Being Samoan is such a huge part of my identity and now it’s a part of my skin. 

I was hesitant to post pictures for a while because I worry non-Samoans will get ideas about getting something like this themselves. Although I cannot stop that …I wish you wouldn’t? These symbols are ancient and they all mean something. Tattoo like this isn’t for decoration and I can not stress that enough. 

but anyway, first session done! :-) 

i rly like indie rock/pop but its such a disgustingly white genre…like, fuck those bougie animal collective bitches u kno what i mean…so very small rec, my fav indie artists of color r run river north, mitski, toro y moi, and kishi bashi

some other artists who aren’t indie but im rly into r nesian mystik, haley kiyoko, priscilla ahn, and the kominas

like i know what weve seen of māui in moana trailers so far doesnt reflect at all what māui is like in māori tradition, and i didnt want to present that as like The Authentic Story Of What Māui Is Like bc māui belongs to all of us in te moana-nui-a-kiwa

but every nesian i know is pissed so i think its fair to just say, māui’s whole thing is trickery and deception and deliberate transgression. that jawbone he carries is his grandmother’s jawbone, whose corpse he desecrated to steal it. thats like, unthinkable in our culture, but it works for him because māui’s whole deal is to upend the normal order of things and implement the forbidden in exactly the ways that its necessary to do.

his whole story is one of trickery and misdirection. he’s not just some lumbering shouting comic relief dipshit. when actual pasifika people represent him in contemporary media, he tends to be more like this

its fucking tiring seeing ancient sacred histories being decontextualised and stripped down into cultural capital which can be easily digested once consumers mix them with racist stereotypes about what pasifika people are like