A playlist for when you dream of going away, for when you lay in bed and stare out of your window and imagine that you are not here but there.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


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S wing Life Away - Rise Against

T ag, You’re It - Melanie Martinez 

U nder A Paper Moon - All Time Low

C lean Freak - Gumi

K itto Seishun Ga Kikoeru - Love Live!

I ce Cream Tuesday - backpackparty

N o Interest - Nina Nesbitt

M ama - My Chemical Romance

I Hate - Passenger

K  eep The Change, You Filthy Animal - All Time Low

A small list of things that i would normally hide - flatsound

Y ukari - Yuzuki Yukari 

U nravel . Tokyo Ghoul

U n Deux Chocolat - Meltia

H ello World - BUMP OF CHICKEN 

E lizabeth - Aiden

L ove Is Easy - McFly

L oveless World - Love Live! 

I am way to obsessed with Melanie sorry, I tried super hard not to make all of the letters Melanie & ATL songs oops 

List 10 favourite characters from different fandoms:

Asuramaru & (Owari no Seraph)
Newt (The Maze Runner)
Eto (Tokyo Ghoul)
Mirai kuriyama (Kyoukai No Kanata)
12 (Zankyou No Terror)
Doll (Kuroshitsuji)
Historia (Shingeki no Kyoujin (manga))
Rapunzel (Tangled)
Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)
Rin & Nico (Love Live! (trash I know))
Gokotai (Touken Ranbu)

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1. Fallingforyou - The 1975

2. C’mom c’mon - 1d

3. Way in the world - Nina Nesbitt

4. Mr. C - Nina Nesbitt

5. All you had to do was stay - Taylor Swift

6. Sing - Ed Sheeran

7. Don’t save me - Haim

8. Hold me down - Halsey

9. Honey - Swim Deep

10. Hold me - Tom Odell

11. Diana - 1d

12. Back for you - 1d

13. I wish - 1d

14. Budapest - George Ezra

15. Eyes shut - Y&Y

16. Menswear - The 1975

17. The city - The 1975

18. One way or another - 1d

19. Don’t - Ed Sheeran

20. I wanna get better - Bleachers

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But can we talk about this gif for a second?
Look at it, they are so in character:

Martin Fremann (Bilbo): “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fuck it, I do it anyway.”
Richard Armitage (Thorin): “I’m a very important dwarf, doing very important practice, because it’s important”
Graham McTavish (Dwalin): “I’m doing it wrong, but I pull this through until the bitter end.”
Adam Brown (Ori): “Look at me, I’m a cutie patootie!”
Jed Brophy (Nori): “Wheee~ I’m gonna need this for my next raid~”
William Kircher (Bifur): “I may have an axe stuck in my head, but I’m gonna show you spring chicken how to do this proper”

Perfect cast, Ladies and Gentleman.