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My deerper cosplay is coming along! These are just some pictures of what i was working on yesterday all the fur has been cut out now ready to sew together now i shall stitch it all some time next week.

i will be doing a faun like version of deer dipper but using the markings of  lucile take on deerper she is so talented! my far monster falls artist by far <3 <3 and the comic’s ahhhhhhhhhhhh <3<3<3

p.s my partner will be cosplaying hunter bill to

faun version of deerper was drawn by

bonus :- deer butt *wiggle* *wiggle* (finished it this morning)

edit edit!!! have some more bits i will be working more on the pants today as i still need to sew on the marking and do abit more spray painting also add extra padding * 3 * <3 

and make-up trial take 2 with ears and horns

To celebrate hitting 1,000 followers the other day I’m doing a follow forever! I appreciate every single one of you 1,000 and I’m so happy you’re here! When I first started this blog I thought there was NO way I’d ever make it to 1,000, and I’m incredibly thankful that you guys helped me get there!

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