Good Luck

Eyal: Timing is everything, Neshema, but one day you and I will be sitting somewhere, looking at a sunset, thinking of nothing at all. Maybe not this boat in Greece, but one day, and that will be a lovely evening.

Annie: I hope so…Goodbye, Eyal.

Eyal: I’m not good with goodbyes, and I never get to say it. Thank you, Annie. Good luck.

Here’s to hoping this smooth son of a gun makes a reappearance in Season 5… for more than three minutes.

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Y'hi shalom becheilech shalvah be'arm'notaich.
Let there be peace in your borders, tranquility in your castles…

Neshama Carlebach and Josh Nelson release a powerful music video offering a heartfelt prayer for peace against searing images from Israel and Gaza. In the midst of a summer of bloodshed and strife, the duo performs Shlomo Carlebach’s iconic song…