sorry for the bad quality of the photo’s but this is what I have for the cteno shoot ha! also making a custom my little pony for it of her!!! Smella man I wish you were an SG girl to we could makes some awesome shoots ha! <3

let me know what you guys think k 

im going to see if i can make some kind of blue goo to


sorry about the dark lighting,live in a old victorian house lighting is from the 18th century haha anyway

Got my dress for when I cosplay me!me!me! Just need to add the yellow trimming.

i shall post more updates when the wig and other bits have arrived also a better picture haha, i will me making the bikini to do i go with thong or pantys?? mmmmm 

annnndddd i might make the skirt abit shorter

here is the main thing of my day today =D I FINALLY GOT MY HAIR CUT!!! been waiting for like year to get it cut ha!

the main highlight though was spending it with my best friend danni man i have missed her becasue of all her uni work <3

anyway let me know what you think of my new bubblegum hair ha! =P <3