Here’s a little preview of the first part of the long-promised “Honeymoon” side-story for Nerve Endings.  I hope to get it posted in the next couple days, if life doesn’t decide to be a butt (for the record this is about Victor’s first time bottoming):

“The first time you let me take you, it was…well, you remember what it was like,” Victor said.

Yuuri fought a smile.  He wondered if he’d ever be able to think about that day without blushing.


“I know that it will never be quite like that again, but wouldn’t it be fun to save something for our wedding night?  I bet it would feel more intense.”

“Is our sex not intense enough for you now?”

Victor rushed to answer, eyes going wide and frantic.

“Of course it is.  It’s the most—“ Victor began, trailing off when he caught Yuuri’s smirk.  He pouted at him.  “You’re teasing me.”

“Only a little.”

“This is serious,” Victor said, his expression anything but.  “I’m talking about my dowry, here.”

Yuuri snorted.

“Your dowry?

“You know what I mean.  Come on, Yuuri, it’ll be fun to wait.  I’ll be like a blushing virgin by the time we do it.”

Yuuri sucked in a slow breath, shaking his head.   The idea of Victor acting like an innocent, coy maiden seemed laughable, but then Yuuri remembered how he had trembled after the European Championship, how he had been nervous and careful like he’d never been with anyone before.


  • Marco: Hello, my name is Marco and- no that sounds like I'm a salesman.
  • Marco: Hi! I'm Marco! It's nice to meet you- no that sounds so fake and non-flirty
  • Marco: Hey, Do you know who I am? I'm the guy who's name you'll be moaning tonight- NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I CAN'T DO THIS!
  • Ace/Sabo: *Walks towards him*
  • Ace: Hey.
  • Marco shaking: Hello fellow human. I am the life being dubbed as "Marco"
  • Sabo: um see you later then.
  • Ace/Sabo: *Walks away real fast*
  • Marco whispering: I did it.

Its been six months since my durolane knee injection and well i can now say without any hesitation that it worked. Almost like clock work my knee has started to shift, lock and ache again. Worst timing ever to be honest, my gym program is increasing and my nerve pain is on the up due to a decrease in medication.
The simple solution would be to get another injection, but the simple solution cost 600$. 600$ seems like such a small price to pay but 600$ is also a shitload of money.

fun fact about the next avengers film being filmed in edinburgh: they’ve blocked off certain areas which is disrupting one specific postal van’s delivery route which is in turn leading to an awkward stand-off at the police station because Marvel Studios might be a billion dollar company but this man really wants to do his job and apparently interfering with the course of the Royal Mail technically counts as treason so they’re at a stalemate

  • Lily: All men are dogs.
  • Remus: *staring at Sirius* Some more than others.
  • Sirius: Do wolves count as dogs?
  • Peter: I'm not a dog.
  • James: No, I see you more as a rat.
  • Lily: I don't know where this conversation has gone.

all jokes aside though bts worked really hard to get to where they are today they weren’t just some ‘viral sensation’ that gained fame overnight they don’t owe their popularity purely to youtube (or any website for that matter) they worked their asses off day and night and gave up a lot to do so so the fact that that woman had the audacity to say anything of the sort is just plain rude and frankly very disrespectful