NervousWardrobe/ AW 2012

NervousWardrobe Autumn/Winter collection “Moon” is now available! This collection has a special meaning to me as it is my last one before I become a mum to my little (seamstress?:) Lali in November. As I will be on a maternity leave from the end of October/ beginning of November, don’t miss something you really like!:)
I gave my heart and soul in this mostly black collection with a help of my husband who took great photos and my Swedish beauty Sara.
I hope you will enjoy this winter flower trail!:))
Love, Rada.

Linen Shawl by NervousWardrobe on Etsy

Handmade linen shawl/scarf/wrap. I always loved oversized shawls, with long dresses or wide leg trousers, or as layers. There is nothing more feminine than just a little bit of skin showing under this soft beauty. My favourite part of wardrobe, not just practical but equally beautiful. 
Match it with any part of NervousWardrobe collection.



Colours available:

Olive green
Dark green

…or any other colour, just contact me and I will find something perfect for you.