Hot off the presses - we’ve got a preview for you from the upcoming GameFan and Destructoid magazine. The magazine is launching digitally this week, with a print version on the way. Starmen.Net has a preview of a four-page spread all about the EarthBound/MOTHER series. It takes you through the rocky road EarthBound took on its way to America, where it stumbled, but fell into the hands of a dedicated group of fans whose lives were forever changed. (hint: That’s us!)

It also goes into detail about the history of the series, from its inception in the mind of the quirky creator Shigesato Itoi, to the release of MOTHER, the localization of EarthBound Beginnings, its shelving and eventual release decades later, the marketing failure of EarthBound, MOTHER 3′s long development and Japan-only release, the fan-translation (you know the one!), the risks taken by Fangamer on projects like the MOTHER 3 handbook, and where the MOTHER series stand today. There’s even an amazing assortment of fanart - check out that unbelievable Giant Step.

There’s plenty of great content here. You’ll definitely want to check it out! You can find more information about this Destructoid and GameFan magazine co-venture at Destructoid.

Super Mario Wall Graphics

Based on the 8-bit graphics from Super Mario Bros, you can now join Mario and his friends on their quest in any room of the house! Stickers are removable and reusable – and come so life-like, it’s like watching the game on pause!

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EarthBound Beginnings comes to the West! ⊟

The original Mother game (predecessor to cult RPG EarthBound), released back in 1989 for the Famicom just in Japan, will finally come to North America and Europe as a Wii U Virtual Console game … tonight at 9PM ET!

Series creator Shigesato Itoi explained why this is releasing now: “20 years ago on June 5th, the SNES version of EarthBound was released – already 20 years have passed! This is to commemorate that day.”

It’s unclear how different this is from the unofficial Earthbound Zero release, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the company has cleaned up the game a little. I also imagine this gives hope for a similar Mother 3 surprise.

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If the recently announced Hyrule Warriors: Legends wasn’t enough to get you in a Hyrule Warriors mood, maybe this will. To commemorate the announcement of the 3DS version of this game, Nintendo has released a brand new piece of DLC for absolutely free! This costume, titled the Classic Tunic, allows player to take charge of the original Link featured in The Legend of Zelda on the NES. Or, rather, a more… taller [and possibly older?] version of said Link.