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in contrast to the toxic environment he was once in, all the little things his new team does makes so much sense now

- his team being hype and cheering him on during fallon

- shareena’s proud mama bear face recording his set during wango tango

- his team telling fans to be calm around zayn during the listening parties bc he gets nervous

- shareena telling paps not to make sudden movements bc it makes him anxious

- the way malay extensively supports him on his twitter

- all of jason’s instagram posts about him

- gigi’s letter to him talking about how proud she is of him

- the way his team just collectively tweet and post proudly about him whenever he does something

please add more if you can!


HOLLSTEIN SOULMATE AU: (2/4) - find part 1 here

I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away…

When Carmilla received her letter with the map, for the first time in 300 years, she sensed a warm ambience, which felt like hope growing in her stomach, spreading up to her heart. Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes and she could feel one rolling down and off her cheek, right onto the small, red, moving point.

Her soulmate.

Shortly after the tear had escaped, her eyes hardened and she let the piece of paper fall onto the cold, muddy ground.

She couldn’t meet her soulmate.

Her soulmate wouldn’t want her, not after everything she had done. Not after everything she had destroyed. Not after what she had done to herself. 

After all, she was a vampire, deadly and much too old; someone like her was not supposed to find their soulmate.

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Can u recommend fic where one of them is really shy and innocent and the other is like more outgoing and wild and stuff like that ? I love your blog btw u saved me bc i couldn't find any good fics so TY very much <33

thanks! most of these are shy jungkook, just because he obviously tends to be more shy and tae tends to be more wild lol the first 6 are the only ones I can think of that have shy or innocent tae. the rest are outgoing tae and/or shy jungkook

Playful Banter by tobebulletproof - Jungkook likes to flirt, but Taehyung’s a little shy.

I Won’t Fall (in love with you) by arabellarosebts - “You have to promise not to fall in love with me.” or bad boy jeongguk x geek taehyung

Learning To Love by RainyDays26 - After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude. But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him. Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

Even When The World Collapses Upon Us by chinesepickles - Third Prince of Baekje, Kim Taehyung, falls in love with a Sillan merchant he has come to know of as Jungkook. General Jeon of Silla trips heart-first for an errand boy in Baekje with the name of Taehyung.

Blossoms of the Pomegranate Tree by merelypretty - Taehyung was born into nature. As the God of spring, he is destined to give life back to the earth, spending his days making the flowers bloom and the meadows flourish. All his life, he’s been convinced that the Gods of the underworld can only mean disaster; they bring death in their wake, which completely contradicts the work he puts forth in order to keep things alive. Still, he finds no reason that he can’t get along with Jeongguk, who is nice despite the deadly world he was born into. Your origins don’t define you - this is what Taehyung believes. It’d be so much easier if their parents thought the same. (Or: The Persephone/Hades!au that no one asked for)

The most beautiful moment in life by taleofatub - Taehyung is a lost college student. He falls in love with the radio DJ on Cool FM who comes on at midnight every day.

there’s lightning in your eyes i can’t deny by lilacflowers - taehyung films, jungkook is camera shy.

Date Me by flywithtaetae - Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.

change my world (you’re the sunlight in my universe) by yururin - Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe’s freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love. Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

Pity My Kiss (That You Won’t Take) by littleheichou - Part of the 100 Writing Prompts Challenge - No.4 “Salt”. Jungkook keeps coming back because the food’s convenient and it’s quiet there. And to talk to the pretty waiter.

Scrambled Eggs by LanLanLu - Someone behind him began to tap their foot, causing even more embarrassment in the young boy. After a few seconds, he managed to procure several tickets, and shoved all of them at Taehyung’s hand at once before bolting past him and onto the ride. “You only needed to give me one!” He yelled aimlessly as the boy disappeared. Or, four times Jungkook tried to ask out the cute boy at the fair, and the one time he did.

pick me up, buttercup by vppa - AU where your soulmate’s first words to you will be tattooed on your wrist when you meet. Which freakin sucks, because Jungkook’s forearm will now forever read “Hey baby, if you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” What the fuck, universe.

Freak like you by taleofatub - Taehyung changes his hair colour like he changes clothes. He won’t leave Jungkook alone and Jungkook thinks his new neighbour’s weird as fuck.

i’ll be a man (of you, you, you, babe) by monsterplaza (aesthesiae) - Dates are cool. Dates with straight-laced family friends arranged by your mother are not. Thank goodness Jeon Jeongguk has his trusty best friend Kim Taehyung close by to bail him out of any dire situations.

Of Photographs and Heated Stares by taekookmusings - Jimin convinces Jungkook to pose nude for a senior’s photography project.

11:58:30 by Batman - Reviewing the entirety of your rocket science course in twelve hours is not actually rocket science, but falling in love might just be. Alternatively, boy meets boy at the longest party of the year.


Genre: marshmallow fluff, teeny weeny bit of angst 

Characters: Taehyung x Reader, Jungkook

Summary: He loves you, he loves you not. He loves you.

Words: 974

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“Do you like anyone?” Jungkook, your best friend asked, out of the blue.

You had almost choked on your caramel frappuccino, when you managed to cough out a “What?”

“I said do you like anyone?” 


“Really? Not even Taehyung?” You froze. Kim Taehyung. Gosh, you had a crush on him for ages. How long has it been? You had a crush on him ever since you were in elementary school. He was so pure, so genuine and maybe that was what you were attracted to, his genuine nature. But, you can’t deny the fact he’s so gorgeously handsome.

“No, not even Taehyung.”

“You sure? Don’t you realise that he likes you? Haven’t you seen the way he looks at you?”

“That’s not possible. He would never like me.”

“Well, I think he does. He has the ability to stare at you for a good five minutes straight.”

It wasn’t possible. Taehyung couldn’t possibly love you, because he’s Taehyung, the big shot in school, girls would die just to get close to him. You were just an ordinary girl, nothing special. You shook your head, getting rid of what Jungkook had just said to stop yourself from having wild thoughts. 

It wasn’t possible. He could never like you.

Let’s just say Jungkook was sick and tired of you two hiding from each other, avoiding any form of contact that he had to do something to get the two of you together. He had this strong intuition that you and Taehtyung harbored the same feelings for each other that he needed to do something.

Jeon Jungkook being the genius that he is, came up with a plan to get the two of you together. He managed to trick the both of you into coming back to school and somehow managed to get the both of you locked in the janitors. Everything happened in a blur that you’re memory of it was hazy.  

“You’re not getting out until you sort out your feelings!” Jungkook screamed from the opposite side of the door. 

You and Taehyung just stared at each other in awkward silence, speechless. As you sat on the chair, right hand crossed over your chest, you looked down, avoiding eye contact with him. You couldn’t. You can’t look into those glorious eyes that melt your very soul. You can’t look at his hair, seeing how his golden locks flow smoothly down the sides of his hair, perfectly. And especially his lips. Those soft lips that enchants you every time, the way those sweet lips moved when he talked and you yearn so much just to kiss them. Just one tiny peck would be enough. 

 "This is just stupid.“ You finally said something, breaking the silence. “I mean how could you like me? I’m not pretty neither am I smart or funny. You couldn’t possibly like me. There are so many other girls out there that are better than me. I’m not good enough. I would be so foolish to think you ever liked me. Let’s just forget this ever happened okay?” As you stood up and turned on your heals to make your way to the locked door, a single tear fell, rolling down your cheeks little by little. How could you have been so foolish? Why would Taehyung even like you? He’s so ideal and you’re not

Just as you took the first step towards the door, you were pulled back by your wrist into a warm embrace. Warmth, that feeling of warmth. It made you feel all fuzzy inside. But what was that strange feeling? It felt so foreign, you weren’t able to put a finger on it.  

Taehyung pulled back slightly, only to run his thumb across your cheek, wiping away that single tear. “But what if I don’t want to forget about this? What if I said that I don’t just simply liked you, but loved you?”

That was it. 


You felt loved. For the first time in your entire life you felt loved. This was what it felt to be loved. It was like butterflies in the spring, fluttering freely and happily. It felt like flowers blooming, displaying their beautiful array of colours to the world for the very first time. It felt wonderful, absolutely wonderful to have someone that cares for you, looks out for you and most importantly loves you. It was just like Jungkook said, he loves you.

You were genuinely shocked. He liked you too? Wait he didn’t just like you, he loved you. He loved you.

“I don’t know what to say, Taehyung. I don’t deserve your–” Your words were cut short when his lips met yours. Those lips. Those soft warm lips that moved against yours. It was as if his lips were made to kiss yours. It was a perfect match. Instinctively, your lips moved against his. How much had you been dreaming of this? Was this even real? Are you really kissing Kim Taehyung? 

He pulled away, only to push a strand of hair behind your ear. “Don’t ever underestimate yourself. You worth so much, y/n. Well, you mean the world to me. You’re the most kindest, sweetest person I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t rather be with anyone else except for you. I love you, y/n. I really do.”

With that, his lips crashed against yours again, moving slow and steadily, taking his time to relish in the way your soft lips moved against his so naturally. It was better than you expected, better than your fantasies and imagination. It was perfect. 

He moved away, breaking the kiss, and your eyes fluttered open to meet his. “Would, it be weird if I said that I had dreamt of that many times before?”

He simply smiled and held you in his embrace, “I would be lying if I said I haven’t.”

A/N: Hope you enjoyed reading this fanfic. I promise the second part of 20th century girl will come out soon, its still in progress. Sorry if this was a bit short, but it was just a random idea that came to mind when i was daydreaming. Do check out my masterlist for more of my works! Thank you!

p.s Please don’t feel that you are not worthy of anyone because everyone has their own value and worth, everyone is worthy of someone. 

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