Day six Mythical Creatures au Hijack

So this appeared on my dash and it is my inspiration for this uncreative drabble below so I hope you enjoy!

 Being a late bloomer sucked….. It did in Hiccup’s case at least. Normally in this society it was a blessing because it gave you a longer chance of being human with enough sense to be able to prepare for what you were going to turn into. In this day of age the monstrous puberty hit was terrible. Hiccup was none to the exception of horrible puberty and he wished he had hit puberty when he was younger.

You see Hiccup had come from a long line of Haddock Vikings, and Vikings were notorious for their puberty being draconic.

Now where most people became pixies, vamipers, nagas, or werewolves, they all had their awkward growth too, the vampires had to hide from the day, the pixies had back pains and nasty anger problems, Nagas started eating small livings things and hording snake, werewolves had their own set of problems. Dragons? Oh they at least had pleasant after effects of puberty, they had magic like witches and where able to warp their appearance so their tails and wings wouldn’t smack everywhere, they were strong and normally took aspects of the species of dragon, Hiccup was lucky enough to be like his older brother Toothless and be a NightFury intelligent, fast, strong, Hiccup practically jumped when he saw his first black scale and signs of growing ear flaps. The only problem why he cursed it-

“Watch it!”

“Jesus dude your wings! Tuck that shit in!”

“My umbrella!”

Draconic puberty goers didn’t have the luxury of actually warping their appearance. 


“Oh right, here I- Oh! Let me get that!” Hiccup quickly snatched then umbrella and handed it back to the vampire cowering under her cloak. She took it and breathed a breath of relief.

“Sorry.” She gave a sharp grin shrugged.

“Late bloomer?”


“Don’t fret too much.” With that she stalked off Hiccup sighed and continued his way. people buzzed all around him as he tried to get into the university halls. People talked and chatted trying to avoid the awkward gangly boys large dragon wings and not trip over his long tail (easier for the more agile creatures or winged ones).

Least now I don’t trip as often Hiccup mused as his long tail did help with his balance. He looked around for the dorm he was staying in and accidently bumped into someone. hiccup blinked and looked down slightly to a guy around his age with white hair, he looked back then grimaced and Hiccup realized he was running from someone, Striking blue eyes finally found his neon green and he grinned.

“play along.” he said and with surprising strength yanked Hiccup over to the side and made it look like Hiccup pinned him to the wall. The pearly white grin grew close to his own shocked face.

“Kiss me and let me see those wings.” He smirked and some part in hiccup’s puberty mind, the dragon one made him growl possessively and do just that. His big black wings spreading showing off impressive size and length; also effectively covering them. He swooped in kissing the other hard and passionately. He faintly heard a thump sound and a grumble; followed by a click and a stutter, before it went away but hiccup was only focused on the insane(ly hot) guy in front of him who somehow played with his dragon infested brain. He tried to figure out what he was as the white haired boy was trying to come out of the shock (it was a dragon thing, mostly for prey or mates, kissing left them paralyzed for a few moments, adults can  control it sadly youngling could not but hiccup used it to his advantage).

The boy was pale almost in a vampire-ish way, he was even cold to the touch, but he didn’t have fangs and there was sunlight in the windows near them and the guy didn’t seem fazed by it, hiccup would say pixie or elf because of how beautiful he looked but he didn’t have pointed ears or wings. He looked almost human.  Though he wasn’t his eyes were a little sunken, and he was too… well unnatural.

“Wow that was weird as hell but not unpleasant.” The guy said smiling his dull non vampire teeth at Hiccup. Hiccup only blinked and stared curiously, another dragon trait.

“Hello earth dragon? Thanks for helping me out back there.”

“No problem… What happened exactly and why did I need to kiss you?”

“Ah pulled some prank on a friend of mine and needed to hide from him and your wings were excelent cover, have you ever seen a pooka freak out by the way? It is the best shit ever.”  He had actually before and it was funny and unpleasant, but the guy laughed joyfully hiccup didn’t want to say anything and the dragon part in Hiccup’s brain became possessive and greedy all over again with want and lust, Hiccup tried to push it down. He had only just met the guy.

“Mind if I had my freedom back big guy?” That threw Hiccup off, he was always fishbone, never big guy… but with the new dragon parts, Hiccup quickly did as he was told. The white haired guy smirked and pushed off the wall.

“You new here?”  Hiccup nodded.

“Sweet, my name is Jack.”

“Hiccup.” What the hell are you Hiccup now had a better look at the other and found himself staring at torn pants, a damp blue jacket (it was summer what the hell) and the other was barefoot.

“Late bloomer?” Hiccup looked back at Jack’s face.


“The pooka friend dated a dragon back in Highschool, went through what you’re going through… guess Aster was right Dragon sure do know how to kiss.” Aster… Aster… oh god that was Toothless’ boyfriend. That ment-


Hiccup pulled out his cellphone and groaned seeing the picture of him kissing Jack the text under it:

Hasn’t finished puberty and at his first day of university, my little bro has figured out the way of life there! So proud of you Hic!

Hiccup flushed in embarrassment.

“I am going to kill them….” He growled. Jack blinked.


“My brother and his stupid boyfriend Aster…” Hiccup showed him the picture. “I blame you.”

“Least we look hot- woah your Toothless’ brother?

“Small world.” Jack nodded and grinned.

“Well Hic hope to see you around, maybe we can grab coffee or something.” Jack winked and laughed at how wide Hiccup’s eyes blew like dragon nip was placed in front of him. Jack knew enough from being forced to hang out with Aster and Toothless to know how to press the right buttons on a dragon. Who knew scaly butts brother was hot and adorable. Besides Dragons normally made good boyfriends.

“Sure…” Hiccup said smiling shyly after shaking out the dragon thoughts. Jack smirked and turned back where he came before stopping.

“I noticed you staring.” He said and Hiccup went bright red. Jack only chuckled and held out his hand and blew softly a snowball growing in his hand.  Hiccup watched fascinated. A winter sprite. That explained so much. The snowball hit his face.

“Find me some time about that coffee.” Jack called as he walked away. Hiccup just whipped off the snow. After a few moments.

“Wow…” he was just asked out by a winter sprite…

Imagine to the pairs surprised to find each other roomates.

(Hiccup immediately asked about that coffee)

This was going to be a good year.

 second part for those interested :I