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All this Tony hate on my dash is really kinda getting on my nerves.

Let me point it out to you this way: Steve is in Wakanda, trying to figure out what’s going on with Bucky.

Thor and Hulk are tearing shit up in Asgard (probably, we will find out in Ragnarok)

Tony really is the only one getting ready for shit, becausr that’s what he always does. Thanks to his PTSD, he tends to lean more towards the side of paranoia. Of course they are going to focus on him so far, because 1) they just started production. Relax. And 2) He is still the only one running as an Avenger; everyone else is taking care of their own shit.

Tony Stark is just as important as the rest of them, and vice versa. He can’t do it alone, though he’s stubborn and will try. That’s when his friends will come in and sweep in and save his ass. ‘Cause as we saw at the end of Civil War… STEVE IS STILL THERE FOR HIM IF HE NEEDS THE HELP. STEVE SENT A LETTER HIMSELF JUST TO LET TONY KNOW HE IS NOT ALONE.


Countdown to S4
Day 21     Cinematography appreciation   »   The Blind Banker

The observation isn’t completely wrong. Chiding him for is, though.

Before he got his spot in the final Yurio was too busy worrying about it to be able to focus elsewhere, so it’s understandable that he wasn’t concentrating on cheering for Yuri. Last episode (ep08) he only reached the rink as Yuri was finishing his performance, which is something Yuri does himself. So Yurio couldn’t be supportive because he had his own position to think about. Now that he has that out of the way, he can concentrate elsewhere. And by this I don’t mean that before securing his own position he wanted Yuri to fail, only that he didn’t have the mind to actively show Yuri his support.

But JJ is also kinda wrong; before this match Yuri was doing fine. More than fine, even, and his attitude (alongside Victor) seemed one of happy tranquility. To Yurio who was all nerves at that point, it kinda looked like Yuri wasn’t even taking it seriously, and between his attitude and good results…Yurio didn’t see the need to be supportive

We Can Do Better

In light of recent events, I want to talk about how we should treat people online. Not all of you will listen, and I can’t do anything about that. But if this changes one person’s perspective, it is worth posting.

Life is hard. Work is a pain. School is draining. People can get on our nerves. Families bicker. The point is, we all deal with crap. Lots of crap. Sometimes we turn to friends to cheer us up. Sometimes music. If you’re reading this, perhaps your remedy is the internet: Tumblr, YouTube, etc. 

I make videos. I tweet, reblog, instagram, etc. I play games with friends. I watch videos. I read. We all have things we do that we enjoy, and things that we do to relax and get rid of the stresses of life. Some people cosplay, draw, write, and / or paint. Some people play D&D. Some people roleplay, which is NOT the same as impersonation. But we all, at the end of the day, just want to make it to tomorrow by making the best of today. 

We all lose people. Friends come and go, people pass away, hearts are broken. We don’t know what one another is going through at any given time. Sometimes we selfishly think that another person can’t possibly imagine the pain we are suffering. But we all suffer. And we all want to stop suffering. We all want to find that thing that makes us happy. And when we do, sometimes we want to share it with the world. 

It’s scary putting yourself out there. Standing up in front of a crowd hiding behind anonymous masks especially. I pour my heart out and get “Shut up Wade” or “You’ll never be as funny as X-person.” I deal with it. But honestly, I shouldn’t have to. And you all shouldn’t have to deal with hate either. Even when we poke fun in jest we sometimes pick a scab and cause pain. Sometimes jokes do sting a little. It happens. Drawing that line is sometimes hard. Mistakes are made.

But one thing that is never ok, and is nowhere close to that line, is pure hate. Messages like “Go Kill yourself” “Go Die” “You Are the Worst Person Ever” or “Stop trying to be something you’re not, loser” are never ok messages to send. If you joke with me about losing hair, it can be funny. I can laugh. I can also feel a bit of a sting. But I know it’s in good fun. But the pure hate messages are not ok. And I expect better of all of you. 

We are a community that has raised tons of money for charity. We are a community welcoming to all new members from all new backgrounds: young and old, rich and poor, black and white, and everything in between. All sexual orientations are welcome in this fanbase. Anybody who wants a smile is welcome. All I ask, is that you all respect each other and me enough to spread love and not hate. 

Those people who are different from you, you don’t know what they are going through. You don’t know what is happening in their life. If you don’t like that somebody drew fanart, is roleplaying, is different from you in some way, then bite your tongue and deal with it. We don’t have to agree with everyone all the time, but hating them for their differences is wrong. And attacking somebody online is not something I will ever advocate. I urge anyone who sent hate to somebody to go back and apologize. Think about what you are really doing. Are you 25 years old attacking a 10 year old who just lost a parent? Are you 12 attacking a 16 year old who’s heart was just broken? Are you berating somebody whose house just burned down? What good will come from that hate you are spreading? How about showing kindness instead? Try to understand those that are different. 

Life is hard. Life throws punches. We all feel them. We don’t need to throw anymore. Love one another. Embrace one another for what we all have in common. We are all part of the Minion Army here. We are all people who want to laugh. We are all people who feel the daily pains of life. Don’t we suffer enough? 

Please, love each other. Treat each other with kindness. Don’t attack people, regardless of what they are doing. If somebody does something wrong, try to kindly explain why it’s wrong. People steal fanart and repost it, people upload my videos as their own. But telling them to die is still not justified. And if I scold someone for doing something wrong, you don’t need to jump aboard and beat them down further. I do not want this community to attack anybody else. Let’s all learn from our mistakes and try to be a better person than we are today.

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Do you not like hetalia anymore? Just wondering because you said you didn't want to associate your miss America with it 6w9

Oh!! I still like Hetalia, I just really dislike the fandom haha– I’ve become very attached to both Amy and Alice, and I’d hate to see the blog become popular at some point and have someone ruin it you know? Plus I feel like I’ve changed them so much to the point they don’t even seem like the Nyo characters anymore ( 〃..)

I have been drawing Thinh a lot so …official ref plus some lil facts about him

  • Medic
  • Doesn’t have the best bedside manner
  • He helped some members of the blade of marmora while they were prison and played a big part in their escape. He faked his death and joined.
  • His parents are both very loyal of galra empire
  • Actually loves jokes and puns
  • He is the type that will ‘not leave a man behind’
  • Known to help anyone injured
  • Carries tratranquilizer and knows nerve points to subdue an attackers
  • Will mess someone up if he has to
    I would love to have him interact with other ocs  
Stop Assuming Sheith is Problematic

Canon confirmed Shiro is a teen just like Keith.

Canon confirmed Shiro is a teen just like Keith.

Canon confirmed Shiro is a teen just like Keith.

Seriously, there cannot be a discourse over a “fact” that doesn’t actually exist. The assumption that Shiro is somehow 20+ is one that the fandom has convinced itself of - but it’s just that: an assumption. The producers of the show have stated that Shiro is in the same age group as the rest of the team, or a teenager. That means at most he is 19, which is very likely not 5 years older than Keith, where it then would be as problematic as this fandom seems to think.

It’s fine if the ship doesn’t suit your taste, or doesn’t have enough evidence for you, or just isn’t aesthetically appealing. Whatever.

I am not saying that a huge age difference between these characters would not be problematic. It certainly would be. The people that ship Sheith under the impression that there might be such an age difference might be considered problematic, but I don’t ship shame personally.

Regardless, I am saying that that issue does not actually apply to this ship.

Plus, why would the main producer of the show and Shiro’s VA show clear support for a ship if it is presumably a pedo one? Think.

TL;DR? Get your head out of your ass and get your facts together before you attack/throw shade at people and a ship for something that isn’t actually true.

Seriously guys, don’t bandwagon just because a few people are misinformed. Be better. Don’t cause non-existent discourse over something w/o evidence first.

At the very least, keep your discontent out of the tag.

[Edit] For those of us that ship Sheith - hell, even those of you that don’t or prefer Klance - please spread this like wild fire. This information will have to spread if we are going to clear this up. We all have to do our part.

Thank you.
– Aiden

New At This// Yoon Sanha

Originally posted by moonbinny

Pairing: Sanha x Reader

Genre: fluff

Summary:nonymous said:
Hi! I don’t know if this is how you’re supposed to request, but I’m on mobile and everything is weird. my request is sanha/reader where she is the same age as him and they are both in their first relationship together and the members tease them pls ❤

Author’s Note: YAH this is such a cute concept, i really hope i did a good gob! Enjoy!

xoxo Sara

“Sanha, isn’t your girlfriend coming over?” You heard Jinjin ask as you waiting outside of the door.

You and Sanha had asked you to be his girlfriend little over a month ago, and although things shouldn’t be nerve wracking at this point, they really were. Both of you were in your first real relationship with each other and neither of you knew what to do in a relationship. You would hug and whatnot, but when you two were alone, half the time you two would end up sitting next to each other awkwardly, smiling at each other without saying much. But today you were determined to break that cycle and actually do something.

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“I want to be a vet/vet nurse because I love animals but don’t like people! uwu”

Don’t become a vet. Or a vet nurse. In fact, stay away from vets in general unless you’re going there to have your own animal treated. Until you grow up and learn some empathy for the people who own the animals you’re going to be treating, you will not succeed in a veterinary career.

When you work in a vets, you are going to be hated by a good majority of the animals who come into the practise. They do not understand why you’re doing any kind of medical procedure on them, all they remember is the time you pumped them full of drugs and they woke up four hours later in a cage, sans testicles/ovaries. No animal is going to be grateful to you for your veterinary efforts. As far as they’re concerned, you’re the sadist who pokes holes in them and makes them severely uncomfortable for no reason, and that’s it. If you want to become a vet because you like having positive interactions with people’s animals, then you really aren’t looking in the right place.

The owners on the other hand, are the only people who are going to know exactly what you did for their animals. They are the people you will need to reassure when things go wrong, they are the people you need to keep happy if you want to keep being their vet, and they are the people you need to console if their animal needs to be euthanized. Empathy for the owner is just as important as empathy for the animals (and in some cases even more so), and if you’re serious about holding onto your edgy misanthropic phase, then you’re just not cut out for veterinary work.

BIGBANG Reactions To You Meeting Their Parents


T.O.P, being the mama’s boy that he is, probably already told his mom all about you and how wonderful you are. I can imagine him assuming that you and his mom would automatically hit it off and wouldn’t notice your nerves until you point it out to him. After that though, he would definitely tease you about it (like, constantly as in non-stop T.O.P teasing you). He’d purposely tease you in front of his mom just to show you how cool she is. His parents would love you right off the bat, especially his mom since she knows her son is smart enough to find a keeper like yourself.

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I can totally see Taeyang as being just as nervous as you are to meet his parents, but his excitement and happiness leading up to the moment will definitely overpower his nerves. He knows he’s made the right choice by bringing you to meet his parents and reassures you every step of the way because he knows that his family will love you just as much as he does. He’ll be smiling at you every time you talk to his parents, just as a proud boyfriend should.

Originally posted by winnerbangs


G-Dragon is not one to hold back, at least not around the girl of his dreams, and you are just that girl. He’ll be nervous about introducing you to his family and will make sure everything is just perfect when you finally do meet them to not only comfort him, but to make the entire encounter go as smoothly as possible. He will not hesitate to show you off to his parents and may even be giving you looks while your trying to focus on the conversation. He’ll love that you get flustered and that will provide him with ammo he can use against you to tease you later on.

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This little angel would be super excited and happy to be able to show his parents his oh-so-wonderful girlfriend. He already knows that his parents are just as excited to meet you as he is to introduce you two and will do everything he can to reassure you and make you as comfortable as possible. You shouldn’t worry too much though, his parents will love you just by knowing that your their little Daesungie’s love!

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 *sigh* Seungri is a little devil when it comes to you meeting his parents. He would be nervous, but, upon seeing your nerves, would make jokes and be dramatic as hell to make you worry less. Considering he’s the oldest of the kids in his family, he’ll warn them beforehand that the only person allowed to tease you is him. When you actually do meet his parents, get ready for lots of showing off, teasing, and shameless flirting because Seungri absolutely loves you and wants to make sure his parents know how amazing you are. 

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Jace Wayland | Imagine

Content: Jace and reader have been friends for a long time and Jace is worried when the latter disappears for a few weeks. - requested by @jiiiiiill (changed the request a little bit hope you don’t mind)

Warnings: none

It has been a nasty task to fulfill and you hated those missions for the sake of seeking information desperately.

Isabelle and you had been away for almost a week; just a certain amount of people knew about your whereabouts including her brother.

You hated being undercover because you had to just disappear for who knew how long and had to leave your loved ones in the dark. Plus, this ridiculous dress up session and acting got on your nerves. 

In your point of view, getting straight to the point was more effective but whenever you’d say something like that, you’d be scolded by Alec.

“(Y/N). Shadowhunters are no gods - we have rules to stick to.” 

Usually, they signed you up for the more dangerous missions. The interesting ones. Sitting in a rotten hotel and watch a few downworlder’s business was tiring to the bones - and you were very glad it was over now.

Looking forward to get into your room, taking a long hot shower and fall into bed, shutting out everyone who got on your nerves lately.

You’d definetely would ask for another task tomorrow, but for today, they could kiss your sweet-

You stopped in the track after you just switched the lights on, seeing someone in the corner of your eye. 

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What I think of the signs based on people I know.
  • Aries: surprisingly, I don't think your as evil as people say. You're really cool and funny.
  • Taurus: meh, don't see why people think we get along. You kinda bore me.
  • Gemini: I hate some of you two faced bitches but some of you are actually really nice and I enjoy your company.
  • Cancer: how much do I hate you out of ten? Go fuck yourself / 10.
  • Leo: I don't understand why people think you guys annoy me, I actually enjoy your company and you're nice to talk to. You're some of my best friends actually.
  • Virgo: We share the same sign and in all honesty, you annoy this shit out of me. I'm a quiet Virgo but you just keep on running your damn mouth. Remember silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.
  • Libra: You get on my nerves at points but you are family and you apologize when you realize I'm right and you're wrong.
  • Scorpio: You guys are cool but one of You confuse the shit out of me. I love you, I promised you I always would but I am not a second choice bitch. The other one of you is my brother and I love you to death and all but you need to learn to control yourself emotional wise.
  • Sagittarius: You guys are surprisingly quiet. You're both really funny and I think it's cool you two are also brothers.
  • Aquarius: You two are very different. One of you is family and, girl, you need to know when and when not to say shit. the other one is one of my go to people when I got a problem and you are wise asf.
  • Capricorn: People think you're a bitch, but to be honest, you're really freaking cool. You were nice to me when I broke down and you cheered me up when I was upset.
  • Pisces: Oh, my opposite sign. You are so nice to me! You are like a sister to me. You help me and listen to me and you're so prettyyyyyyy. Like please teach me your ways. You've had your ups and downs but you always pull through and I admire you because of your strength. :)<p/></p>

The Where My Heart Is Spread was channeled to help a person see exactly what lies in their heart beyond the fickle, the illusions, and the fears that can sometimes be barrier to love. Maybe it’s about a person you love or crush on, a perspective about a loved one, the success of a project or passion, how an interview will go, even how to overcome a challenge if that helps you keep your nerves together. The basic point of this super-intuitive spread is all in the energy, the patterns, the signs, and what’s calling out to you.

Other spreads.


I made a post about this when it happened (in 2013, wow) and that was my first year of having him as a teacher (2012-2013). I thought I should retell the story since it’s honestly so cute.

It was towards the end of class so we were all crowded at the door waiting for the bell to ring. He sees me and says “S!” I smile. Then this girl has the nerve to point out that I’m blushing.

“Your face is really red,” she said.

Suddenly, K got quiet. He looks at me and says “Oh, her face is red. She’s blushing.” He had a sneaky grin on his face. This other friend that I had was looking at me, smiling and raising her eyebrows because she knew I liked him. I blushed even harder. K noticed and said “THAT is a nice shade of red, S” with the cutest smile ever.

Honestly, this proves that K has known about my crush since the beginning haha. I’m glad he is cool about it.

The shower headcanon that nobody asked for but I sure as heck wanted:

(SFW by the way)

  • Shiro surprisingly takes long, hot showers. He didn’t have that luxury in the prisons and intends to enjoy it to the fullest now that he has it. Previous to his imprisonment, he took military showers.
  • Keith takes stupidly hot showers. Everyone wonders how he still has nerves at this point because no one should be able to stand a shower that hot for even a few seconds. He looks like a drowned rat coming out of the shower until he gets his mullet back into shape.
  • Lance doesn’t take showers so much as he takes soaky baths. He likes to take his time and let the tension drain from his muscles, as well as clean up the gunk on him. Face masks, lotions, loofas and fuzzy bathrobes are an essential part of his shower ensemble.
  • Hunk’s a moderate shower-er in terms of temperature and time. He’s a shower singer though and while he’s not bad, he’s not great either. It’s not something the others want to hear first thing in the morning though. Sorry, Hunk!
  • Pidge alternate between showers and baths, depending on what she wants. Her showers/baths tend to be on the longer side, much to the ire of those waiting to get in after her. She likes relaxing and taking her time; she gets her best ideas in the shower/bath.
  • Allura’s showers take longer simply because there is SO MUCH HAIR to take care of. She burns through conditioner (or the Altean equivalent) like no one’s business and if she forgets to clean the drain after her shower’s done, it can clog it up and cause issues for anyone after her. Coran has been called in several times to deal with this, unfortunately.
  • Coran likes hot but short showers. There are things to do and business to take care of; it’s best he get through his showers as quickly as possible. The thing he spends the most time on is his mustache. It’s ridiculous how much time and product he spends on it.

Bonus Zarkon, because I can and I don’t have any headcanons for the guy yet!

  • Zarkon likes long hot showers as well. He may be an evil warlord but he’s got an image to maintain and he’s gonna be the best looking evil warlord in the universe. No one is allowed to mention or comment on it, but Haggar does when he takes too long for her liking.

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Hello Doc ☺ *nervously looks around* I heard you're good about understanding the voices? *I bite lip with nerves and point to head, while not able to make eye contact*

*gives you a friendly smile* I do what I can. Could you give me a few details?