragged to.  Ever since he broke things off with you, he has distanced himself from everyone and everything.  However, Steve had somehow convinced him to go to Tony’s extravagant New Year’s Eve party to “loosen up” even though he had no intention to.   

“Come on Buck, just grab a drink or something.  You can’t get all hung up on her,” Steve said.  

Before Bucky could object, Steve had disappeared into the crowd of people ahead of him.  Bucky sighed and walked up to the bar, ordering himself the strongest alcoholic beverage there was.  If he was going to have to suffer being stuck here, he might as well try to have a good time.  

After several drinks, Bucky still felt no difference.  Bucky decided that him staying at this party wasn’t going to help him and proceeded to find Steve among the sweaty bodies on the dance floor.  Before Bucky could get up from his seat a girl had blocked his path, clearly drunk.  

“Hey boo-thang,” the girl said making Bucky cringe.  

“Hi,” he muttered trying to escape her gaze.  

“Where ya going sweet cheeks?” she asked, her words slurring together.  

“I am looking for my friend, excuse me,” he replied ready to make a break for it. 

“Oh honey, not so fast,” she said pushing Bucky up against the wall.  

Bucky frantically looked around trying to find Steve and doing so, his eyes landed on a very familiar face. He froze, he recognized that face anywhere, it was you.  You were there at the bar, staring back at him.  Your face showed no emotion but he knew what you were feeling.  He could tell by seeing your eyes.  Your eyes looked hurt and tired.  

Bucky saw you sigh and turn the other way towards the entrance.  The unfamiliar girl in front of him started getting close to Bucky, however, before she could land a kiss on him, he slipped away and ran towards your direction.  

You were able to easily slip out of the building and into the cold New York streets.  You began heading back to your apartment trying to forget your encounter with your ex.  You knew he had every right to move on, you two weren’t together anymore anyways.  You just didn’t expect it to hurt as much as it did.  

“Y/N!” you heard Bucky shout.  

You stopped, all thoughts that were swimming in your head seemed to disappear.  You slowly turned around and looked at Bucky.  He had changed since the last time you had seen him.  He looked more tired, bags under his eyes were more prominent, his cheeks were a little more sunken in.  It pained you to see him like this but you couldn’t worry.  He wasn’t yours to care for, he made it clear six months ago.  

“Hi,” you replied with a small smile.  

“Hi,” he said, trying to think of words to say to you.  

He didn’t imagine that the time he would see you would be like this.  He could tell that you were hurt and it was all because of him. 

”How are you?” you asked, trying to break the awkward silence in the air.  

“I am fine, you?” he lied.  

“I am doing fine as well,” you replied.  

The awkward silence lingered once again in the air between the two of you.  

“What you saw, it wasn’t what it looked like,” Bucky started. 

You shook your head before replying, “You don’t have to explain anything to me.  It’s none of my business and we aren’t together anymore.” 

“I know, you just looked so hurt, that’s all,” Bucky said.  

“Well don’t worry about me, I’ll see you around Bucky,” you replied trying to get out of this situation.  

“Wait,” Bucky said grabbing hold of your wrist preventing you from leaving.  

“What?” you asked little more harshly.  

“I am sorry,” he said softly.  

“For what?” 

“I am sorry for everything I just didn’t want you to get hurt,” he said.  

“And look where that got us,” you replied trying to get out of his grasp. 

“Just listen,” he replied, “I loved you you know? I loved you so much that it pained me to see you leave.  I regret it, I regret everything. I regret letting you go so easily, I regret the fact that my fears clouded my judgement and made me lose one of the most important people in my life.” 

“Why didn’t you just talk to me?” you asked.  

“I was scared, I was scared that I would hurt you.  You don’t know the things that go on inside my head or the things I can do.  I am a monster Y/N, and I wanted you to get as far away from it as possible.  I couldn’t bear to see you get hurt, especially from me.  But in the end, I still hurt you and that’s something I will never be able to forgive myself for,” he said softly.  

“Bucky,” you started.  

“I know this won’t change anything between us, I just needed you to know.  I am sorry, I am sorry for everything, for hurting you.  It was never my intention to do so.  I understand if you hate me, I can’t blame you.  I will see you around,” he said with a small smile before letting your wrist go.  

You took a deep breath, trying to process everything he had just told you.  You watched as the space between the two of you increased.  You turned around, facing the direction you were initially heading towards, however, your body didn’t move.  

Bucky’s words still echoed through your head making you unsure of what to do.  However, your body acted before your mind did and before you knew it, you were running back to Bucky, the man who broke your heart but you still loved with every piece of it.  

“Bucky!” you said stopping the man in his tracks.  

“Oh thank god,” he whispered to himself before facing you.  

You felt your body collide with his, your arms loosely wrapping around his neck, his wrapping around your waist.  Everything around the two of you didn’t seem to matter anymore as your lips met his.  All the pain the two of you had suffered seemed to disappear the moment your lips met.  

The sound of fireworks exploding in the background caused the two of you to pull away.  The two of you laughed before Bucky leaned his forehead against yours.  “Happy New Year Y/N,” he whispered.  

“Happy New Year Bucky.” 

Without warning, her eyes fill with tears. Oliver feels like he’s just been slapped and confusion punctures him through the chest. “Hey, stop. Don’t. What are you doing?”

The princess wipes at her eyes, her voice thick with emotion. “I’m sorry! It’s just really sad!”

He laughs, despite the mood of the conversation. “It’s nothing you should worry yourself with,” he says as she smears her tears across her cheeks. This isn’t fair at all; something in him stirs to see her crying, and tenderness touches his heart to know that she is crying for him.

If Astro Ran an Ice Cream Parlor...


  • the manager who’s always eating the merchandise
  • but he also keeps the place running somehow??
  • so it’s all good
  • constantly making pointless bets with MJ and Sanha
  • like the bets don’t even matter
  • “hey who do you think will scratch his nose first, Eunwoo or Rocky??”
  • “my money’s on Rocky”
  • the “money” they bet with is just ice cream punch cards
  • ((which, again, is pointless;;;))
  • but it’s not a rly busy place, so like, they don’t have too much else to do during the lulls in orders….
  • generally keeps everyone happy and also has a good time
  • like he’s never stressed
  • he’s made of koalas and iced tea


  • in charge of the counter
  • usually greets customers first
  • constantly just spewing nonsense to customers while scooping orders
  • but like in an endearing charming way??
  • i’m talking pick up lines, puns, and even knock knock jokes
  • “you’re the cherry on top of my day!”
  • “did you hear the one about fudge-ripple-cashew-cluster??”
  • “it was nuts!”
  • :D *ba dum tss*
  • but hey, it gets him tips, so he’s happy
  • sometimes gives out extra toppings, free of charge
  • no one can actually call him out on it except JinJin, who always lets it slide
  • no one rly complains tho
  • bc everyone loves MJ <3


  • works with MJ behind the counter
  • that one all-around super perfect employee where you just kind of ???
  • like why aren’t you a successful business tycoon?
  • why are you here scooping ice cream?
  • but it makes him happy
  • Eunwoo wouldn’t trade his job for anything
  • constantly being flirted with/getting people’s contact info
  • he takes it in stride
  • “wow people are so friendly c:”
  • just uses the numbers and emails to sign people up for the shop’s mailing list
  • bc why else would ppl be giving him their #s???
  • sweet innocent child
  • he’s been told it’s bc he’s a DISH
  • but he’s all like “no no no, that can’t be it”
  • “they must just like the ice cream”
  • and everyone’s like riiiiiight


  • in charge of the drive thru
  • has the sweetest demeanor EVER over the intercom
  • like he makes you want to buy ice cream just so you can hear him happy
  • and when u pull up to the window
  • he LOOKS as nice as hE SOUndS??
  • he gets numbers on the daily
  • like he hands out the receipt and gets someone’s phone number in exchange
  • he doesn’t mind too much
  • one of MJ, JinJin, and Sanha’s fave pointless bets is who can get more phone numbers in a day: Bin, or Eunwoo??
  • but they get around the same amount by the end of the week
  • is genuinely happy to give people their ice cream
  • like this is his dream job
  • he gives ppl ice cream and makes them smile!!
  • just made of puppies and sunshine like uggh TuT


  • in charge of making ice cream cakes
  • and pretty darn good at it too
  • but also like the worst employee ever
  • constantly eating ice cream and blaming it on JinJin
  • everyone knows but no one calls him out on it
  • will sometimes just take handfuls of phone numbers from Bin
  • he tried to take some from Eunwoo, but Eunwoo wouldn’t let him rofl
  • he said it was “dishonest”
  • which it is ngl
  • but he claims he never meets anyone bc he’s always in the back sLAVInG aWay
  • making CAKES
  • *sad violin music*
  • which is only half true bc he sometimes watches the counter and takes orders
  • stop bein such a drama queen minhyuk


  • apprentice for making ice cream cakes
  • he’s getting pretty good at it
  • but he still does dumb stuff sometimes
  • like spelling out “congratuls” on a cake bc he ran out of room;;;
  • smh
  • he just needs help
  • does the goofiest things for a laugh
  • like seeing how many frosting flowers he can fit on his tongue
  • which resulted in more pointless bets;;;;
  • (the answer is 7 in case u were wondering)
  • often walks around with smudges of frosting just on his face
  • at this point everyone’s given up telling him
  • he doesn’t notice/care anyway so
  • one time the others threw him a surprise party and had Sanha make his own cake lolol (he had no clue)
  • but he was so surprised and touched
  • this boy gets to work with his best friends
  • he feels like he must be the luckiest guy in the world :O
  • so he makes the most out of every day <3

tldr; Astro running an ice cream parlor is the best au and it makes my heart happy~ (*¯︶¯*)


He was who he was; Jon Snow, bastard and oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned. For the rest of his life — however long that might be — he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name.
                - for marcella (happy birthday ♥)

The happiest and warmest of greetings to my amazing pal @wokingdan who is celebrating her birthday today! (My time zone at least, hahaaa) Nesssa, you are one of the most amazing people that I have met, and despite what you tend to say, you ARE super interesting and I love talking to you so much! Be it every day or every other one <3 You’re a beautiful girl and I will never stop reminding you that!!! <3 Ily very much and I hope you have a great time! <333


A fan art of Nessa from @nessaandoliver because is the birthday of @taylordraws :D


Thank you for all your beautiful art, and works. We really love you!

I read Heartstring and I think that was the reason I need to watch ML, then I knew you like anime and I was all like:

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Omg, and then I just meet Nessa, Oliver, and Storm and Star and you are incredible, really. I apreciate you too much, and your works are amazing.

So, one more time:

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favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Nessa with Michelle Langstone

Raised and loved by twelve foster fathers, Nessa was happy until a band of fianna led by the druid Cathbad arrived in their village and each of those fathers was slaughtered. When she returned to find them dead, Nessa took up weapons and gathered her own fianna to go in search of the murderers. None would admit to the crime and so Nessa and her band laid whole tribes to waste in their search.

During this time of blood and fighting, Nessa went off to bathe by herself and was caught by Cathbad who demanded she become his wife. Nessa had no choice but to agree, but she showed little faithfulness to him, even taking the High King of Ireland as her lover.

But to Cathbad she bears Conchobar, and by the time the boy is seven the king of Ulster has fallen madly in love with her. She agrees to be his on one condition: that he let Conchobar rule for a year so that his own sons may call themselves the sons of a king. He thinks it a fair deal and that Conchobar will be king in nothing but name, but Nessa is clever and crafty and by following her advice, Conchobar becomes so beloved that by the end of the year the Ulstermen refuse to take their old king back.

happy birthday, nessa babe 💘


i told you i was going to write something for you on your bday and i said i was gonna do it tomorrow, but i have found some energy to write this bc i love you and you need to know how much you mean to me, 

happy birthday?? omggg you’re 20 how do you feel? prob not that different that’s how it felt for me at least. ok, where do i even start ummmm vanessa, you are insanely beautiful, outrageously funny and witty, you are one of those people who easily make me laugh. for the little time i’ve known you we have become so close and i’m honestly insanely grateful that the universe/dnp/whatever force brought us together bc i don’t know what i would do without you. we gush about our crushes together, get drunk on skype together, honestly our skype calls are my favorite thing. ONE DAY. I SWEAR TO THE HEAVENS. we will meet and i will be able to give you the biggest hug on planet earth. 

ok. now that i’m done being cutesy, now to be mushy.

nessa, you have no idea how incredible of a person you are. you make me feel so loved and happy and our friendship means the enTIRE world to me <3 just know that NO MATTER WHAT i will always be here for you babe. you’re my sister, one of my best friends, and i just care so much for you. thank you for always being the shoulder i can cry on. thank you for being insanely supportive and a wonderful, wonderful friend. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH (i’m sorry this is all i had to offer for you bday. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘