Hello everyone, we’re one week away from the MURAHIMU WEEK 2015! A whole week dedicated to Yosen’s double ace, in which everyone is welcome to participate in the most various forms, be it with fanfics, fanart, cosplay, graphics and edits and much, much more!

The event will last from October 26th to November 1st, and each day will have a specific sweet associated to it. You can use one prompt or both prompts at once, and you can even use the sweet associated to the day, everything is acceptable:

🍬 Day 1: Macaroon (10/26)

  • Hellos and goodbyes
  • Adulthood

🍬 Day 2: Umaibo (10/27)

  • Tears
  • Seasons

🍬 Day 3: Red Velvet Cake (10/28)

  • Confessions
  • Memories

🍬 Day 4: Cupcake (10/29)

  • Family
  • Music

🍬 Day 5: Nerunerunerune (10/30)

  • Birthdays
  • Childhood

🍬 Day 6: Pudding (10/31)

  • AU
  • Dreams and wishes

🍬 Day 7: Ice Cream (11/01)

  • Free day

Don’t forget to tag your works with #murahimuweek2015 as one of the first five tags, so that your posts can be more easily found, or you can submit them directly to the blog!

Let’s have a sweet and fun week!

Edit by the wonderful hisonae​