1. Siga Sempre #1

Helloooooo and Merry Christmas to YOU! 

To start off, I hope everyone is having a (ney)mazing Christmas. Make sure y'all keep healthy and eat all the cake ya see and my prayers are with you on the topic that your parents gift you with a Barca and Brazil jersey instead of the typical two dollar shop underwear. Cause I know I’ll be praying on that myself.

And just a disclaimer: My festive username is neybells however my usual username is neymazing 

Ok, so now the the reason why y'all are reading this right now…

This is my second ’Follow Forever’/‘Siga Sempre’!!! Yes, the joy, the joy! I have reached my 500 followers goal and I am SO damn grateful for all my followers. However, even after reaching my goal, I still gained more followers so now I currently have 576 followers. Like, if you think of it, 576 human beings think you are actually worth following and that has got to say somfin, right? right? 

I would first love to give all the well-deserved credit to foreverneymarjr for making my Follow Forever gif! omg, just thank you so much Shanen ahhh! xx

So, let’s get this over and done with. I just want to let you all know that I will obviously follow you forever and that your blog literally gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and get on with my daily life no matter how much that may suck. BUT REALLY… I JUST LOVE YOU ALL WITH MY TUMBLR HEART!

❤ ❤ ❤ 


Bold = People I talk to on a daily basis who keep the hope that one day I will find my sanity. Keep a look out for your own personal message below! (btw it is in no particular order!) 

Italicised = Blogs that make my tumblr experience worth experiencing. Aka blogs that are all have my high recommendation and are just so full of potential!

❤ ❤ ❤ 


agrentina ❤ adoringshakira ❤ aarontherednosedramsey ❤


❤ basicallybayern ❤ beernard-duarte❤ blaugr4na 
❤ baeoscar ❤ bartra-marc ❤ barcagunners ❤ barca-penguins ❤ barcamarc ❤ bruhzilnt ❤ barca-babyy 
❤ brazilsquad-imagines ❤ barzil ❤ barca-squad ❤
bemycescky ❤ barcelonainmysoul ❤ barcastic ❤ blaugrans ❤ barcabaes ❤ brazilfutebol ❤ baeneymar ❤ bbyneymar ❤ babeneymar ❤ brazilnts ❤ barcareus ❤ baemar–jr ❤ bartraemboaba ❤ brazilnt-daily ❤ baernat 
❤ blaugranadays  ❤ barca-aka-life❤ brasilene ❤
basicallybartra ❤ being-cule ❤ barcathekings ❤ barcaes
❤ brazilianey ❤ blaugranabee ❤ barcelcna ❤


canarinhobrasil camp-nou-is-my-home ❤ chicharitmas cocaineymar ❤ christmastiano ❤ campnou-s ❤ captaintsilva ❤ 


dvdlz ❤ drumstickdurmie ❤ danialvesunnieswag ❤ drunkdavidluiz ❤ danii-alves ❤ davidluiz4nt ❤ daivdluiz ❤ darlin-youre-perfect-to-me ❤ damnneymarjr degea ❤ 


emboabaselves ❤ emboabas ❤ erikdurmn ❤ everyonelovesiniesta ❤ emboabasilvajr ❤ edenhazardx ❤ edenhazzrd 


foreverneymarjr ❤ football3rs ❤ fcbarxcelona ❤ football-s ❤ fcbarcelonadaily ❤ fcbarcelonaismyreligion ❤ fuckyesbrazilnt ❤ fc-bootylona ❤ fcb-cfc ❤ festiveramsey ❤ festivesanchez ❤ festivethiago ❤ festivenando 


goldenboyneymar ❤ genlovesbarca ❤ geradpique ❤ garethbells ❤


haapenasneymar ❤ heymuller ❤ hohohummels ❤ 


iniestas-fiesta ❤ iwantneymarsjunior ❤ iheartbarca ❤ itsneymessi ❤ inmessionante ❤ 


julindenblatt ❤  jordi-albae ❤ jordialbanana ❤ jollyassneymar jinglebarca ❤

Kking-thiago ❤ kunned ❤ kunessii ❤ kvnessi ❤ 


littlecule ❤ luizcurls ❤ la-pulgaa ❤ luis-enriques ❤ latorturas ❤


merryluizmas ❤ mylifeneymar10 munir-el-haddadii ❤ mmdelissh ❤ messithehumble ❤ messibtw ❤ milanpique ❤ mistletoeneymar ❤ merrydurm ❤


neymarfrost ❤ nakedreus ❤ nikeneymar neymarsitos ❤ nymr-jr ❤ ney-ney-neymar ❤ neyrotic ❤ neymarisfestive ❤ neynxy ❤ neymarporn ❤ neymarsuckmyass ❤ neymars-taconeymardasilvasantos-jr ❤ neymermaid ❤ neymarschuckle naeymarjr ❤ neymarbles ❤ neymrjrs ❤ neymaristhefreshmint ❤ neymar-drake ❤ neymarbby ❤  -neymarjr neymerjr neymarsdsilva ❤


ohbrazilnt ❤ oscarembxaba ❤ ohmygeri ❤ osklaus❤ ohcarlesmycarles ❤ 


piqueque ❤ piquira ❤ 


rakitich ❤ rafaellabeck rakitictac ❤ 


sammyclassicneymarfan ❤ shakirugh ❤ stayforeverbarca50shadesofneymar ❤ silvasmas ❤ santaluiz ❤ santadowski ❤ saintniklas simplyneymar ❤ -shakiramebarak ❤ 


thecaptainfabregas ❤ thiagoandlia ❤ thosecurlssss ❤ teambarca ❤ thiagosliva ❤ thelionelmessi ❤ thecatalans ❤


under-the-messitle-toe ❤ 


❤  vivavsangels ❤ vveakass ❤ vamostitimessi vamosblaugrana ❤ viscarafinha ❤ 


wthneymar ❤ 


yeahbarca ❤ 


zabaleta-s ❤ 

❤ ❤ ❤ 

For me mutuals (If you were bloded but don’t have a message please don’t take it to offence… that only means that I probably don’t know you that well yet): 

TARTA OMFG WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR DEDASS CRAZY WENGER NIGHTMARES??? WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR UGLY PUDDING CUP??? WHAT WOULD I DO IF YOU WEREN’T ALIVE, MAKING ME LAUGHING MY ASS OFF X1000000000000000000???? Tbh you are one of the kindest kind of people I’ve known and literally you’re like another me. Always putting up with my roasts, and jokes which are nothing compared to the ones that you make which manage to get me planning my funeral… but anyways… Ilysm and I really DO NOT KNOW what I would do if I hadn’t found your flawlisicous blog. JUST SO YOU REMEMBER - I WAS THE ONE WHO BEGAN TALKING TO YOU AND THAT’S HOW WE ARE HERE TODAY. SOOOOO YOU ARE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT ON THOSE ROASTS, I MEAN… WHAT DID YOU EXPECT AFTER SIGNING THE CONSENT TO BE MY FRIEND??? BUT I GUESS THAT ONE MONTH TARTA NON ROASTING PLAN IS IN ACTION SOOOO YOU ARE IN THE CLEAR… FOR NOW :P BAHAHHAHA ILY TARTA :))) 

MAYYRRAAAAA OMGGGG!!! First, I wanna say that we might like the opposite teams, BUT that didn’t stop us from becoming tumblr buds, and I’m proud of that. And I have a question for you too answer, one that I have been anticipating to ask you for ages: HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU SUPPORT BOTH RM AND BARCA??? Anywho, I expect an answer ASAP, because you have one twisted mind gurrrl. Overall, you’re just all out amazing and a great friend. I’m so glad that you started this whole thing and talked to me cause that’s how we are here now as the bestest of buds ;) 

You. YOU. oMG, YOU ARE THE BEST IMAGINE WRITER I KNOW, YOU AND ELLIE ARE TWO OF THE BEST IMAGINE WRITERS TUMBLR HAS PROBABLY EVER KNOWN! You’re a real inspiration as a friend and as a writer, and I’ve enjoyed every second of talking to you, especially writing too! Thanks for putting up with my shit and being the big old good mama you are, literally your advice has changed my perspective too many times to count. You’re wonderful and lovely and just amazing inside and out, I hope you realise that, and I hope you also realise that as crayyyy as I may be I am here for you too. I will be thinking of you during your surgery, and you have all my prayers and loveee!! Ilysmmmmmm and NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT KEEP YOLANDE-INGGGGG IT’S PRECIOUS AND THE WORLD NEEDS IT! <3

TO START OFF, I’M SENDING YOU A BIG FAT TIGHT AND UNCOMFORTABLE VIRTUAL HUG FOR THE FOLLOW FOREVER GIF YOU MADE ME THAT IS AMAZEBALLS AND GIVES ME EYEGASMS EACH AND EVERY TIME! THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCHHHH!! AHHHH! Moving on now (*laugh, cough, laugh*), YOU, YOUUUUU ARE AMAZING. Seriously. Not only because you made me a super flawlicious follow forever gif, but also because you decided to be my friend. I’ve loved every second talking to you, and I’ve found that you are a really really busy person… With running your two blogs and your own busy ass life, you really deserve the recognition to be standing here, on this earth, alive today. Not only that, but you deserve the recognition for your awesome edits. We have similar likes, interests (*cough* VICTORIA SECRETTTTT *cough*) and that’s what makes me love talking to youuu and being in your company!! Thanks thanks and thanks for being you, and doing you and just talking to me, ILYSMMM <3

ZAHRANNN! AHHH, HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND HOW MUCH I JUST LOVE YOUUU! HAHAHAHA, OHHH AND I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT MARC BARTRA SAW YOUR SELFIE AND KNOWS HOW YOU LOOK LIKE GURLLLLL!! Alright, calm down paula. Anywaysss, thanks so much! Thank you for putting up with me lmaoo! Especially when we write and things go wrong, thank you for lightening the situation, and making me see the positive side! I love talking to you, and I love how you care about me and about my problems and perks. Thanks thanks thanks babe… ANDD agent Z… you are the real MVP ;) xxx

Ju, to start off, I wanna say that I love you too death!! You care so so so much about me, and I’m sorry if I come off as if I don’t care at all… It’s not something I do on purpose, but I am sometimes just too busy! But you have to know that I really do love talking to you, and I love how you can shed a lot of light (not a little ok, A LOTTT!) on situations which I can’t figure out on my own. I love that you also talk to me about my imagines and ACTUALLY READ THEM! LOL, I LITERALLY THINK IM THE ONLY ONE AND IM JUST SOOOO GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! Thanks so much Ju. I can see the caring person in you and you deserve the very best, babe. You have all my love, good wishes and luck with your own dreams, and I really hope you do achieve them! Ilysm baby, stay chill, you’re amazing and I think the world needs A LOT more people like you! xx

Ok, let’s just get one thing straight: I WILL NEVER EVER EVER UNDERSTAND YOUR ATTRACTION TO JOHNNY AND I JUST… DON’T KNOW HOW THE FUCK TO UNDERSTAND IT BUT I WON’T EVEN TRY CAUSE HIS ONE DEADASS UGLY OLD MAN. I’m out. Ok, I’m not really out but here is your real message: Hi Nesreen, I’m Paula, thanks for even noticing me, your blog is fab and I can’t believe you’re my mutual but anywayssss… I want you to know that I’m here for you. Especially when things aren’t on point, and you need someone to talk to, I’ll be here, waiting my ass off for you to just point out that you need someone, and (as much as I hate this) I’ll be there with a ton of Johnny Depp pick up lines to pick you back up and help you continue glowing because the world needs Nesreen. You’re gorgeous, flawless, and we need you to know that! I love talking to you, joking around and just chillaxing and having a good old Nesy-Pau hour or whatever. THANKS FOR BEING CHILL WHENEVER I ROAST YOU, ILYSMMM AND THAT WON’T EVERRRR CHANGE! STAY CHILL ME MAMA :D

Lua, you are probably the only person on here who knows me inside and out. Literally. Literally, all the things you need to know about me, you know. And that’s such a good feeling, that there is someone who is there for you and who knows you. I just wanna say thanks for talking to me, from things as simple as how my day went to helping me figure out all those BIG PROBLEMAS… I could not ask for another better mutual, friend, and soul sista even :P I don’t know when you’ll stop with those $2 bed jokes which keep popping up with you (seriously tho, heres your pass to stop :P)… But I guess I learn from the best. Lmao, you are maybe the only person who roasts me, but I learn and why do you think Tarta and Nesy are being slayed daily?? I think we are both pretty mature mama chitas, and I think that’s what makes talking and interacting for us fun and eas-ayyyyyyyyyy. ANYWAYSSSS, I hope you know that I am here for you and I hope you also know that ILYSMMMMMM!! OR LOVE YOU LONG TIME AS YOU PUT IT??? :D 

MEEPPPPP FOR THE PERIOD OF TIME I’VE KNOWN YOU, YOU HAVE PROBABLY BEEN ONE OF THE MOST MVP-ED OF PEOPLE THERE IS. Babe, you are super nice, and although you are new to the football fandom, it is obvious you know shit. I want you to know that I’m always here for you, as support, or as your deadass annoying buddy. You pick. Thanks for being here for me, whenever, wherever and also thanks for putting up with my deadass crazy imagination. You are (like I said) the MVPPP gurrrrl :3 

OMFGGGG FLORGII!! Imma start off with saying that your blog = eternal life and happiness for the soul. You need to know that. I love all the things you post about - from feminism to football you are literally another me that lives on the other side of the world! Bruhhh you mean heaps to me, and I thank you heaps for putting up with me and being my friend to begin with. I love talking to you too, not to mention how you help me with my twisted issues, and shed some light on things that are dark. Overall, I hope you know that your accent is probably THE CUTEST AND MOST ADORABLE THING I’VE EVER HEARDDD OMGG! PLEATHE GIVE IT TO ME, SEND IT TO ME I WANT! Hahaha, gurl but what I hope what you really know is that you are the bomb diggety and one of the best people I’ve known. Beautiful insdie and out, and really… what did I do to deserve such a friend?? :) xx 

❤ ❤ ❤ 

That concludes my second (and festive!) follow forever! I congratulate all that read this whole thing (it really is one deadass long follow forever and it did take me ages soooo) and just thank youuuu!!! I hope you all know that no matter who you are, especially if you are/aren’t listed above, you’ve made my life slightly better with your posts and amazeballs blogs!


This is a  Holiday Special Follow Forever ! I love and appreciate every single one of my followers. I have 1,100+ which to me is crazy because I have such a dumb blog 0.0 but anyways I appreciate every single one of you guys so much!

Sorry for the edit :/ I didn’t have a lot of time but oh well, it’s Neyvid :)

This year had been really rough for me, but the people below have helped me so much. I feel like they are angels :) I’ve talked to this people and they are amazing :D This people literally make my life worth living : 

My Babes 💘:

Kaitlin - kaitlin-kenna 💕 ~ I love talking to you! You are so funny and fun! You are also GORGEOUS!  We have a lot in common, now that i think about it. I’m glad I met you this year. You are so sweet baby, I love you! 

Daisy - mylifeneymar10 ♥~ Nesreen my darling, I know you so well! You always make me laugh so hard with your tags for Fernando Torres “slay my ass” lmao :D You helped me so much this year through the hard times, and i honestly can’t to anything to repay you, but you thank you! & You are beautiful!  I love you x

Paige - faraway-thoughts 💙 ~ You are so beautiful, I swear YOU ARE FLAWLESS! I’m glad I got to know you a little more this year! You are fun to talk to >.<  Happy Holidays, love :D 

 Ariel - ariel868 😘 ~ Ariel, you are perfect to me. Okay? You are so positive and I honestly look up to you. I want to be as positive and look at the good side of everything, just like you! 

neymar-tbh 😍 ~ You are beautiful and I love your imagines, they are amazing. We have so much in common 0.0 I’m glad I got to talk to you :D You should hit me up sometime. I love you x

Akiyah - tinsel-thiago 💕 ~ Akiyah. I . Love. You. You always make me laugh. I love that you are 100% yourself all the time :D You have helped me so much and talking to you always makes my days. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites!  

Alina - neymarshomie👌 ~  #okay but I love you. YOU ARE MY SOURCE OF HAPPINESS. Just thinking about you tags make me so happy! I’ll never leave you darlin, I’m always going to be here for you! #okay but i’m so glad i met you ;) 

Jada - neymar-drake  ~ Jada, you are my other half! I’ve seen a picture of you and let me tell you you are FLAWLESS! When are we going on that tour?? lmao I love you and you are so funny :D 

Bianey - koenigreus ~ I know you have gone trough so much, & you are such a strong human being. You evened up my eyes, and made me realize life is hard, but it WILL get better. Thank you. I love you, Bianey. You are beautiful and just know that I love you. And just like you were there for me, I’m also always going to be here for you!

Ime - neymarsitos ~ I’ve told you this 1 million times, but I’ll tell you again : You are an angel that God sent me! You have no clue how much you have helped me 0.0 I love you with every single piece of my heart. You give amazing advice, I LOVE YOU x 

A - G

ashtoninbassclef ♡ barca-aka-life ♡ barcathekings ♡ brasilene ♡  brazilianz ♡ beernard-duarte ♡ brazilianz ♡ cocaineymar ♡ chichabells ♡ cutieneymar ♡ chichabells ♡ candymarie101 ♡ chicharitmas ♡ danialvesunnieswag ♡ drunkdavidluiz ♡ dluizamor ♡ dasialuizsantos ♡ ewwitsgeorge ♡ foreverpsg ♡ gotzain   ♡ 

 H - N

harsithkalai ♡ itsneymessi ♡ januzajbish ♡  journalistfan  ♡  jordi-albae ♡ la-pulgaa ♡ lezlyepunpunia ♡  ney-madrista ♡ njr11love ♡ ney-is-bae  neymarschuckle ♡ neymaebae ♡ neyjrs ♡ neymar-barca ♡ neymarsbaebae ♡ neymarjrswife ♡  neymarssassymistress ♡ neymarjr2011 ♡ not-all-is-as-it-seems  merry-crismes ♡ modricista ♡  mais-uma-geezer ♡ messithehumble  mmdelissh  ♡ mrs-reus  ♡

 O - U

okayney ♡   pokersneymar ♡ queluiz  ♡ 

V - Z

zaynord ♡ ycbmmfanfic ♡  zia-adira  ♡ 


definitively-not-a-model : Victoria, I love you :) You are such an amazing friend! I can tell you care about me and let me tell you, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME! I haven’t seen you but can tell you are GORGEOUS :) I’m so glad I started talking to you. You have been such a great help . I love you! 

My Favorite Blog, Queen, & Role Model  : 

mytruestars : Ana I love you so much , you make me soooooo happy :D Lately we haven’t talked so much :| but it’s okay because it’s the holidays & I know you wanna be with your family. I love you with all my heart & thank you for everything. I always look forward talking to you! My life would honestly suck without you! You make me laugh so much and you’ve been an amazing friend to me. I don’t deserve you, but if you want to be my friend I won’t argue ;) I LOVE YOU!


As if when you cross my mind,
you walk on my flesh,
my chest burns with your slow steps,
your eyes fill me with promises,
and with each promise
the edge of your blade slides across my life vein.
You are so close to my eyes,
farther away than distance can reach.
I knew then: It was impossible to reach you.
My call for you was useless.
I fell sick.
I saw you get away from me,
and your eyes still call me.
You went far,
you went far,
became a distant horizon.
—  Tayseer Al-Sboul, “The Dream,” Desert Sorrows: Poems by Tayseer al-Sboul. transl. by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari and Anthony A. Lee (Michigan State University Press, 2015)


“Israelis torturing non-Jewish children documentary film full length. Viewer discretion.
The still picture shows Palestinian girl Nesreen Hash'hash after being shot in the face by an Israeli soldier.”