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I just wanna say that I found Nerve Endings because of this blog and its my favourite fic ever so thank you. Also Masquerade and umfbmha YOU JUST PUT PEOPLE IN TOUCH WITH REALLY GREAT WRITING THANK :)))

No problem!! I’m so glad you found a great fic!!

Throw a book at my head? We'll see who has the last laugh.

So this happens back in freshman year of high school for me, about twenty years ago. Little bit of a back story, I was born with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumor growth on nerve endings and a large list of other problems like early onset puberty, blindness, epilepsy, death ect.

I had this teacher who if you called her an ancient old hag you’d be being polite. For whatever reason she had it out for me I can only pin it down to her being a bully. Now I had been sick because of my medical condition and had action plans with the school as to not fall behind, the teacher knew of my condition because of this.

So one day I come into the classroom and there’s a depiction of me on the whiteboard with the words “tumor boy” above it….the teacher just shrugged and laughed, she had disclosed my medical condition to the entire class. I tell the principal, nothing. The guidance counselor nothing, my parents? Nothing. Nobody believes me. It’s my word against hers, so for now I let it go. I’m very patient so I know I’ll get another opportunity.

Another incident, she hits my hand with a ruler when I ask her to stop taunting me in front of the other students my medical condition is nobody’s business but my own. She tells the class I have brain tumors which is why my head is so large. She also points out that I have the in my feet again disclosing private medical information just to be a vile person. I again go through everyone, again nobody believes me.

So then I get a mild case of the flu, and miss about a week of school so I ask if I can bring a recorder to school to tape lessons to catch up it’s immediately put in my file for whatever reason she missed this meeting, still it’s in my file so she should know about the agreement. So now I know if she acts like a rancid bitch again her ass is mine, all I need is bait which pretty much just takes me showing up.

The very next day at school I’m sitting in class with the recorder taping in my bag, and she starts with her daily routine of asking someone to draw a picture of “me and all my tumors” on the white board, I again ask her to stop and this is where the book is thrown at my head with a loud thud followed by a profanity filled tirade about how terrible of a child I am.

It’s at this point I stop the recorder, and tell her exactly what I think of her and am then physically removed from the class and taken to the principals office, and I’m expelled.

Once I got home is when I showed my parents the tape, within twenty minutes we are back at the school playing it for the principal and vice principal threatening legal action. Needless to say my expulsion is lifted and she is fired on the spot just before retirement, losing her retirement money.

She even called me after and asked “why are you doing this”? I simply told her she did it to herself and hung up.

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Are groin attacks on men actually the automatic off-switch we see in movies?


They aren’t universal, and you can, in fact, groin strike a woman to similar effect. What a groin strike is actually targeting is the nerve endings in that region of the body, the very same nerve endings that cause humans to experience sexual pleasure. It hurts a whole hell of a lot, it makes you sick to your stomach, and you bowl over to protect yourself. Nailing a woman with a groin strike is more difficult than a man because the area is smaller and it’s more difficult to hit. It can happen though, it’s happened to me in training with a partner.

Anyone with a strong pain tolerance is going to be resistant to groin strikes, just like with anything else. Some people are more sensitive than others. Other people will recover quicker than others. The rarest find won’t feel it at all, and they’re out there.

And, of course, if you’re opponent is wearing a cup then the groin strike goes right out. That’s why you wear cups when you’re sparring, so it doesn’t hurt when you get hit in the groin. So, if they’re armored, you’re out of luck.

It’s a pretty good stunner if you can land it and they’re not prepared for it, but it’s not a finishing move. When you see groin strikes in martial arts or just as self-defense, they’re part of what we call “combinations” which is a series of strikes performed one after the other. You use the groin strike to stun your attacker, and then follow up while they’re distracted by pain.

So, say you want to use a knee strike to the groin. You’ll grab them and strike the groin, then you grab their head and slam it into your knee again. You may hit them several more times after that if they don’t go down, but the groin strike is the opener or secondary to more effective moves that would be difficult to pull off if they weren’t distracted by pain or were… you know, upright.

The general populace often has a hard time grasping the concept of techniques feeding into each other. “I do this, so I can get over there, to do that”.

Groin strikes are conventional wisdom. Enough people have hit boys in the groin and see them bowl over to know that it’s somewhat effective, and enough boys have been hit in the groin to know it hurts.

You know what else hurts?

Your shin.

Getting hit in the shin hurts a whole hell of a lot too. It’s actually easier hit as it’s a much larger target and you don’t need to be nearly as close.

Anywhere on your body where the bone is near to the surface/isn’t protected by muscle, is direct access to your nervous system and works about as well as a groin shot. So, kick ‘em in the shin. Boxing the ears is another good one, you rattle the inner ear and cause them to lose their sense of equilibrium which makes them dizzy and they… stumble. Hit them in the nose. Their eyes will water, their nose will swell, both of which impact their ability to see.

You can, in fact, chain these together too.

Kick them in the shin. Box their ears. As their head comes forward, hit them in the nose or punch them in the throat. Then, if they’re still coming toward you or you’ve grabbed them by the shoulder or the head, knee them in the groin.

There aren’t a lot of one hit wonders when it comes to fighting, and if you did get one then you’re damn lucky. There is no 100%, no sure shot, no total shut down, no universal technique that will give you perfect accuracy on every human you will ever meet.

The problem with groin strikes in movies is that they’re actually a joke about manhood and dominance. Sometimes, it’s used intentionally and, sometimes, it’s not, but it doesn’t go much further than, “ha, ha, she hit him in the peen” and he goes down because the big, tough guy was really weak after all. It’s become that “Tough Girl Move” and is supposed to convey she’s tough, and brave, and everything that comes with a poorly thought out action girl.

In the movies, the groin shot is about dominance and asserting superiority. Whether it’s a woman doing it to a man, or a man doing it to another man (but it’s usually a woman), that’s what it’s normally about. It’s just a co-opting of the Alpha Male Bullshit Package for an Empowering Moment. It’s telling that these moments revolve entirely around the physical embodiment of manhood, because it’s often treated as the only weakness a man possesses. Given the groin shot is often paired with the threat of sexual assault, you can see all threads weaving themselves together for the underlying themes. The man is brought down by his *ahem* desires, the woman flees, and the scene is still all about sex.

So, you know, fun.


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These scars are my documentation of the mistakes I’ve made in trying to overcome them. I am both the things I’ve done to myself and the things done to me. Along these nerve endings, you will find a history of me.
—  Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

Calming down from a Rage Train (my wireless utility went bonkers on me and I was in no mood for it) but now that I fixed it, I can show you I am still somehow getting something done, and it’s actually looking good!

I need better ways of managing stress: my threshold is stupidly low and I have precious little time. It’s an early to bed night. :(

The worst thing about these naruhina fillers are that every character, so like Kakashi, Sakura, shikamaru, ino etc are going to act like naruto and hinata are so meant to be!!! so excited for their wedding!!!! and it will feel forced

and the fact that they had no development in the show/manga makes that so awkward, uncomfortable and it feels so forced because fuCK they have NO development!!! Nothing makes sense!!!

|| The only thing you ever had to do || A Zimbits ficlet || Inspired By ||

Jack comes home late. He knows it’s late. The sun dropped far too long ago and the headlights of his car stretched on and on down the empty streets on his way home. He’s bone weary, and his eyelids are so heavy he’s got them shut in long blinks almost as much as they’re actually open.

The key in the lock sounds loud in the stillness and it grates on his nerves, frayed to the end after days and days and weeks and weeks of grueling practices, and team meetings, and not nearly enough time home.

The kitchen light is on when Jack steps into the hallway and Jack has one thrilling moment of hopeful giddiness before he takes another step and sees it’s empty. No Bitty.

Jack sighs out and heads to the kitchen anyway. There’s a new post-it on the fridge. Dinner in the fridge, honey. A little drawing of a quiche. Jack touches the note but he doesn’t smile. As much as he loves them, the fridge has been cluttered with far too many of late, and that’s on him.

His job, his choices. Jack is the one missing his life with Bitty. Missing Bitty. They live together and he goddamn misses his boyfriend.

It’s not enough to sleep curled around him and share a quite conversation in the morning when they wake up together, Jack for his run and Bitty to the bakery. A kiss or two and maybe another conversation in the kitchen over breakfast after Jack’s run if it’s Bitty’s day off.

Jack feels that him and Bitty are living in an in-between state, a state nothing more than existence, where they aren’t getting any further in their relationship.

He wants things to change but he can’t find the time. There is no time.

He doesn’t eat the dinner. He stayed out late enough he had to get something himself before his stomach ate itself after such a tiring day. He drinks three full glasses of water to try and stave off the persistent urge to cry, that ball of feeling in his throat.

He’s scared tonight. To go into their bedroom, and see Bitty, laying there, arm curled to Jack’s side of the bed, facing the door. Will he wake up when Jack starts moving around the room? He does sometimes, and Jack gets to kiss him for a bit and rub big circles on his back until they both succumb to sleep. Jack sometimes fears that Bitty doesn’t remember those moments. Woken from a dream to slip back into one minutes later. Maybe he confuses the middle bit of awakeness for another dream. Jack hopes Bitty’s dreams are as sweet as those moments. He hopes dream Jack tells him he loves him just as much.

He hopes dream Jack treats Bitty better. That they spend entire days with each other, doing nothing, doing everything.

Jack hasn’t even taken his bag off yet. The weight of it is apt at the moment.

“Sweetheart? Is everything all right?”

Jack startles at Bitty’s soft voice. He brings a hand up to his face to check. Oh. He doesn’t turn around.

“Jack?” Bitty’s footsteps tread closer to Jack across the tiles. He halts close enough that Jack can feel his bed-warmed heat stretching out across his back.

Jack doesn’t want to turn around. He doesn’t want to speak. He wants Bitty to go back to bed and not see him like this.

Bitty knows him well though, because really, Jack is craving something different.

Bitty pulls the strap of his bag off slowly and it thunks down on the ground. Jack’s hands are shaking. Bitty steps up behind Jack and presses them flush together, Bitty’s front along Jack’s back. He reaches his hands to Jack’s and threads their fingers together. Jack whimpers. Bitty shushes him gently, then moves their entwined hands around so they’re crossing over Jack’s belly.

Jack drops his head.

Bitty holds him for endless moments and Jack breathes in like he can subsume Bitty’s warmth and kindness and courage.

Bitty waits for Jack to be ready, like always.

Jack runs the words over so many times in his head, that when he actually speaks them, there was no conscious thought to do so.

“Do I make you happy, Bits?”

Bitty continues to rub little circles onto the back of Jack’s hands, at the base of his thumb, stroke up and down his pointer fingers, tell him he’s there with the simplest of gestures.

Jack and Bitty used to have a lot of these moments, early in their relationship. The quiet seriousness of a conversation in the dark. A space where nothing was off limits and judgement wasn’t conceptualised and trust was implicit.

Bitty moves his hands, unlocks them from Jack’s, and turns him around.

Jack’s hands fall loosely to Bitty’s hips, and Bitty holds onto his biceps.

Bitty looks up at him, Jack can feel it even though he’s looking over Bitty’s shoulder. Bitty waits for him again, for Jack to decide it’s okay, he’s okay. He looks into Bitty’s face.

Bitty reaches up and wipes off wetness from Jack’s cheeks.

“Jack. The only thing you ever had to do to make me happy was come home at the end of the day.”

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Do you suppose that a person who's spent about 2.5 years training themselves to withstand/ignore pain by say experiencing 4th degree burns over his entire body, would be able to throw one punch before collapsing after being stabbed in the lung?

Okay, so, two problems up front. The first being that: Fourth degree burns aren’t painful. There may be some exceptions, but the nerve endings are cooked, so nothing remains to transmit to the brain that this should hurt, or even that the injury is occurring. The second is that: Fourth degree burns don’t heal. As I mentioned a second ago, fourth degree burns are where the tissue has been cooked, the meat itself is dead at this point.

Without immediate and extensive medical treatment, fourth degree burns are life threatening injuries. These are where the burn gets into the deep tissue, destroying muscles, ligaments, tendons, and any nerves unfortunate enough to be affected. Usually, fourth degree burns penetrate to the bone, so if it’s a limb, that’s not coming back.

Also, note the word I used above, “cooked.” That’s a pretty good description of the kind of damage we’re talking about here. It’s not something your character can walk away from.

Second, following up on what I said the other day about injuries, pain, and adrenaline. If you missed it, the very short version is that adrenaline actually impairs your ability to feel pain (to a degree), so if you’re in combat and take a bullet, or get stabbed.

To an extent, none of this matters, a character can keep fighting with a collapsed lung, but their ability to breathe will be impaired. Lungs function operate based on controlled air pressure, so when they’re punctured, they tend to deflate, halving the victim’s ability to breathe. They’d suffer everything that comes along with hypoxia: Shortness of breath, lightheaded, easily fatigued, and confusion, (I assume the confusion would take a few minutes, but I’m not 100% certain). A collapsed lung can also cause the victim to go into shock.

There is a point to teaching people to manage pain, and the methods for that, ranging from extremely intensive exercise to some varieties of very controlled physical abuse, but setting someone on fire does not qualify as either, and fourth degree burns are something that will halt your character’s training, it won’t toughen them up, but will turn them into a slab of meat, cooked well done.

The issue is, a lot of writers take the idea of things like extreme training, and push it way past any reasonable stopping point. Fourth degree burns is up there with shooting a character to teach them to control pain. Unless they have superpowers, it will transition from the kinds of pain someone can learn from and into actually killing the student. A character might get to the point where they’re being struck with a staff and taking the blows without injury through proper muscle control, but you’re not going to run them through with a sword, or set them on fire. That doesn’t teach anything, and will seriously injure the student.

Following on that, the purpose of striking a student is to teach them to take blows without being injured. They’re learning to tense the muscles so the impact doesn’t cause harm.

Exercise is where you learn to tune out pain. Someone used to sprinting on wet sand will be far better suited to powering through pain than someone who was repeatedly set on fire by a sadistic instructor. Also, I called this extreme exercise earlier, but this stuff is still pretty tame. It will include things like asking the students to exercise in unpleasant circumstances, not ones that pose an actual treat to them.

So, in short, yes, they can keep fighting, though it’s not going to be as simple as they fall over, they’ll slow down, start losing track of what’s going on, probably get far more seriously injured because they’re still trying to participate against unimpaired foes, and then collapse.


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Permanent Ink

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Soulmate AU; Sixth Year Hogwarts

1,420 words

Draco is sixteen when it happens.

The inescapable, the invariable, the inevitable.

A strange, searing, effervescent kind of pain spikes through the tangled nerve ending of his wrist halfway through a potions lesson. Ink bleeding through veins into skin.

And he knows, is the thing. Understands that he’s been given a clue to decipher and a puzzle to solve and a loose-threaded soul that will somehow match the stitches in his chest.

He spares a glance across the room. At the girl seated beside the pearlescent, seething cauldrons of Amortentia that he had failed to smell any scent from just a month earlier. Before a mark, a soulmate blossomed across his wrist and -

Her fingers are knotted together as she stares up at Snape. He can see the shadow of her profile - all parted lips and sloping cheeks, a sharp nose and delicate eyebrows - thrown against the floor in a swath of dust cluttered sunlight.

He allows himself a scrape of hope that its her, spelled out across his skin. That he’ll have an irrefutable, undeniable excuse as to any he wants her so desperately.

After all, the magic never lies.

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Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic
Thirty stories about sex, sexuality, and relationships, by authors connected to transgender community.

I wrote a story in this, so I’m partial to it, of course.  Beyond that, though, it’s good to support erotica about trans people that’s actually written by trans and nonbinary people.  We’re so often fetishized and degraded by art created by people who don’t have any idea what it’s like to be trans, whose understanding of our lives ranges from well meaning but harmful to outrageously offensive and incredibly dangerous.  

If you have money to help, or are just able to broadcast this to a lot of people, please do.  I’d really appreciate it.