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Infp here anyways so I'm in speech class for the semester and I just get so nervous at giving a speech sweating and shaking etc. Do you have any tips to help and I'm moving soon.

I just had to present a speech in my class recently and I was so anxious about legs were shaking so badly that I had to hold on to the table in front of me so that I wouldn’t fall down.. so  I can completely understand the situation you’re in right now! 

Here are some tips I find useful when I have to present a speech:

- choose a topic that you are really passionate about so that you can lose yourself in it after the first few minutes of utter dread and shakiness.

- PEE BEFORE the speech. 

- don’t anticipate negative things before you speak because it will make EVERYTHING a 1000089 times worse

- if you stumble on a word or do something wrong in the middle, MOVE ON- don’t panic and don’t keep thinking about it. People usually don’t even notice!

- BREATHE!! Taking slow, deep breaths will lower your heart rate and help you get out of the fight/flight mindset.

- Practice, practice, practice and start before a sneaky negative thought even has the opportunity to get into your head. 

- Drink some water just before you speak so that your mouth doesn’t go dry.

- And finally…don’t forget:

Good luck!

- Your INFP Princess

Anxiety & Depression

Honestly, having anxiety and depression is fucking horrible. I’m literally sitting here reading and all of a sudden I get this feeling of fear and nervousness creeping up until it’s literally like a blanket suffocating me. It’s horrible how in just one moment you can be perfectly fine and the next you have this massive feeling of fear and you don’t even know what’s caused it. It’s even more horrible when you think you have gotten past all this yet there’s moments like this when it comes back and makes you feel like absolute shit.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t want to see you. Well that’s not right, it’s not that I don’t want to see you, it’s that I’m anxious, scared. Scared of what you’d think, scared of what I’d feel, scared of just seeing you again. Maybe I’m getting nervous over nothing, but this nothingness has really been taking me over lately.
—  Nervous and Anxious (15 of 366) || J.Kim.

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I'm incredibly happy today so I'm going to the coolest people I know's blogs and saying nice stuff, so here goes. YOUR ART STYLE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I AM ALWAYS OVERJOYED WHEN I SEE A NOTIFICATION FROM YOU. I CAN'T HELP BUT SMILE EVERY TIME I SEE ONE OF YOUR ART WORKS. I HOPE THAT LIFE IS TREATING YOU GREATLY BECAUSE YOU DEFINITELY DESERVE IT. MY FRIENDS LOVE YOUR ART ALMOST AS MUCH AS I DO. Heh sorry for my rambling but I just had to say this :D but all of it is completely and truly true :D

ehe thanks hun. hope great stuffs happening to you as well… same for your friends.


This is to the ladies, we guys get flustered too. I mean look at her. You wouldn’t get flustered around Jhene Aiko?