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     “Good luck, Ron,” said Hermione, standing on tiptoe and kissing him on the cheek. “And you, Harry-”
      Ron seemed to come to himself slightly as they walked back across the Great Hall. He touched the spot on his face where Hermione had kissed him, looking puzzled, as though he was not quite sure what had just happened.


It’s four in the morning, but honestly I’ve fallen victim to my trash pairing (Trikey!) and I am no longer in control of my life, so here are some facts about Trevor. It is a mix of good, bad, and neutral. If you think I should do more about Trevor or another character, message me or leave me an ask.

• Trevor thinks that weed is a childish and weak drug.

• Trevor is bisexual. Through texts he comes close to saying it and shares sexual experiences through stories that have indeed involved a male. As a side note, when Franklin asked Trevor directly if he was gay, Trevor responded with, “No! Yes! Labels are whatever, man.”

• Trevor is a dropout.

• Trevor refers to himself as, “Uncle T”.

• Ron calls Trevor, “Crazy Trevor” to Trevor then calls Ron, “Nervous Ron”.

• Trevor was never accepted by the other children throughout his childhood due to his oddness and constant rage fits.

• Trevor is officially 6'1".

• Trevor is a victim or emotion, verbal, and physical abuse from both parents.

• Trevor has always had rage problems even from a early age. When he was young, Trevor says that he killed many animals and “drifters”.

• Trevor is addicted to Crystal Meth and owns his own drug selling company.

•Trevor has a brother named Ryan who is deceased. Trevor states in a conversation that he wasn’t fond of Ryan and that his death was “accidental”. It is unknown if Trevor killed him, which is very possible, or if his death was truly an accident caused by him or someone else.

• Trevor’s signature color has been confirmed to be orange. Orange reflects on his personality, having traits of amusement and madness.

• In a conversation while hanging with Franklin, Trevor says, “I grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother”, and also, “I served time, my country, your country and myself.”

• Trevor’s biological father abandoned him at a shopping mall as a child. Trevor, unknown how many years/months later, burned down the same shopping mall in anger.

• Trevor will hurt himself when he is upset. He mostly will slam his head against a hard object until his head is bloodied and bleeding.

• Trevor almost turned into a professional golf player.

• Trevor was kicked out of the Royal Canadian Air Force because the woman in charge of psychological evaluations saw Trevor as mentally unstable, resulting in Trevor’s discharge and grounding for life.

• Trevor is terrified of clowns and it is implied through his text that he was, in fact, sexually assaulted by a clown at a young age.

• Trevor was planning to only work with Brad and end his and Michael’s robbing partnership not long before Michael faked his death.

• Trevor openly admits that he prefers older women when having a choice.

• Trevor has a very strong urge to be held by another when he is upset or in distress.

• Trevor was also at one point expelled from a school. He claims that if he wasn’t expelled, he would have most likely had a profession in the arts (singer, dancer, writer, actor, etc). He says that he still has something “very big” to tell the world, yet he doesn’t know what it is.

• Trevor gets very defensive when it comes to his accent and being questioned if he is American.

• Trevor, through dialogue when hitting the “insult button” when next to Patricia (he will only say compliments), he tells her that he wants a very strong and confident woman, such as herself.

• Trevor, when it comes to women, wants someone that is as equally strong and crazy as he is. When chasing after Mary Anne, he says, “-It’s a recipe for disaster! That’s why it’s so perfect!”.
As a side note, he will call her “crazy cakes” and ask her to marry him immediately after he confess his love.

• Trevor’s mother, Mrs. Philips, was a prostitute/stripper.

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"His ego is so visible, I can almost watch it grow." Pansy and Draco about Blaise

“His ego is so visible, I can almost watch it grow,” Draco murmurs into his champagne flute. 

“Almost?” Pansy scoffs, and Draco hides his chuckle behind the rim of the glass. The two of them watch as Blaise blatantly and shamelessly coats everything he touches, everyone he speaks with, in his flirtatious charm. Draco rolls his eyes as the girls blush and Pansy takes a drink every time the boys straighten up, posturing whenever Blaise looks their way.  

“Oh no,” Pansy says, an indulgent grin slowly spreading across her face. 

“What?” Draco asks, attention on the food table behind them. Pansy grabs his arm and spins him, pointing him to look across the room in Blaise’s direction. 

“He’s spotted Weasley.” 

“Surely he won’t - oh.” Draco’s eyes wide in anticipation and he and Pansy watch on as Blaise passes up everyone, ignoring the hungry and flirtatious looks they’re giving and heading straight for Ginny Weasley. 

“Draco, love, I know you’re not one for public displays of affection, but you’ll have to dance with me at least once. It’s my best friend’s wedding.” 

Without even looking away from Blaise, Pansy swats Harry’s hand away before he can reach Draco. “Not now, Potter, there’s about to be a blood bath,” she hisses. 

Confused, Harry looks follows their gazes. “Oh this is going to be good,” he says, crossing his arms and taking a spot next to Draco. 

When Blaise finally reaches Ginny, he stops for a moment to straighten his waist coat before making his presence known. 

Draco lets a small huff of a laugh. “Merlin, I don’t believe it, he’s nervous.” 

“Who’s nervous?” Ron asks, approaching the trio, a small plate of hors d'oeuvres in hand. 

Pansy nods toward the pending disaster before spotting the plate in his hand. “Oh honestly, darling.”

“What? ‘S my wedding too, I’ll eat what I like,” Ron defends. Pansy rolls her eyes but smiles anyway and nicks a cracker from the plate. “Is he really trying to hit on my sister?” 

The three of them nod in unison. “She looks… interested,” Draco says, aghast. 

Harry shakes his head. “Nah, she’s just amused. She’s toying with him.” They watch on, and Ginny quirks an eyebrow. “There it is,” Harry chimes. “She’s done.” 

Ginny laughs. It’s small at first, but quickly grows. She even throws her head back for a moment before letting it drain, ending it with a sympathetic sigh giving him a patronizing few pats on the shoulder and turning on her heels. 

“Oh, to have been a pixie on that wall,” Pansy says listlessly, finishing up her champagne. 

“Hold on,” Draco say, squinting. Blaise’s eyes flit up, and he smirks as he watches Ginny head for the door of the ballroom. Ginny pauses for a moment before slipping out of the door, and flashes him a grin. 

“Wait, what?” Pansy shoves her glass into Ron’s hand, her eyes darting back and forth between the two of them. The lot of them look on in bewildered horror as Blaise checks over his shoulder before casually sauntering off in her direction (a contradictory move only he could master.)

“No,” Ron says, mouth full of food. 

“But - how?” Harry adds. 

“Oh honestly,” comes Hermione’s voice. They all turn to see her grabbing two flutes of champagne from the table behind them. “Those two have been playing at that game for months now.” She gives them a quick, you-really-didn’t-know? look before shaking her head and turning to rejoin Anthony at their table. 

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Fantastic beasts has an open casting!! I NEED HELP WITH SOMETHING

So I just found out they’re looking for teens between 13 and 18 years old. And I’m ready to apply and so I told a friend of mine. Instead of getting the support of a friend she talked me down about it. Now she also wants to apply but isn’t a fan of some sort and always tells me the Harry potter universe is lame. And I’m so conflicted because I don’t know what to do. Should I give her a chance for it or should I just focus on myself

Alright but imagine Scorpius
  • The first Christmas without his mother, being invited to spend the Holidays with the Potters. At first he refuses but ends up accepting, after all, his dad will be really busy and they won’t spend much time together.
  • He is both embarrassed and afraid of being in the same house as Harry and Ginny Potter, but they make him feel like he’s part of the family.
  •  They go to The Burrow for Christmas, and spend all day playing outside with the whole Weasley-Potter gang.
  • He gets nervous when Mr. Ron Weasley (Rose’s dad) asks him to pass him the buns. He gets even more nervous when his wife, Hermione Granger-Weasley (who also happens to be the Minister of Magic), asks him about school and his favourite subject.
  • When they finally open the presents he just sits there, looking at everybody’s new stuff, and suddenly Harry and Ginny tell him to open the green one, Rose gives him a chocolate frog, Albus and James give him an Aviatomobile from their Uncle George’s store, but then Mrs. Weasley comes and gives him a knitted jumper with a big letter ‘S’. He just stares at it for a moment and feels his eyes prickle with tears.
  • But then an owl comes in with a small package from his dad. He opens it to find a silver locket, and puts it immediately inside his pocket because he doesn’t want them to think that he just gets expensive stuff like that.
  • He puts on his jumper and feels like he blends in a little, and when they go to bed he takes the silver locket out of his pocket and opens it. Inside, he sees a picture of two familiar faces. A blond, tall, pointy-faced wizard has his arm around a beautiful woman carrying a blond baby he recognized as himself. They were smiling, looking as happy as he had never seen. He couldn’t help but cry, but he wasn’t entirely sad. Looking down at his jumper and locket, for the first time in months, he felt deeply loved.

Title: Doubt
Author: @moonshoesweasley
Prompt: “I am really nervous about this.” (dialogue)
Description: Hermione doubts herself after a major life event takes place.  Ron is there to reassure her.
Rating: G
Warnings: Mild cursing

Hermione Granger had been integrated into the wizarding world for over fifteen years. She was well versed in its history, its laws, its dos and don'ts. It was exceedingly rare that she didn’t know exactly which spell to use, and often performed magic with the same amount of thought that she gave breathing or blinking. It seemingly came very naturally to her (and it did, now, after many years of arduous effort). Friends and family often said that Hermione had ‘come into her own’ after the war, meaning that she no longer felt insecure in her capability as a witch, a member of the Ministry of Magic, or just as Hermione.

So, of course, the day that she did start to doubt her ability scared her to pieces.

She was sitting in a quiet, dim room. Ron was there, too, as sprawled out as possible in a rather stiff looking chair and fast asleep. Hermione envied him his ability to fall asleep almost at will and in the most uncomfortable places. She felt like sleep would evade her forever, and not just because of the tiny, swaddled, red-headed baby that she held in her arms.

As soon as she found out she was pregnant (so long ago already, but still only feeling like yesterday), Hermione reacted in very typical Hermione fashion. The books she’d purchased from Flourish and Blotts boasted that she would learn how to change dirty nappies at the wave of a wand and soothe a colicky infant with the perfect potion. The books she’d purchased from a Muggle bookshop prepared her for the physical changes she and baby would go through together. They’d painted and crafted and charmed an adorable nursery, furnished with everything a new baby would need. Never the procrastinator, Hermione was ready for their baby to arrive with plenty of time to spare.

And now she was here. Their perfect baby girl; their perfect Rose. The pain and intensity of labor was nothing compared to the overwhelming joy and love she felt when looking at her daughter’s face. Hermione would do it all again without a moments hesitation. Rose was worth all the hardship in the world. Hermione was unprepared for the sheer magnitude of the love in her heart for her child, although the books told her she’d feel that way.

What the books didn’t tell her, however, is what in Merlin’s beard she was supposed to do now.

Oh sure, they gave advice. They gave a plethora of advice, all of it saying that this was the proper way to go about this baby business and bugger all else. But none of them told her how to make sure that she’d get it right. Mothering was supposed to be a subject she could study and excel at, just like everything else she’d put her mind to. But when she looked at her daughter, her real live daughter, she began to doubt herself. 

In the chair next to her bed, Ron stirred. He stretched his lanky form and rubbed the remnants of sleep away from his eyes. He blinked at the room, almost as if he didn’t remember where he was, and then his gaze landed on Hermione and Rose. His wide smile stretched from ear to ear and Hermione felt herself grin back. There was something about watching Ron be a daddy that made her fall head over heels in love all over again.

“How are my two best girls?” He slid onto the bed next to Hermione and rested his chin on her shoulder. One of his hands came to rub soothingly on her back and she relaxed into him. Maybe it was his calming presence that lowered her inhibitions, because she found herself saying:

“I am really nervous about this.”

She froze, worried that Ron would look at her with a look of incredulousness and laugh. She could hear him saying “Come off it, ‘Mione! You read those books so much that you probably have them memorized.” It was the same thing she’d been saying to herself since the moment they put Rose in her arms. What reason did she have to be nervous?

Instead, Ron put his arm around her waist and squeezed gently. His lips pressed a kiss to her shoulder and she watched as he reached towards their daughter. One of his long fingers traced the shape of her nose and caressed her tiny cheek. Hermione felt as though her heart would burst. His finger slid into Rose’s tiny grip and Hermione watched as their daughter’s fingers tightened slightly. “I’m nervous, too. What if I’m a shit dad?”

“Ronald Bilius Weasley, watch your language. We have a baby now,” Hermione teased with a giggle.

“Blimey. We have a baby now. We’re parents, 'Mione.”

“I know. And you’ll be a great dad, Ron. You’re fun and understanding and supportive and the best person I know. Look at how great you’ve been with Teddy and Victorie and James and Little Fred! They adore you.”

She could feel Ron smile against her shoulder. “Yeah. You’re right. I’ll be excellent, of course.”

Hermione meant to laugh, but instead her fears and insecurities came rushing out. “Ron, what if I’m not a good mother? I read all those books and I felt so prepared, but now…now I feel like I just don’t know anything at all. How do I give her the life she deserves? How do I make sure I’m doing it right? What if I do it all wrong?” Her voice caught in her throat and she forced herself to try and swallow the enormous lump building there. It didn’t work, however, and she felt hot tears roll down her face.

Ron swiped them away with the back of his hand. “The fact that you’re asking these questions is enough to tell me that you are going to be amazing, love. Amazing. I can’t wait to watch you.”

Hermione hiccuped. “But Ron-”

Ron gently shushed her. “Listen, 'Mione. I’m scared to death. The world is big and scary and has lots of spiders in it-don’t laugh, you know how much I hate them!” Ron acted offended at her smallt giggle but carried on. “If you’re quite finished, I was saying that the world is big and scary and she is so tiny. I want to keep her safe from everything bad and let her experience everything good. I don’t know what I’m doing either, and that’s okay.”

“My parents always just seemed like they knew everything. And your parents, Ron, I bet they never felt this way.”

“My parents? Are you sure you’re talking about the same Arthur and Molly Weasley? The same Arthur and Molly Weasley who wouldn’t put Bill down without at least two cushioning charms underneath him? The same Arthur and Molly Weasley that wouldn’t let Bill, Charlie, or Percy touch anything that hadn’t been Scourgify-d until Percy was two? My dad told me himself that they were terrified.”

Hermione sniffed. “What happened when Percy was two that made them not so scared anymore?”

“Ah, well, Fred and George came home and started right off being Fred and George, dad says. After that they didn’t have time to be worried or scared, at least not about the kids. There was a war on, of course, so they were worried, but not in the way they had been.” He paused, then added: “I guess we just need to have twins next. Seems like that solves the problem, eh?” He chucked and waggled his eyebrows at her. “I’m up for it if you are,” he said lasciviously. Hermione rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to reply, but the tiny bundle in her arms began to stir.

The new parents watched as their daughter slowly blinked her eyes open. They knew, of course, that Rose couldn’t yet distinguish them, but they both would swear up and down that she met each their eyes in turn. Hermione felt her heart swell so much that she thought it was burst right out of her chest. More unbidden tears welled in her eyes as she took in the life that she helped to create.

“Merlin, she’s so gorgeous, isn’t she?” Ron asked. Hermione could only nod. “Like her mom. And I’ll bet she be the brightest witch in her class, just like her mom. I bet she’ll be just as determined, just as nurturing, just as wonderful.”

“You think so?”

She felt Ron nod against her shoulder. “I know so.”

Hermione shook her head. “I’m not this perfect person, Ron. I have flaws, I’ll mess up.”

Ron nodded again. “Yep. You will, and I will. We’ll make mistakes, but we’ll learn. We’ll figure it out, the same way we’ve figured out everything else.” He reached up and tightly tapped her temple. “Besides, you’ve got that encyclopedic knowledge of libraries up there, Hogwarts and otherwise. That all has to come in handy at some point, right?”

Hermione laughed. “Probably will.”

“We can do this, 'Mione. We’ll be great.”

Rose shifted in her arms and yawned widely. Her tiny arms reached upwards, towards her mother. Hermione smiled down at her. “We can do this. We’ll be great.”


Ron Weasley x Reader
Warnings: this is so cheesy!!!
Requested by @assorted-fuckery

When a large amount of students returned to Hogwarts after the war, the staff decided to throw another Yule Ball, to celebrate victory and all of the lives that were sacrificed during the war.

Most of the eighth year students thought it to be lame and unnecessary - but that didn’t stop them all from going.


“So, are you gonna tell him?” Harry half-whispered, a cup of (probably spiked) punch clutched between his fingers. He took a sip and wiggled his eyebrows up and down at Y/N.

She closed her eyes, shaking her head before saying, “I can’t, Harry.” Naturally, her eyes drifted over to the red-headed boy, who was talking to Hermione all the way across the Great Hall.

“Are you telling me I died and came back to life just to keep watching you two do this stupid dance around each other?” Harry said, tilting his head to the side, his eyes slightly widening through his wire-frame glasses.

Y/N sighed, pouring a scoop of fruit punch into a red cup. “Harry-”

“Y/N,” Harry imitated. “He is head over heels in love with you, for fucks sake! Everyone can see it but you.”

She said nothing in response, and just stared at her friend, heart rate beginning to quicken inside her chest. 

“Go,” Harry prompted, nodding his head toward Ron and Hermione. “Tell him how you feel.”

Exasperated, Y/N sighed again and bit down on her lip, before whispering, “What do I even say?”

“Tell him the truth. Speak from the heart.”

After throwing him a sarcastic smile, Y/N handed him her untouched cup of punch and took a deep breath. “You’re so fucking cheesy, Potter. I hope you know that.”


Ron saw Y/N slowly making her way toward him, and he could immediately feel his heart begin to throb in his chest. Widening his eyes at Hermione, he whispered, “She’s coming over here. How the hell do I do this?”

“Just do it. Don’t think too much,” Hermione responded, before briskly walking away, leaving Ron alone - and as an anxious mess.

He ran a trembling hand through his red hair and walked a few steps toward Y/N, so he wasn’t just standing there and fidgeting. 

“Hi,” she said, offering him a small, nervous grin.

“Hi,” Ron replied, returning a smile.

And then, at the same time, a tumble of words spilled out of their mouths in less than two seconds.

Y/N had said, “I have to tell you something.”

Ron had said, “I love you.”

A thick, sudden silence filled the air, and the two shaken souls just stood there and stared at one another. Ron turned an unsettling shade of pink, and Y/N’s lips parted in surprise. 

“What?” she said, her voice coming out a bit hoarse.

Ron ran his tongue over his bottom lip before repeating, “I love you, Y/N.” He then began blabbering, “You’re my best friend, and I know I might be ruining that right now but the war made me realize that I needed to tell you…”

Suddenly, he appeared to become very nervous, as if he hadn’t expected all those words to pour out of his mouth at once. “So, what did you need to tell me?”

Y/N stifled a laugh, shaking her head slightly from side to side. She was smiling so wide that her grin could’ve been stretched across the entire country.

She completely forgot whatever she had planned to say in her head. Overwhelmed by everything Ron had just said, Y/N thought of nothing else to do but press her lips directly onto his. She had to get on her tiptoes to reach his level.

After wrapping his arms instinctively around her torso and indulging in quite a messy, clumsy kiss, Ron leaned his head slightly back and asked, “So what did you want to tell me?”

This time, Y/N failed to stifle her laugh before leaning in to taste his lips once more.

Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Five - An Excess of Phlegm

WE AT THE WEASLEYS HOUSE YALL!!!!!! time to party

“Hi, Tonks.”
Harry thought she looked drawn, even ill, and there was something forced in her smile. Certainly her appearance was less colorful than usual without her customary shade of bubble-gum pink hair.

is it wrong that it bothers me tonks is so fuq’d up over a man? but then again, the man IS remus so i guess its understandable. 

- I LOVE THAT THE FIRST THING MOLLY DOES IS FEED AND LOVE HARRY like it just makes me remember that all is well and good in the world at this house

- lol at every hand of the clock pointing at ‘mortal peril’ and molly just shrugging like ‘meh. nbd’

“What do you like me to call you when we’re alone together?”
Even by the dim light of the lantern Harry could tell that Mrs. Weasley had turned bright red; he himself felt suddenly warm around the ears and neck, and hastily gulped soup, clattering his spoon as loudly as he could against the bowl.
“Mollywobbles,” whispered a mortified Mrs. Weasley into the crack at the edge of the door.

arthur and molly know how to keep the sex game picante 

- fred and george live in a lil flat in diagon alley now bc their such big business tycoons and if i wasn’t already attracted to them before, things have gone to a whole other level

- THE TRIOS BACK TOGETHER YALL!!!!! ron got so excited he punched harry in the head!!!! it was adorable!!!!

Fleur turned back to Harry, swinging her silvery sheet of hair so that is whipped Mrs. Weasley across the face. 
“Bill and I are going to be married!”
“Oh,” said Harry blankly. He could not help noticing how Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, and Ginny were all determinedly avoiding one another’s gaze.

MY GURL FLEUR!!!!!!! this plot line always pissed me tf off bc everyone hates on her the entire book when in reality she is truly the goddess we all aspire to be

- like forrealz they’re all plotting to stop their wedding and get bill to fall in love with tonks instead bc shes ‘ funnier/nicer/smarter’ than fleur and its like BISH yall dont even know her!!! and as harry (and I) have pointed out, she was in the triwizard tournament so UM she aint dumb!!!! LEAVE FLEUR ALONE

“She still hasn’t got over what happened… you know… I mean, he was her cousin!”
Harry’s heart sank. They had arrived at Sirius. He picked up a fork and began shoveling scrambled eggs into his mouth, hoping to deflect any invitation to join in this part of the conversation. 
“Tonks and Sirius barely knew each other!” said Ron. 

1. lol @ everyone thinking tonks is depressed about sirius 2. harry :’(  3. savage ron going in on a supposed mourning person is savage

- HAHAHAHA harrys finally confessing to ron and hermione what the prophecy said about him being the chosen one and then hermione gets punched in the eye by a telescope lololol really lightened the mood

“Hermione, will you shut up, you’re not the only one who’s nervous!” barked Ron. “And when you’ve got your ten ‘Outstanding’ O.W.L.s…”
“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” said Hermione, flapping her hands hysterically. “I know I’ve failed everything!”

if i havent said it enough over the past five books yet, i love hermione granger.

“How did you do?”
“I - not bad,” said Hermione in a small voice. 
“Oh, come off it,” said Ron, striding over to her and whipping her results out of her hand. “Yep - nine ‘Outstandings’ and one ‘Exceeds Expectations’ at Defense Against the Dark Arts.” He looked down at her, half-amused, half-exasperated. “You’re actually disappointed, aren’t you?”
Hermione shook her head, but Harry laughed.

if a ‘half-amused, half-exasperated’ look doesn’t spell out L-O-V-E to you, then idk what will

- aw at harry thinking he wont get to be an auror bc snape wont let him takes potions. JUST U WAIT LIL BEBE!!!!!

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Pairing: Ron Weasley x Astoria Greengrass
Words: 3,194
This is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet Summer Vacation Challenge!
You can also read this on AO3.

It should have been an easy choice for Astoria to go to college. She had the grades for it, and she had the talent to succeed in graphic design. She won the scholarship of her dreams, and it was a way to escape her vengeful family. But it was realistically the hardest choice of her life. It meant that she had to leave her best friend behind.

Ron decided quickly that college was not for him. His life was dedicated to farming, much like the rest of his family. Astoria respected that, but she would be lying if she said she hadn’t hoped he would change his mind and come with her. Maybe the city life would do him good, but she knew that was just selfish thinking.

The goodbye was rough; it was full of sobs and hugs so tight she swore she couldn’t breathe. Before she stepped into her old beat up pick-up truck, he did something he had never done before. He kissed her on the forehead and said he would miss her more. Astoria remembered how her face flushed and how that was that moment she realized she was in love with him after all these years. She examined the tears welling up in his eyes that he didn’t dare let escape, and she saw that it was as painful for her as it was for him.

Maybe he was in love with her, too. Or maybe she was just seeing what she wanted to see.

Before she drove away that day, she told him, “I’ll see you at Christmas.”

He nodded and smiled, and he waved along with his brother George as she drove away and down his gravel driveway. As she turned onto the highway, she had to stop herself from crying so her vision wouldn’t cloud. The only thing that made her get through the drive was thinking of Ron’s last smile.

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@unspeaxables. UGH YES HO NESTLY I AM SO INTO IT. well let me just tell you a little story my lovely friend. 

okay so let’s get this out of the way first: if ron is going with viktor then hermione needs an amazing date too. hermione can go with ginny and neville can go with luna lovegood and voila everyone’s happy and nobody is left out. now that that’s out of the way, i can continue. 

viktor does watch hermione before the yule ball. when training, working out, jogging, and generally crossing the golden trio’s path his eyes do wander over to them and he does give a small smile. all of the hogwarts students think he’s looking at hermione - even hermione believes so herself - and he never says any differently. his friends know otherwise though. he does tend to loiter around the library to talk to hermione and tries to get her alone - but it is not because he wants to ask hermione to the ball, it’s because he doesn’t know how to approach her cute red-headed friend. 

it was obvious to anyone with two brain cells that the red-head was into krum: the ginger’s eyes followed his movements when he passed by, the boy’s plush red lower lip caught between the ginger’s teeth if krum held his gaze too long, a small smile from the quidditch player brought a lovely flush to the other’s face, eyes quickly flitting down to his feet. and that was all well and good - all of those little quirks only made krum more intrigued by him - but did krum catch on to the fact that it meant the boy was into him? 

no. and krum’s friends were no help, trading amused, knowing looks but keeping quiet because the end would only be all the sweeter if krum made the journey himself. so he manages to corner hermione in the library one day and while she steels herself for what she believes to be an invitation to the ball, he surprises her with a question on whether she believes her ginger friend would be interested in accompanying him to the ball. a moment of stunned silence - hermione’s cheeks flushing with embarrassing due to the miscommunication - before understanding sets in and she stutters out a question of why he’s asking her this instead of asking harry. 

his answer is simple: he knows she’s good friends with the boy, and he’s seen her reading and studying, heard her speaking in passing and knows that she’s insanely brilliant - smarter than anyone else he’s met. if there was anyone he could ask, he felt it would be her. a smile starts to slowly build on her lips because here he is, the man that ron won’t shut up about and it’s not just some silly quidditch hero crush but it has the potential to be something real. yet the reality of the situation weighs heavy on her mind - she’s too smart not to think of it - at the end of the tournament krum will have to leave. and she doesn’t want to see ron get his heart broken. ron is her friend. 

so she stays cool, eyes piercing as she asks krum what his intentions are for her friend. his answer is honest, if not spoken quietly so as not to be over heard: he does not know the boy but from what he has learned of the other he’d like to get to know him better. hermione presses further, not satisfied - what happens when you leave? and a furrowing of krum’s eyebrows as creases form on his forehead - as if he couldn’t believe such a thing could pose a problem - give hermione the answer she needs even before he speaks. if there is something between them, then they would pursue the relationship long-distance. what else would they possibly do? 

it’s with a smile that hermione finally concedes and admits that ron would love an invitation to the yule ball from him, and that she would find a way to get ron alone for him to ask. krum’s grateful smile is how they part ways, a time arranged for the next day. 

ron’s only slightly curious when hermione asks him to meet her by the lake alone the next day, going down in his jumper and trousers, hair a tousled mess from the wind. it’s his complete surprise that krum is waiting for him instead, and stands dumbstruck through a proper introduction with the man, mumbling his own name in return with wide eyes and a flush tinging frost-touched cheeks. krum had asked him to call him by his first name. viktor. he was talking to viktor krum. alone. 

viktor’s invitation, given with eyes hooded under thick lashes and brows furrowed with hope, takes ron even more by surprise and he stands there, shocked, mouth agape, leaving viktor hanging. he had thought that krum was interested in hermione, not him !! he hadn’t allowed himself to hope for a second that krum was looking at him !! and viktor is still standing there, wathcing him with those eyes and –

he should really answer. he really should answer. answer vitkor. viktor’s waiting for an answer, looking more crestfallen as the silence stretches on but ron can’t make his voice work it’s just not making any sound and he just can’t speak even though he wants to – – – and shit viktor’s taking a step back and straightening up and clasping his hands behind his back and apologizing for reading ron’s intentions wrongly and now he’s making for a quick escape with a finally apology and – – – 

yes blurts its way from ron’s lips loudly and violently to both ron and viktor’s total surprise just as viktor makes to turn away, and he freezes, slowly glancing over his shoulder at the ginger as if not believing his luck. a moment later and yes? passes through krum’s lips - almost hesitantly. ron responds quickly this time, confirming – yes. viktor’s offer to walk ron back to the warmth of the school is quickly accepted, and chatter between them blooms easily as they walk.

when ron meets up with hermione and harry later he won’t shut up about viktor. the excitement is nearly palpable, ron’s mood cannot be brought down, and the unexpected couple spend more and more time together. despite the horrid robes that he is forced to wear for the ball – – which he spends a solid few minutes bitching to  harry about (he’s going to look terrible for viktor and viktor won’t want to be seen with him in public he’s going to get dumped before they even dance or viktor even has the opportunity to kiss him at midnight and harry – ) – – he still puts them on, giddy with excitement, and follows harry to the ball. 

ron’s eyes immediately find viktor as they enter, and harry only gives a small smile of fond amusement as he watches ron’s attention instantly caught. when viktor spots him, the bulgarian’s eyes light up and he quickly approaches the pair. his greeting to harry is polite and harry returns it before excusing himself to find his date, leaving ron alone to nervously fiddle with his robes and mumble that viktor looks good in his. viktor only reaches forward to run thick fingers along the neckline of ron’s, stating that he likes ron’s as well – – – they are unique, traditional, something he can respect. those words are enough to obliviate the self-consciousness from ron’s mind. 

the dancing is phenomenal. while the first dance has ron a nervous wreck because 1. he’s dancing with viktor krum, 2. he’s dancing with another boy, and 3. he’s doing both of those in front of everyone else with everyone else’s eyes on them. viktor’s hands on him are sturdy and strong and his smile is for ron only as his eyes don’t leave the ginger; gravity that makes ron forget about everyone else and focus only on viktor. neither of them see it but harry smirks as he and his partner pass by them, making him step on patil’s foot and earning him a disgruntled frown from her. 

as midnight approaches – – – the night spent intermittently dancing with viktor and hermione and ginny and neville and luna and harry, and lazing around with drinks in their hands – – – ron’s nerves come back to him. after hours spent with viktor over the last days, talking about anything and everything and a short stint of quidditch lessons, ron wants it. wants viktor krum to kiss him. really likes the bulgarian. 

harry and hermione and the others mysteriously disappear right before midnight, leaving ron to wander outside under the stars beside viktor. it’s quiet now, enough words having been spoken for the night, limbs exhausted and lazy and slow. 

though hermione knew what viktor’s intentions were for the future – – – ron didn’t, and the question toiled his mind, a heartbreak ready to happen. a mind steeled for the worst. he had to know, before he got his hopes up. 

the words boiled on the tip of his tongue, about to be voiced but are silenced as viktor turns from gazing up at the sky to face him, large hands coming up to frame his face and the words are caught in his throat as viktor leans forward and his lips are chapped and warm and oh so perfect and ron forgets his question and forgets his worries and lets his hands tangle in strap of viktor’s robes.


‘Hamilton’ Mania! Backstage at the Cultural Event of Our Time (Rolling Stone):

Bay Area rapper Daveed Diggs had never seen a Broadway show before he was cast as Hamilton nemesis Thomas Jefferson. “I knew Fiddler on the Roof, because my mom really liked that and we always had the album around the house growing up, and that was about it,” Diggs says. “But I was totally intrigued the second I heard the demos of the songs in Hamilton and read through the music. The rapping is good – that’s what really got me.”


“When you’re developing your voice as a rapper, you figure out your cadence – your swag – and that’s how you write,” Diggs says. “Lin managed to figure that out for all of these different characters – everyone has their own swag, and it feels germane to them. And that’s really impressive. Hercules Mulligan [a Hamilton pal who spied on the loyalists during the American Revolution] raps exactly like a dude named Hercules Mulligan!”

Even more radical than the catholic musical approach is Hamilton’s reckoning with our country’s creation myth. There’s an almost indescribable power in seeing the Founders, in an otherwise historically rigorous production, portrayed by a young, multiracial cast. “It is quite literally taking the history that someone has tried to exclude us from and reclaiming it,” says Leslie Odom Jr., who comes close to stealing the show with his turn as Hamilton killer Aaron Burr. “We are saying we have the right to tell it too.” If every presidential administration gets at least one mass-cultural moment it deserves, then Hamilton has become the Obama era’s Wall Street, its 24, its Spice World – even more so, perhaps, because the show has actually managed to fulfill candidate Obama’s promise to bridge the divide between Red and Blue America. Fans of Hamilton include Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Dick Cheney and the president himself.

Christopher Jackson, Hamilton’s towering George Washington, has known Miranda the longest of any of the major cast members, having previously starred in In the Heights. “Lin told me about his idea for Hamilton a few days after that fateful vacation,” Jackson recalls. “We were actually onstage doing Heights. He said, 'I’ve got the next thing. It’s about the Treasury secretary!’ And then he paused, and before I could say, 'What?!’ the music started and we had to do '96,000.’ When Ron Chernow came to see Heights, I had never seen Lin that nervous. He said, 'Ron Chernow’s here!’ I said, 'What does that mean?’ And he said, 'The show needs to go well today.’”

Odom first saw a workshop version of Hamilton at Vassar and found himself responding, almost viscerally, to “The Story of Tonight,” an early number in which Hamilton and three friends (Mulligan, the Marquis de Lafayette and John Laurens) boisterously drink together in a tavern on the eve of the Revolution. “That’s the one that made me a puddle, because it was four men of color onstage singing a song about friendship and brotherhood and love, and I had never seen that in a musical,” Odom says. “I had seen white guys do it, in Jersey Boys, in Les Miz. Never seen a black guy. So I was a mess, and from that point, I was along for the ride.”

Phillipa Soo, who makes her Broadway debut as Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, says that she had to figure out her relationship to her stage husband, to answer questions like, “Who is this man to me, and why do I love him?” In the end, she realized her “research was already here for me. It became less about finding facts about Eliza and Alexander Hamilton and more about just watching Lin. I remember him coming into the rehearsal room in his slippers, because he’d been across the street writing. And I was like, 'Oh, my God, this guy is nonstop!’ Kind of like Hamilton.”

Helium Vader also gets a shout-out in the article


Harry Potter Aesthetics - Hannah Abbott-Longbottom

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

― Charles Dickens

I want to be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

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Ron has this adorable habit of accidentally complimenting Hermione


“Ten weeks,” Hermione snapped. “That’s not ages, that’s like a second to Nicolas Flamel.”

“But we’re not six hundred years old,” Ron reminded her. “Anyway, what are you studying for, you already know it all.”


“You’re so naive,” said Ron, “you think just because you’re all honourable and trustworthy -”


“Hermione, will you shut up, you’re not the only one who’s nervous!” barked Ron. “And when you’ve got your eleven ‘Outstanding’ OWLs…”


“I notice I’m always the one who ends up sorting out the food, because I’m a girl, I suppose!“

“No, it’s because you’re supposed to be the best at magic!” shot back Ron.