MURASAKIBARA ATSUSHI ⇒ nerunerunerune (ねるねるねるね)

Created by the Japanese company Kracie Foods, Ltd. in 1984, Nerunerunerune (lit. kneadin’ kneadin’ kneading) is a simple and cheap DIY candy-making kit that has become a perennial favorite of children across the country.  Each candy kit contains sachets of powder to which water must be added; the resultant paste is then dipped into the sprinkles using the included small spoon.  Over the years, Nerunerunerune has gone through many tweaks and flavor updates, but its advertising jingle, played frequently during the 1980s and 1990s, remains as memorable as ever.

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Help I have an addictioooon! I wasn’t expecting this package til Wed/Thur so I was really surprised that it arrived on Saturday. At least I assume so since they don’t deliver on Sunday. Why is that the one time the shipping places decide to really step up their game is when I’m 8 hours away from home?? My poor package was left on my porch to bake in the super hot and humid air for a full day and night ;A; I ate a few things since I took this pic yesterday though and nothing seemed too affected..