This is a  Holiday Special Follow Forever ! I love and appreciate every single one of my followers. I have 1,100+ which to me is crazy because I have such a dumb blog 0.0 but anyways I appreciate every single one of you guys so much!

Sorry for the edit :/ I didn’t have a lot of time but oh well, it’s Neyvid :)

This year had been really rough for me, but the people below have helped me so much. I feel like they are angels :) I’ve talked to this people and they are amazing :D This people literally make my life worth living : 

My Babes 💘:

Kaitlin - kaitlin-kenna 💕 ~ I love talking to you! You are so funny and fun! You are also GORGEOUS!  We have a lot in common, now that i think about it. I’m glad I met you this year. You are so sweet baby, I love you! 

Daisy - mylifeneymar10 ♥~ Nesreen my darling, I know you so well! You always make me laugh so hard with your tags for Fernando Torres “slay my ass” lmao :D You helped me so much this year through the hard times, and i honestly can’t to anything to repay you, but you thank you! & You are beautiful!  I love you x

Paige - faraway-thoughts 💙 ~ You are so beautiful, I swear YOU ARE FLAWLESS! I’m glad I got to know you a little more this year! You are fun to talk to >.<  Happy Holidays, love :D 

 Ariel - ariel868 😘 ~ Ariel, you are perfect to me. Okay? You are so positive and I honestly look up to you. I want to be as positive and look at the good side of everything, just like you! 

neymar-tbh 😍 ~ You are beautiful and I love your imagines, they are amazing. We have so much in common 0.0 I’m glad I got to talk to you :D You should hit me up sometime. I love you x

Akiyah - tinsel-thiago 💕 ~ Akiyah. I . Love. You. You always make me laugh. I love that you are 100% yourself all the time :D You have helped me so much and talking to you always makes my days. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites!  

Alina - neymarshomie👌 ~  #okay but I love you. YOU ARE MY SOURCE OF HAPPINESS. Just thinking about you tags make me so happy! I’ll never leave you darlin, I’m always going to be here for you! #okay but i’m so glad i met you ;) 

Jada - neymar-drake  ~ Jada, you are my other half! I’ve seen a picture of you and let me tell you you are FLAWLESS! When are we going on that tour?? lmao I love you and you are so funny :D 

Bianey - koenigreus ~ I know you have gone trough so much, & you are such a strong human being. You evened up my eyes, and made me realize life is hard, but it WILL get better. Thank you. I love you, Bianey. You are beautiful and just know that I love you. And just like you were there for me, I’m also always going to be here for you!

Ime - neymarsitos ~ I’ve told you this 1 million times, but I’ll tell you again : You are an angel that God sent me! You have no clue how much you have helped me 0.0 I love you with every single piece of my heart. You give amazing advice, I LOVE YOU x 

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definitively-not-a-model : Victoria, I love you :) You are such an amazing friend! I can tell you care about me and let me tell you, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME! I haven’t seen you but can tell you are GORGEOUS :) I’m so glad I started talking to you. You have been such a great help . I love you! 

My Favorite Blog, Queen, & Role Model  : 

mytruestars : Ana I love you so much , you make me soooooo happy :D Lately we haven’t talked so much :| but it’s okay because it’s the holidays & I know you wanna be with your family. I love you with all my heart & thank you for everything. I always look forward talking to you! My life would honestly suck without you! You make me laugh so much and you’ve been an amazing friend to me. I don’t deserve you, but if you want to be my friend I won’t argue ;) I LOVE YOU!


As if when you cross my mind,
you walk on my flesh,
my chest burns with your slow steps,
your eyes fill me with promises,
and with each promise
the edge of your blade slides across my life vein.
You are so close to my eyes,
farther away than distance can reach.
I knew then: It was impossible to reach you.
My call for you was useless.
I fell sick.
I saw you get away from me,
and your eyes still call me.
You went far,
you went far,
became a distant horizon.
—  Tayseer Al-Sboul, “The Dream,” Desert Sorrows: Poems by Tayseer al-Sboul. transl. by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari and Anthony A. Lee (Michigan State University Press, 2015)