I saw you walking down the hallway and my heart instantly started racing. My palms got sweaty as we made eye contact. My breath hitched as I saw your tall frame walking on the opposite side of me. You make me nervous every time I see you.
—  today // 3:48pm
Nervous Signs

Aries: Eyes darting around

Taurus: Fidgets either with whatever they’re holding or wearing (earrings, ring, etc.)

Gemini: Unconsciously twists strands of hair around their finger

Cancer: Swallows saliva

Leo: Sweaty palms

Virgo: Says ‘um’ or ‘uh’ a lot of times

Libra: Unintentional glare

Scorpio: Prickling itch up their back

Sagittarius: Stares straight ahead and has to be snapped out of their trance

Capricorn: Clenches their fists or rubs their palms

Aquarius: Shuffles their feet 

Pisces: Tries not to hyperventilate