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So here’s a sneak peek to my first short 1dff called Always By Your Side, I hope you guys will want to read it when it’s posted! x

When We Touched

The five times the Beast had human contact for the first time in years, and the one time where for the first time in years he had contact with another human as a human himself. Based mostly off the 2017 movie. 
Available on (if you have an account, it would mean so much to me if you’d leave a review! This is my first fic on there and tbh I’m pretty nervous about it) 

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So, I finally have free time, that’s why i’m opening commissions! I will be doing them for a limited period of time only (two weeks i guess???) and for the start i have 5 slots open! Mail me if you want to commission me, I will give you my paypal and we will discuss all details! My email is, or you can message me on tumblr if you have questions!

What I will draw: fan art, soft BL/GL/NL, OCs, kemonomimi

I won’t draw: NSFW, furry, mecha, gore, backgrounds 

Payment: only via PayPal

I can add a simply bg for 5$ (patterns, abstract shapes, clouds, grass or smth for fullbody’s to stand on etc), I also can charge more if the character has a detailed costume. Please, send references! The more references i have, the better (especially for OC’s!!)

Drawing will take time, so please, be patient! (though I will try my best to draw it as fast as I can) And signal boosts and reblogs are highly appreciated, thank you all for your time ;;;;


Hello! I hope bc of time differences, I haven’t missed the Topp Klass meetup ;;

I’ve been a Topp Klass since september ‘16 randomly, after I saw a post about the boys. I didn’t think I was gonna love them this much, but I have fallen in waaaay too deep. I love them so much bc they are so down to earth and crazy and talented etc. (I could ramble on about them all day tbh).

They are a group who def bring me a lot happiness and I relate to them on a spirituel level lmao. I also really love Topp Klass bc they show so much love and support for the boys and one another! So amazing

My name is Huda, and i’m from Denmark. I’m 19 years old and currently applying for Archaeology in Autumn (I love history, basically anything old). I’m kinda shy but once i open up, I’m quite goofy and quirky. I’m closest in personality to Hojoon ( ᐛ )و  

My bias is Sangdo, bc he’s such a sweetheart, and my bias wrecker is currently Pgoon. I love all the other members too, since it’s difficult to not love and appriecate all our talented boys! They deserve all the love in the world!

I do art, and I’m trying to do art for TD bc i wanna be able to do smth for the fandom i guess o(*≧□≦)o

Feel free to message, i love making new friends~~~ also sorry for rambling, HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE❤️️

Outsiders S2E9

Haven’t done one of these in a couple of episodes, but I had lots of thoughts after last night! So jumping right in…


Well. I’d been wondering if we were supposed to ignore the fact that Gillian was obviously pregnant. Guess not! My first feeling about this was nervousness, tbh. I felt nervous because I couldn’t imagine two babies on the show at the same time and I immediately got it in my head that one of their babies wouldn’t make it. Then I remembered that G’Win had already lost a baby once and I found myself getting all worked up and looking way too deep into things.  I’d just rather not think about all that right now. Anyway, I loved when Emelye asked G’Win if she knew whose the baby was and she said “Mine.”  👏🏾 Now, if she is as pregnant as she appears to be, I feel like Lil Foster HAS to be the father. If it were Big or Asa, she’d be closer to where Sally Ann is in her pregnancy… Unless of course she was messing around with someone else we didn’t know about I mean…

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Lil Foster

Go him. He gets to show out for at least two episodes after his ordeal.


Every scene with Wade is pure entertainment to me lately. The guy cracks me up. Everything at the church. Yes. Thomas Wright is really good with the emotional/serious scenes too. I’m really happy that he went on a date! Dana (?) seems sweet. She is the first new character in a while that hasn’t made me suspicious.


I’m glad she is well, but the mystical healing thing is kind of weird for me. I hope there is something big in store for her character that makes that scene… and everything she and her family went through regarding her fatal diagnosis… critical to the story. I just found myself wondering why Elon didn’t hug that poor little boy who died on the mountain. I’m sure more will be revealed about why exactly he went to Ledda though. Wade’s family is obviously connected to the mountain… maybe Big Foster and his very close kin, like Elon, are the link.

Sasil (and Big Foster since he spent some time with them)

Happy Birthday Sally Ann! That was a sweet little surprise. I loved that her favorite restaurant was that quaint little place and I love that Hasil knows when to splurge a little… learning about money under the stress he has been learning about it could have bred an extreme penny pincher. It was sad to see the mood of their date get messed up so quickly, but probably best they addressed the things they did then rather than later. Sally Ann is not afraid to call Hasil on his shit and I love it! She was not about to let him lie to her face. We don’t usually see him do that. He leaves out details… lies by omission, so I had to give him a little tsk when he pulled that, “I don’t know what you’re talkin’ ‘bout.”

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Sally Ann said, “Don’t do that,” and he fessed up real quick. Good boy. He isn’t a push over either though. She got all worked up and ready to leave but he was like “Sit down.” I love it. I guess they were able to have their meal because the next time we saw them, Hasil was buying her flowers.

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 *side note, paying for flowers has to feel pretty 🤔 to him… but again, #reasonstosplurge

Sally Ann continued to show her spunk the moment she recognized Big Foster. I would have liked to hear whatever he was going to say though. He opened with “Miss…” trying to be all polite with his pulled back ponytail and sweat jacket haha. He got on my nerves back at Casa Sasil. Got on Sally Ann’s too lol, she made that very clear. I love, love, love that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I wish I could have jumped into the screen and escorted his ass out of the house myself. Especially when he interrupted their “feeling” talk. Like, Foster, you don’t even know the trouble they’ve had communicating lately. Let them get it out! Please! They are doing better though. Two weeks in a row Hasil has called her family. Honestly, that whole scene in the kitchen had some sexy tension to it. Another good reason for Big Foster to disappear. I’m here for steamy kitchen bickering if it ends nicely. The way Hasil touched her face/neck/chest before he left?

And I love it more because that’s what he always does.

Anyway, so Hasil decided go along with this insane kidnapping idea (I hope Sally Ann hung out with Frida or something for the rest of her birthday!). The ONLY way I see him not ending up in prison for this is either A) Haylie dies and is never seen or heard from again and the car they put her in is somehow incinerated or B) The clan does a NUMBER on her up there and gets her to see the light… she is so profoundly moved that she is 100% on the clan’s side and does not press any charges… in fact, she does all she can to help save the clan. B is more likely, but it’s still out there. I just cannot fathom a situation where she escapes or is freed or whatever and Hasil doesn’t get in major trouble. Things are getting pretty rough! Hasil is constantly doing illegal things… fight club… jail breaks…kidnapping. This makes it harder and harder for them to safely stay in town. Especially since his disguises are shit at disguising. Now the mountain is poisoned… of course, just as there is some glimmer of hope that maybe Big Foster could make it so they could go up. I don’t need Sally Ann and her baby up there right now. I’m worried. Not sure what the best thing for them to do is.

At least Sasil ended on a sweet note. Reading to the baby and teaching Hasil? Can’t get more precious than that.


Another side note… I read an interview with the executive producer this week and he said that season two pretty much takes place over the span of one month. So I guess at the end of the season, Sally Ann would be at most 3 months pregnant. The same interview said that time would likely be built into season three (if there is a season three 😳). I’m guessing that’d mean a little time jump, which would probably mean G’Win would have already had her baby at the start of next season and Sally Ann would be very pregnant. I’d be cool with that. I’m getting way ahead of things though. Way ahead haha.  Oh and where is James? Like I guess he really meant what he said when Sally Ann drove off because he doesn’t even seem to be looking for her or anything?? Whatever I guess. 💁🏾 That’d just be more trouble for Sasil and they sure don’t need any of that.

Just home from my first twelve hour shift!!! And I get to wake up at 6am and do it all again tomorrow :D