Please send me a ship and I will tell you


who is the cuddler: I have to give this one to Murasakibara. Even though Himuro would be considered a romantic lover, Murasakibara just can’t help but squeeze Himuro’s smaller to his own and be the bigger spoon.

who makes the bed: This is without a doubt all of Himuro’s daily task. We all know how lazy Murasakibara can be so it shouldn’t be a surprise if this is just one of many things that Himuro has to do if the two are together

who wakes up first: Himuro all the way. Someone has to awaken the purple titan or nothing can be done for that day

who has the weird taste in music: For the portion of his childhood, Himuro grew up in America. He has to have caught on to some different types of genres during his time there and who knows, he might make Murasakibara listen to some stuff he found interesting from back home

who is more protective: This is a 50/50 bet. While Himuro knows how to street fight and stand on his own (don’t let what we saw from season 3 fool you, he didn’t want to get into unnecessary trouble) Murasakibara could just glare and it’s already over. God forbid if he has to get physical with someone

who sings in the shower: Himuro. I mean he sang openings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. He’s got good vocal range

who cries during movies: Neither in all honestly. I see it more where both will either crack a joke here or there, or Murasakibara is falling asleep most of the time

who spends the most while out shopping: Murasakibara ‘nuff said. Look at the amount of snacks he eats. You mean to tell me he doesn’t go over their budget every month just to get his Nerunerunerune candy?

who kisses more roughly: Murasakibara. I mean he has to constantly deal with people giving Himuro love letters or actually coming up to face to flirt with him despite Murasakibara’s presence. Boy must have some sexual frustration after that

who is more dominate: Let us pray for Himuro. While it is good, he may not be able to walk properly for a few days

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8.5 They may have some stuff to work out with each other considering their flaws, but knowing that the only other person that Murasakibara can tolerate and even like is no other than Himuro, so it’s all good


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Gom, Kagami, Kasamatsu and Hanamiya playing wrestling with their s/o

Kuroko: You had him pinned in under a minute, your hands firmly holding his wrists above his head and a smug grin settled onto your face. Kuroko blinked owlishly at you, shifting a bit uncomfortably as his back pressed against the hard floor. “That was too easy, Tetsuya,” you sang, letting your grip loosen as you sat up to straddle him comfortably. Free from your grasp, Kuroko rubbed his wrists to get the feeling back in them before placing them gently on your hips. “What did you expect, ____?”

Kagami: He refused at first, thinking that his massive stature in comparison to yours would end up hurting you, but when you tackled him to his bed, Kagami had no other choice but to fight back. Caging you in his arms, he tried to roll over to be above you, but had overshot his momentum. In the end, he only succeeded in rolling the two of you off the bed, him landing harshly on his back. With short, snorting laughter, you made sure he was okay before continuing your wrestling match.

Kise: Technically, he’d been the one to start the playful wrestling match when he tackled you in a hug. It consisted of the two of you rolling over each other across the floor, Kise being careful not to bump you into any furniture. When you both got tired, it ended with Kise being on top, his legs and arms on either side of you as he held himself up to keep his weight off you. Panting a bit, he leaned down to give you a quick kiss. “Don’t think it’s over yet, ____cchi,” he says right before tickling you.

Kasamatsu: With one hand holding your flailing arm and the other trying to stop you from grabbing at his sides, Kasamatsu was starting to be flustered. “O-Oi, stop that! Let me finish my homework!” Eventually, your determination paid off and you were able to slip past his guard, tackling him into his desk chair and knocking the two of you over. With your face so close to his now, you could feel the heat coming from his cheeks. Whether it was from embarrassment or anger, you’d never know.

Aomine: He would tell you from the very beginning that he didn’t want to wrestle, but you persisted anyway. It came to the point where you’d poke and tackle him even in the hallways at school, just to get a reaction. One day, when the two of you were at his house, you happened to tackle him to the floor. Not expecting a reaction, you were surprised when he suddenly flipped over to pin you down. “I like this position a lot better,” Aomine grinned, giving you a predatory stare.

Midorima: You’d interrupted his study session by abruptly closing his textbook and jumping on his back. Surprised, Midorima quickly stood from his seat, accidently knocking you off of him. With red cheeks, he’d chastise you for roughly interrupting him, but would stop upon seeing you on the floor, face downcast. Cautiously, he’d crouch down to your level and ask if you were okay, only to be tackled to the floor. He could practically feel the steam escaping his ears as his blush intensified.

Murasakibara: Wrestling with Murasakibara was less like wrestling and more like trying to move a mountain. No matter how hard you pushed or pulled, no matter what you said or did to try make him squirm, the purple haired giant just would not participate. Eventually, you simply sat on his lap, declaring yourself the permanent winner. As a prize, you went to grab for one of his nerunerunerune packages, only to be stopped by a defiant hand. You grinned; maybe now he’d play along.

Akashi: Not once during your wrestling match could you pin him for more than a seconds, the male instantly flipping you over the moment you had the advantage. It seemed to come with ease for him, despite his plush mattress that the two of you seemed to be sinking into. After a few minutes of struggling to overcome him, you’d give up. Noticing your acceptance of defeat, Akashi would let go of your hands in favor of caressing the side of your face, giving you a loving smile.

Hanamiya: He snorted at your request to wrestle with him, saying you’d regret it. When you denied it, Hanamiya wasted no time to sweep your feet out from under you, though he was sure to catch your head. He grinned, noticing the shock and slight fear in your eyes. With your head only a couple inches from the floor, he dropped you before pinning you down with his arms and knees. “Let me ask again,” he would drawl. “Are you really sure you want to wrestle with me?”

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Um if you're still accepting requests to write in Further Stories in Designation: Miracle (Volume Two), can I ask for the miracles discovering their favourite food/s and their reactions to it? And how the miracle's boyfriends find out? (If you want of course)

Black first discovers the vanilla milkshake while he’s on a mission for Teiko.

He did a lot of things while he was Out—things that the others don’t know about, things that he would be punished severely for if anyone found out. But the nice thing about his Latent Overflow was that as long as he wasn’t doing anything that drew too much attention, no one would notice, even if he wasn’t using his powers. He could quietly read a book in the off-hours of a mission with everyone else none the wiser.

The vanilla milkshake was perfect because it didn’t draw attention. (Only later, he will hear the association of “vanilla” with “boring” and he’ll think, ah, that’s why it was so perfect.) He found that he could drink one and no one would see and he liked it a lot. It was sweet. Nothing was ever sweet in Teiko.

And even though he shouldn’t risk punishment for such a small thing, he still risked anyway.

(Kuroko can eat anything now, without fear of drawing attention to himself. But he still prefers vanilla, because of what he risked).


Unbeknownst to everyone, Green also tries canned red bean soup first when he was on a mission.

It was the single most reckless, disobedient thing he ever did. To this day, he is still slightly appalled at his own rebellion. But he’d been so curious by the machine, and he’d found the money by chance, so he couldn’t resist pushing the button to see what would happen.

It was a warm day when he tried it, and it was warm in his throat. He drank it quickly so no one would see him, and he never attempted such a thing ever again.

(But it was one of the first things he wanted to eat, once they were free. Midorima never explains why to anyone).


Purple discovers candy almost immediately after being brought in by the JSDF.

There was still a lot of panic and confusion going around—none of the soldiers quite seemed to know what to do with the children they had found, and all of them seemed a little wary around Purple. This wasn’t anything Purple felt like he needed to be concerned about—now that no one was shooting at him he didn’t really care what was happening. Red would handle everything.

“I’m hungry,” he announced, because he was usually always hungry. It was a bit surprising when one of the soldiers handed him a nerunerunerune candy, only because he wasn’t used to anyone listening to him when he had that complaint.

“Hey,” he said, surprised by the taste. He was surprised by everything about it: how colorful it was, how complicated it was, how it didn’t even look like something you could eat but he put it in his mouth anyway. He almost spat it out, thinking it couldn’t possibly be food, but it wasn’t unpleasant so he didn’t. “What is this?”

“Candy?” the soldier said.

“So not food?”

“No, it’s food. I mean, you eat it.”

“But it doesn’t taste like food. It tastes good.”

“Food Outside has flavor, Purple,” Black said quietly at his side. The soldiers hadn’t quite noticed Black yet, and probably didn’t hear him, but Purple leaned in to listen. “It’s not supposed to be bland. It comes in a lot of different flavors.”

“Huh,” Purple said, thinking this over. “Then I want to try everything.”

(Murasakibara doesn’t have a favorite flavor, not really. Anything new is good. But that first time changed everything and candy will always stand out.)


Pink enjoys cherries because of the memory, and also because of her skill.

Sakurai Michiru found her one day, off to the side and trying to hide her resentment and her pouting. “They’re not teaching you how to play basketball?!” the woman exclaimed once she heard about the problem. “Those sexist fuckers, I’m going to pound some sense into them—”

“That’s not it,” Pink said quickly, “They explained the rules, but everyone had to go easy on me because I’m not as strong as them. They didn’t say that, but I could tell. The boys weren’t going to have fun if I kept playing, so…” She didn’t know how to explain that she didn’t want to compete in a realm where she didn’t have a chance, so she didn’t finish her thought.

Michiru must have figured it out anyway. She disappeared and came back with a big bowl of cherries. She sat down next to Pink and plopped the bowl down between them and said, “OK, kiddo, I’m going to teach you an important life skill right now. Something that will be incredibly useful to you later on in life, and it will also make everyone wild with jealousy because not a lot of people can master it.”

“Really?” Pink asked. “That’s probably not true. Besides computers, there’s not much I can do that the boys can’t.”

“Oh ho, that’s the beauty of this trick, even if the boys could learn it, it’s nowhere near as effective unless it’s done by a pretty girl.”

“That sounds amazing! What it is?”

(Momoi likes the memory of the afternoon they spent working their way through the bowl more than anything else.

But, she has to admit, being able to tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue does happen to be a skill she’s quite proud to show off. It’s definitely one of the most useful things she’s ever learned.)


Blue likes teriyaki hamburger because he genuinely likes the taste best.

Imayoshi Sayuri more or less forcibly dragged him to a restaurant near base (one of her attempts to normalize him to society) and said he should find something he liked.

“Then I’m going to order everything on the menu,” he snarled.

“Fine,” she said, calling his bluff.

Convinced she was bluffing, he actually went ahead and ordered everything. When she didn’t stop him he demanded, “How exactly are you paying for all this, hag?”

“I’m not, Sergeant Kasamatsu is. I took one of his credit cards.”

“He’s OK with that?”

“That guy always seems to have money, so it’s fine. I think he has a sugar daddy or something.”

Blue didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded appealing at the time.

He made a point of taking at least one bite out of everything that came. And the teriyaki burger was the best.

(Aomine still likes it best, but mostly he just remembers that day as being fun. Sometimes he still wants to go into a restaurant and order everything on the menu. He knows what a sugar daddy is now, though, and it’s no longer appealing, but he does hope that one day Momoi gets really rich.)


In a strange twist, Yellow likes onion gratin soup because Kasamatsu Yukio does not.

Youji took them both out, on the grounds of “it’s not good to eat nothing but cafeteria food all the time” and Kise picked the restaurant.

It only becomes clear later that Kasamatsu didn’t really like Western food all that much. He had apparently picked the onion gratin as the most innocuous option, but he took one bite and frowned around his food.

“You don’t like it?” Kise asked.

Kasamatsu popped the spoon out. “I’ll eat it. I hate wasting food.” He took another bite and grimaced.

“I’ll eat it,” Kise said, taking Kasamatsu’s spoon right from his hand, and using it to try Kasamatsu’s food.

“You had your own spo—oh, never mind,” Youji said.

“I like it!” Kise said, his eyes never leaving Kasamatsu.

“Oh, good. Thanks,” Kasamatsu said, staring back. They’re sitting so close to one another, Kise leaning in, one hand just casually, carefully, touching Kasamatsu’s arm, Kasamatsu’s spoon still in Kise’s mouth, and Kise thought it was a little bit like kissing, the way they were looking at each other.

“I’m still here,” Youji said.

“What?” Kasamatsu said, breaking away from Kise.

“Nevermind,” Youji said, rolling his eyes.

(It’s still Kise’s favorite, and it’s funny to him because of how much Kasamatsu doesn’t like the dish. But it still tastes a little bit like a kiss to him.)


“I’m sorry it’s so plain,” Furihata says quickly. “It’s the only thing I know how to cook. I know you’re probably used to fancier things—”

“Not at all, Furi. Tofu soup is actually my favorite food,” Akashi reassures.

“Really?” Furihata says, brightening.

“Yes,” Akashi says, taking a pleased sip. Red had never seen the point of a favorite food. So Akashi can say with perfect honesty that tofu soup is his favorite, because he knows it will be, from now on.

A/N: Thank you for the prompt, anon-friend! I am sorry I could only do the first part of it. Otherwise it would have been a little too impossibly long. But I had a lot of fun so I hope you enjoy! =D

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You first hear about Murasakibara through his game as the school’s ace player on the basketball team, but it’s the rumours that he always carried snacks on him that ultimately piped your interest. The first time you ever approach him, it’s because he’s just pulled out a packet of sweets and you couldn’t just stand back and not offer to share your pocky with him in exchange for a share of his Nerunerunerune candy. 

It soon becomes a regular thing - you wait for him until his basketball practise finishes in the evenings with snacks to share, and in return he pats you on the top of your head and walks you home out of gratitude. 

Two weeks later, Murasakibara has Himuro deliver a note to you after practice that says ‘dinner tonight - not snacks’. Unfortunately, he’s never really been great at expressing himself with words, and you accidentally mistake his offer of a date for an apology, along with the reason as to why he couldn’t spend time with you this evening. 

When Himuro explains what Murasakibara really meant in his note, you rush back in search of him, and find him still in the locker room, sitting slumped over on a bench with a lollipop in his mouth. 

“You’re so bad with words, Atsushi-kun.”

“____-chin…” He doesn’t look you in the eye. He looks nervous

“Okay, so where are you taking me to dinner tonight?” You ask with a grin, “Since we’re not allowed to eat snacks.”

The lollipop almost drops out from his mouth, and he pulls it out himself before throwing aside the stick. “I didn’t mean…” He breaks off, before trying again. “…I was only joking,” He mumbles, “I’ll take you wherever you want…”

“Okay.” Making your way over to him, you bravely move in between his open knees, reaching out to brace your hands on his shoulders and he instinctively drops his palms to place them on your hips.

“Ne, ____-chin…?” He asks, before he’s pulling you into his lap and kissing you - a shockingly fierce, brutal kind of kiss, considering how shy and nervous he has seemed up to this point. You find yourself wrapping your arms around his neck without really thinking about it, whimpering in an embarrassingly yearning way when Murasakibara slides his hand up, grabbing you by the waist to yank you closer against him. 

He’s breathing heavily, almost panting, when he pulls away. “…go on a date with me?”

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you mean now? Then may I ask gom + imayoshi as teacher? Thanks!


  • That one teacher who gives a shit ton of homework; no joke. You think it’s winter break? HA! Guess again. Here have all these readings and essays.
  • Although he comes off as very intimidating, he’s actually very helpful when it comes to office hours. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask him because he’d definitely explain it in the best way possible. However, it’s also been said that you shouldn’t ask him stupid questions because… well…
  • Jobs: Chemistry teacher & vice principal


  • That one teacher who’s thirty minutes late to class; He spends way too much time napping on the roof and getting yelled at by everyone else, but he really doesn’t care.
  • When it comes to teaching itself, most of the girls would be busy whispering about how hot he is, pissing off the others in the class. He’d be a pretty bad teacher because he doesn’t explain things very well. Exhibit A: Teaching Kuroko how to shoot. But he’s quite knowledgeable about other life subjects.
  • Job: Japanese history teacher & basketball team assisting coach


  • That one teacher who intimidates everyone without saying a single thing; You’d know it’s Imayoshi’s class if it were quiet. He’d enter and say nothing until the class quiets down.
  • Imayoshi’s a relatively well respected teacher and, despite his scary appearance, he actually gathered quite a fan base both with guys who admire his manliness (his past juniors would laugh at this) and girls who think he’s hot and dangerous. But, if you try confessing to him, expect an extremely vague reply because he absolutely loves making them confused.
  • Jobs: Mathematics coach & basketball team coach


  • That one teacher who’s greeted by screams whenever he enters the classroom; He absolutely enjoys it and basks in the glory and fame of it all.
  • With all the students throwing gifts and confession letters at him, it wouldn’t be surprising that rumors would soon arise amongst the students and teachers. However, Kise pays that no mind and instead focuses on his classes (and also giving people tips on how to woo their partners).
  • Jobs: Teaches English & love (not even kidding), but also home economics (only for fashion, not cooking)


  • That one teacher who nobody notices but is the nicest; He’s the teacher who everyone says hello to when they pass by him in the halls.
  • Because of his height an friendly nature, students feel so comfortable around him. It’s no surprise when even the shyer students warm up to him almost instantly, only to be scared away again whenever they see Aomine around him.
  • Jobs: Literature teacher & guidance counselor


  • That one teacher who everyone stares at oddly; It wasn’t only his height that drew attention, but it was also the weird items he brought in everyday.
  • “M-Midorima-sensei, will you accept these chocolates as a token of appreciation?” This happened every Valentine’s Day and Midorima had grown tired of it. He gets chocolates from his students too often as a ‘thanks’ but he didn’t believe in receiving gifts from students as it would be inappropriate. In the end, they’d end up crying because they were being genuinely nice. “W-Wait, I’m sorry. I’m sorry! You can give it to Murasakibara instead!”
  • Jobs: Biology and music teacher


  • That one teacher who is never there during office hours; No matter what time you come to find him, you’ll never find him in the office. Instead, try the cafeteria, the vending machines, or the mini mart across the street.
  • As obsessed as he is with food, he can’t be bribed too easily. Many students have tried and failed. Not too many though since most are scared of his height and the fact that he glared at anyone who even glanced at his food. “You think you can get on my good side just by giving me—“ “It’s a special edition Nerunerunerune candy.” “I’ll give you a 1% raise, no more than that.”
  • Jobs: Physics teacher & health committee supervisor (ha ha)

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Imagine a set of minigames... Rikkai VS Teikou. A battle against two victory-crazed school. Yukimura vs Akashi, Sanada vs Nijimura, Yanagi vs Momoi, Niou vs Haizaki, Yagyuu vs Midorima, Akaya vs Aomine, and either Marui or Jackal against Murasakibara. The games are up to you! :D


1. Yukimura vs. Akashi 

Akashi: You dare go against me? I admire your audacity but I gotta warn you tho, nothing gets past these eyes.
Yukimura: Chill dude, I’m not called the Child of God for nothing. Your eyes are not a threat to me. 
Akashi: Oh? Then shall we test it out?
Yukimura: Hell yes. I’m going to coach a newbie tennis team and you’re gonna coach a newbie basketball team. First one to bring his team to the nationals wins. What do you say?
Akashi: My thoughts exactly.
Referee: Is that seriously your idea of a mini-game? That’s like a koshien-level kind of thing!
Yukimura: We’re too good for anything but the nationals.
Akashi: It’s either the nationals or we die.

2. Sanada vs. Nijimura

Sanada: I am the emperor. My words are absolute. Everything submits to my will. Everything trembles at the mention of my name. 
Nijimura: LOL Funny story dude but you know there’s this violent and ruthless underclassman of mine who once faked his illness just to skip practice. And well, I guess I don’t have to tell you what happened next.
Sanada: Are you challenging my authority ?
Nijimura: If the shoe fits, then wear it.
Sanada: Interesting. See that group of thugs over there? Shall we see who between us can straighten them out without breaking a sweat?
Nijimura: Piece of cake. I’m in. 
Referee: Okay, this is getting crazier by the second.

3. Yanagi vs. Momoi

Yanagi: A good data collector needs to have an eye for even the most minute details. I don’t think I’ll ever lose to anyone when it comes to that.
Momoi: Heh? Big words, wise guy. But you know, just you being a guy already means that I win this thing. 
Yanagi: How so? What does me being a guy have to do with this?
Momoi: You see, we females have this thing called a woman’s intuition. And that makes us better observers and predictors than men.
Yanagi: Rubbish. That’s just nothing but a myth. What makes you think that women’s intuition is far superior than men’s intuition?
Momoi: Because I just have this gut feeling that you’re into girls who are calculating and well, my woman’s intuition is telling me that I’m that kind of girl.
Yanagi: *blushes*
Referee: I don’t really know what just happened but I’m guessing we already have a winner here?

4.  Niou vs Haizaki 

Niou: When it comes to copying, I’m the man. No one can beat me. I’m known as the Con Artist Of The Courts and I live up to that name. 
Haizaki: Well, that’s nice and all dude but that’s nothing compared to what I can do. You see, I just don’t copy moves. I steal them and make them my own. And once they’re mine, no one can use them again but only me. I’m not just some cheap imitation.
Niou: Well, your ability may not be some cheap imitation but your hair sure looks like a cheap imitation of mine.
Haizaki: What the fuck did you just say dude? 
Referee: Why do I sense an inevitable butthurt change of hairstyle after this?

5.  Yagyuu vs Midorima

Yagyuu: I can’t believe someone who wears glasses could be so senseless and naive as to believe in childish and immature things like horoscopes. Glasses are supposed to be the symbols of intelligence and rationality.
Midorima: And I can’t believe someone who wears glasses could be so ignorant as to not realize the value and importance of of horoscopes. I guess you need more than four eyes to be able to see the truth. 
Yagyuu: You have tainted the reputation of every glasses-wearing individual in the planet. You need to be ashamed of your uncultured self.
Midorima: Bad luck befalls people who make fun of the stars. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you find yourself in a situation worse than death. And stop sounding like you’re the authority when it comes to glasses because obviously you’re not.
Yagyuu: But I am. Do you want proof? Then why don’t we have a contest to see who wears glasses better?
Midorima: Fair enough. Oha Asa predicted that Cancer has the best luck today and I’ve brought my lucky item. I wont lose.
Referee: I think that two of your are totally missing the point of this match-up.

6. Akaya vs. Aomine

Aomine: I’m the strongest. The only one who can beat me is me. 
Akaya: Oh really? Then I have some bad news for you dude. The man who will beat you has finally arrived. 
Aomine: Oh yeah? Then tell me. Are you me? If you’re not me, then you can’t beat me because the only one who can beat me is me.
Akaya: What?
Aomine: What?
Referee: What?

7. Marui vs. Murasakibara

Murasakibara: I can’t believe you chew bubble gum all the time Maruichin. And I was so happy when I found out that you also like to eat sweets. I thought I’ve found a comrade but I was mistaken. 
Marui: I love everything sweet but bubble gum is the greatest. How can you not fall in love with bubble gum? It seems so amazing and tempting to chew something which you can never swallow. It’s like a whole new world.
Murasakibara: Nerunerunerune candy is the best and you can’t convince me otherwise. Our friendship was good while it lasted but I really can’t be friends with you anymore.
Marui: Well, the feeling has now become mutual and I’ll prove to you how bubblegum is better. Why don’t we conduct a survey with all the people here and decide this once and for all. Wanna bet?
Murasakibara: Of course I will. I have faith in nerunerunerune candy.
Referee: Does that survey come with free samples?

Please do forgive me dearest @draceempressa if this isn’t the kind of thing you imagined it to be but it’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read your scenario. 

Submission is open! Send in your sports anime crossover incorrect quotes and headcanons.

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Can I request a scenario where a short girl (and I mean short like 5'3") comes up to Murasakibara to give him snacks at practices. (He doesn't like short girls though.) I don't know if this qualifies as a matchup? If so, ignore this! Thanks!

Don’t worry, this definitely doesn’t qualify as a matchup! I really love this scenario because I’m like 5'3" and I love Mukkun. Also using female pronouns because the request states ‘girl’. Enjoy! (Also I have no idea why I unintentionally wrote this in third person but oh well.)

Murasakibara was confused, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. As of several weeks before, a strange girl had been showing up at Yōsen’s basketball practices, giving him some of his favorite snacks, then leaving. He wasn’t sure why she was being so generous with her food, but the gesture pleased him nonetheless. Unfortunately for the oblivious, amethyst-haired teen, his teammates weren’t so blind as to why the female was bringing snacks to Murasakibara. They weren’t pleased one bit. In fact, each time the girl would hand Murasakibara a bag of treats, the other basketball members would be practically fuming with jealousy. All but one of them, anyway.

It seemed Himuro was the only was who was happy for Murasakibara, even though Murasakibara had no clue what his friend had to be happy for. It wasn’t until one evening after practice in the changing rooms that he finally seemed to take the hint.

“Well, I like the snacks she gives me,” Murasakibara mumbled around a mouthful of candy he was munching on, answering Himuro’s question as to what he thought about you. Taking a seat on the bench beside his companion, Himuro gave a small, knowing smile.

“Only the snacks?”

“Hm?” Murasakibara squinted his eyes at Himuro’s accusing tone, not liking what he was veering towards. Sure Murasakibara appreciated the food the girl was showering him with, but it was a well known fact that he did not like short girls. “What are you saying, Muro-chin?”

Himuro didn’t look into the irritated, violet eyes as he responded. Instead, he settled with leaning over and tying his shoes, trying to keep the small smirk on his face hidden. “Well she seems nice,” he drawled. “And you don’t seem to mind her around. If anything, you almost seem excited when she shows up.” Perhaps excited wasn’t the best word to use, but the way Murasakibara’s eyes would light up upon seeing the female enter into the gym was almost comical. One could argue that he only seemed interested for the snacks, but Himuro knew his friend better than that. The way he would immediately step off the court to amble his way over to the girl, the way he would take a moment to make light conversation with her while munching on some sweets, the way he would look down at her with actual interest in his normally blasé orbs: it all only proved to Himuro that Murasakibara was definitely feeling some sort of chemistry, even if he would refuse to admit to such a thing.

When Himuro finally lifted his eyes from his shoes to take a glance at Murasakibara in order to see what sort of reaction he was having to his words, the raven-haired male was surprised to see Murasakibara didn’t look annoyed by the statement at all. If anything, he seemed to be thinking about it.

It was after several moments of silence that Murasakibara plopped a candy into his mouth, not immediately refusing Himuro’s earlier allegation. “I don’t like short girls,” he mumbled, a small blush dusting his cheeks as he glared away in slight embarrassment. “I only like the snacks she brings me.”

The next day at practice, though, it seemed Murasakibara had a change of heart. Not even bothering to join the others in practice, he eagerly—or as eager as Murasakibara could possibly appear—awaited for the girl to arrive by the entryway of the gym. When she finally peaked her head in through the doors, she was surprised to find Murasakibara not participating in practice, but rather he was standing only feet away from the threshold she stood at. When the inattentive teen finally turned his head and spotted the one he had been waiting for, his cheeks turned a dull roseate color. Fortunately for him, it went unnoticed by the petite girl.

“Here, Murasakibara-kun,” she said as she approached him, gingerly handing him the pale, plastic bag filled with chips, crackers, and various sweets. With a small bow, she turned and began heading for the doorway to let Murasakibara get back to practice. That is, until she heard him speak up to her.

“Ne, Cutie-chin.”

Immediately flushing blazingly at the nickname, she turned around, this time noticing Murasakibara’s own pink tint on his cheeks.

“Yes?” She said slowly, unsure of why he had called out to her. Especially in such a way, which was definitely shocking.

“Let’s go to the snack shop together next time,” he mumbled, gazing off to the side with his hooded eyes. “You keep forgetting to get me Nerunerunerune.”

On the court, Himuro couldn’t help but smile to himself as his teammates seethed—with the exception of Okamura, who was sobbing in the corner. Even if the proposal was a strange one, Himuro hoped the girl would be able to understand the meaning behind Murasakibara’s words. It wasn’t often that the disinterested basketball player found something he liked other than food and winning anyway.

Even if she was short, and even though Murasakibara most definitely did not like short girls, whatsoever… Well, maybe he could stand them. Just this once.

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grats on 100! :3 you deserved it (and more!). could you please do GoM + teppei attempting to buy pads and tampons for their gfs who are stuck in bed with the cramps (and very grumpy) :D

Thank you so much~ I am sorry it took long, but here it is, I hope you will like it ^^

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Help I have an addictioooon! I wasn’t expecting this package til Wed/Thur so I was really surprised that it arrived on Saturday. At least I assume so since they don’t deliver on Sunday. Why is that the one time the shipping places decide to really step up their game is when I’m 8 hours away from home?? My poor package was left on my porch to bake in the super hot and humid air for a full day and night ;A; I ate a few things since I took this pic yesterday though and nothing seemed too affected.. 

Why The Generation of Miracles Are in Detention


He apparently started to use his supermodel charms to get answers for upcoming tests. This worked out fine for him on younger teachers but, he was finally busted when he was trying this on his 67 year old algebra teacher.

Kise: In my defence she seemed to be the hardest for me to work over. I mean, I put on old spice and skinny jeans what more do you want?


He got caught reading porn magazines. Which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t reading them during English class.

Aomine: What’s the big deal? The teacher said it was free read time, meaning I could read anything I wanted. And those magazines do have words. Really tiny  and few words underneath the pictures of naked women. But, still words!


He was going to take a world history test however, the teacher said his jack-in-the-box lucky idea was distracting other kids and then he tried to take it. But Midorima wouldn’t give it up and it resulted in a struggle which ended when Midorima punched the teacher.

Midorima:  I’m not all that surprised I’m in detention. Oha Asa said it would be an unlucky day for Cancer


At the school vending machine Murasakibara payed for a box of nerunerunerune candy. But, it got stuck against the glass and he freaked out. Taking the vending machine and smashing open.

Murasakibara: Let it be known, if you get in the way of me and my nerunerunerune I will crush you.


He tried to kill someone with scissors. On campus.

Akashi: Really I’m disappointed in myself. I should have gone for the jugular. 


He was marked with constant absences from class. Even though he was there the whole time.

Kuroko: We sorted the whole mess out but, really I didn’t mind detention. It was quiet, peaceful, and everyone was doing their school work.

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Could I get a scenario on how the GOM would react if their s/o got turned into three year olds and they're the complete opposite of how they were as teens, so it's up to the boys to turn them back? Thanks :)

Hi dear, I hope this answers your ask!! Enjoy reading <3


Generation of Miracles
You yawned as you tumbled into Akashi’s room, jumping onto his bed with a thump.
“Sei, Sei, Sei,” you chanted, crawling onto him.
His eyes sprung open and you rolled out of the way before his reflexes came into play.
“Who are you?” he asked calmly, as though the three year old version of you was a sight he saw everyday.
“I am _____,” you pouted, standing up to pounce onto him.
He caught you with a grunt and pulled back to show a frown.
“_____ is obviously taller and…”
Your eyes narrowed as you placed your hands on his hair.
“And what?” you tugged sharply.
He let out a hiss before placing you down gently, freeing his hair from your fists.
“What has happened to change you into this?” he raised a brow, sitting down cross legged to look at you.
You shrugged.
“I don’t know. I woke up like this.”
Akashi let out a sigh as he picked you up awkwardly before striding to his computer.
“I guess we have to solve this mystery then.”
A yell woke you up from your sweet slumber and you peeked through your heavy eyelids to see Aomine scrambling backwards.
“What’s wrong?” you asked, using a small hand to rub at your eyes.
He seemed gigantic all of a sudden and you peered at his frightened face before looking down back at yourself. Within seconds, the house was filled with screams.
“Wait, this has to have a reason. I would get accused of pedophilia if they caught me in bed with you.”
“Is that all you care about?” you commented sarcastically.
His head swiveled to you before giving you a sweeping look.
“And your tits. They are gone and… oh my god,” he groaned before sinking into a chair.
You sucked in a huge breath of outrage and lunged at him, pounding at him with your little arms.
“You asshole!”
You stood on your tiptoes, struggling to reach the door as the butler waited behind you with a worried look.
“Shin-chan!” you whined, trying to jump properly.
Before you knew it, the door slid open and you fell over on your face.
“Hey!” you muttered indignantly.
“Why is there a baby at my door?” Midorima enquired, picking you up gingerly.
You glared at him and he flinched, eyes blinking furiously.
“Wait, _____?”
After a moment of revelation, both of you sat on his bed.
“What has happened?”
“I woke up in a three year old body,” you growled.
“I can see that but why is…”
“If I knew that, I would have fixed it myself,” you snapped.
Midorima let out a heavy sigh before standing up.
“Very well, I shall search the books for some answers. Perhaps you rank the lowest for Oha Asa today.”
Murasakibara chewed on his maibou impassively, gazing at you with his purple eyes.
“Mukkun, you are supposed to be helping me,” you hissed, making a grab for his umaibo.
Before he could react, you stuffed it into your mouth and chewed.
“Hey,” he yelped.
“I am a child. You should give me more sweets,” you retorted, inching closer to him to get more sweets.
He fixed you with a wounded look before taking out a nerunerunerune candy and holding it way above your reach.
“Mukkun!” you whined, settling down on the sofa with a pout.
“We have to turn you back. You don’t snatch my sweets when you are normal,” he complained before standing up and grabbing his phone.
“Akachin, something is wrong with _____-chin.”
There was a moment of chaos when Kise discovered that you had turned into a three year old and now he sat before you with an expression of incredulousness.
“So, you are telling me that you have turned into a three year old?” he asked.
You nodded.
“You have become a three year old overnight,” he stated.
You nodded again.
“You are a three year old now.”
Your jaw clenched as you nodded again.
“You were a teenager last night but now you are a three year old.”
“Are you an idiot? How many times do you want to repeat that?” you snapped, your patience breaking.
“I was just asking,” he sniffed with a wounded expression.
“So, does that mean I need to bring you around today?” he probed.
You replied in affirmation and his eyes widened.
“We need to fix you now.”
Before you could reply, he shot off his bed to get his phone.
“Kuroko-cchi, I need help now!”
Kuroko was calm even when faced with the three year old version of you and you watched as he stared at you.
“Stop staring at me,” you growled, crawling forward into his lap.
He held you gently as though he was afraid he would break you.
“I am confused as to why you are in this plight.”
“I don’t know either,” you grumbled, nuzzling against his arm.
He lifted a hand to brush your hair from your face and stopped.
“I fear we would have to seek professional help for this.”