I’ve been super into making slime recently so I figured it was time to pull out the slime candy ヽ(´▽`)/
This is called Henshin Slime and I purchased it from Candysan. It’s a candy kit loosely inspired by Neri ame, an old school Japanese candy.
The kit was very easy to put together! You add water with the provided measuring cup then add a yellow powder first, then a blue powder and mix it up! Once the blue powder is mixed in it becomes super thick and stretchy so you can use the popsicle sticks to play with it. It’s actually super fun and I spent a good 10 minutes stretching and pulling the slime candy ( ´∀`)
It was super fun to eat too! The flavour was ramune which is not bad, but the fun part was the texture. It was chewy, almost like melted gummy candy! I thought it would have the same marshmallow texture as nerunerune, but nope! This was so much better!
Honestly this was a super fun kit that I would reccomend to anyone! Hopefully with how popular slime is, this will become more accessible in the states!
Do you like slime?

Twelve (Seven) Days of Christmas with the Kiseki no Seidai + Kagami

🎶 On the first day of Christmas Tetsuya gave to me, a huge Nigou’s doll for free

🎶 On the second day of Christmas Taiga gave to me, two meteor jams and a full course of lunch for free

🎶 On the third day of Christmas Ryouta gave to me, three Zunnon Magzs, two perfect copies, and a kiss on my cheeks for free

🎶 On the fourth day of Christmas Shintarou gave to me, four lucky items, three lucky items, two lucky items, and a charm from his stocks for free

🎶 On the fifth day of Christmas Daiki gave to me, five Mai-chan’s posters, four formless shots, three lazy yawns, two nickname calls, and a basketball shoes for free

🎶 On the sixth day of Christmas Atsushi gave to me, six nerunerune candies, five potato chips, four maiubos, three ice creams, two threats to be crushed, and a pat in the head for free

🎶 On the seventh day of Christmas Seijuro gave to me, seven absolute words, six lessons on basket, five red scissors, four bokushi’s threats, three charming smiles, two music CDs, and a lunch date with oreshi for free


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Mitobe, Okamura, Murasakibara, Haizaki and Nebuya. Cuddling with s/o while watching a movie ? ^^

thanks for the request! ^w^ I hope you enjoy~

Mitobe yawns silently and buries his chin within the crown of your hair, obviously bored by the movie. He has his arms wrapped around you as you sit between his legs on the sofa, lost within the movie. Mitobe yawns again, more pointedly this time, and droops his head until his cheek is resting on top of your head. When you still don’t tear your eyes away from the screen, he tightens his hold on you and begins to tickle your sides suddenly. A strangled noise escapes your lips; after that the movie is forgotten and suddenly you’re both competing to see who loses to the other first. 

Okamura is rather weak to sappy romantic movies, much to your surprise. He starts sniffling about an hour into the movie, but he tries valiantly to hide this fact; his strong arms wrap around you before he pulls you tightly against his broad chest. He refuses to let you budge, insisting that it was because he just wanted to be close to you rather than as an alternative to hide his tears, so you eventually just smile and settle against his chest comfortably, allowing him to caress your hair as he sobs for the protagonists’ tragic love. 

Murasakibara’s arm reaches out across your body to dip into your bowl of chips and you hiss and glare at him until he retracts it, grumbling loudly. What was left from his own arsenal of snacks is just a pile of lone Nerunerune wrappers lying in his empty bowl. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in the movie whatsoever, and whines and mumbles complaints, eventually wrapping his arms around you and pulling you against him when you don’t pay him any attention. “Ne, [Name]-chin… this is boring…” He grumbles into your hair, brushing his lips back and forth, back and forth, back and forth atop your head possibly as a method to try and distract you. You murmur a half-attentive ‘wait, just one more minute,’ and allow him to cuddle you against his warm form while you continue watching the movie. He harrumphs impatiently, but takes advantage of your attentiveness to the movie to sneak some pringles from your bowl to his mouth. 

Haizaki falls asleep barely five minutes into the movie. You’re lying in his arms with him underneath you on the sofa while the movie rolls on; it’s hard to hear anything the characters are saying because of the natural chainsaw snoring away underneath you blissfully. He complains and grumbles when you wake him up, and makes sarcastic comments about the movie for the rest of the time. Eventually you’re more interested in his reaction to the dialogue than the movie itself; he seems to find your cute giggles unbearably irresistible, and all of a sudden you are kissing him, and then the movie is long forgotten. 

Nebuya watches the movie, for your sake, but he can’t seem to understand what’s so interesting about it. He starts yawning pointedly, and guffaws loudly even at the most serious moments. You’re lying curled up in his lap, your head resting against his chest as you two watch the movie. His warm hold is comfortable, and more so when he starts caressing your hair. His large hand easily spans across the small of your back, and he starts tapping a random tune on your spine gently to while away his boredom. It doesn’t seem to work, because the next second he begins to burp along to the beat, making you dissolve into laughter (”Gross, Eikichi!” “*burp* Mm, whatcha say?”) and effectively drowning out the dialogue in the process. 


NeruNeruNe strawberry and muscat grape! This fun diy kit came in my January Tokyo Treat box and I knew it would be a blast. NeruNeruNe kits involve mixing powders to create this thick fluffy foam. This one happened to have two flavours. The first was muscat grape. I added purple powder 1 and one scoop of water and got the bright yellow paste (seriously, it looked like SunnyD). Then I added the blue powder 2 and it instantly turned light green and got supper puffy! It’s such a fun reaction to watch!
Then I made the other one in the same way, adding orange packet one, water, then red packet too. That gave me a fluffy pink foam! Then all I had to do was top with sprinkled
I didn’t expect a whole lot in the taste department. These kits usually aren’t the yummiest as they’re more about the fun of making them, but this was actually really good!
With the sprinkles the muscat was really tart and yummy while still being sweet. And the strawberry had the stereotypical Japanese strawberry taste with a little added tartness from the candies. They also both had the texture of marshmallow fluff and were super soft and nice. I would actually really recommend this flavour if you wanted to try a NeruNeruNe kit! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

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I HAVE A PROMPT! This the first time ever😳 During the vorpal swords match, One of the opposing team actually injures kagami bad that he has to be subbed and taken to the hospital, which got the whole team on edge especially aomine! And they visit him after the match. Unfortunately, the doctor breaks the bad news that he injured his acl.. Please write it if you don't mind. Please Excuse my English it's not my first language ☺️

Well, there’s a first time for everything!! XD And your English is pretty good for it not being your first language! You should hear my Spanish OR MAYBE NOT HAHAHA.

(And did you mean he injures his ankle? That’s what I went with.)

Established relationship AoKaga! This ended up being more about his recovery than about the match… it’s also sappy as hell.

Kagami felt it.

He felt it as his opponent jumped, felt it as he went to block, felt himself ram into that hard body, fall down, felt that jarring in his backside. And he felt that man land, felt all 115 kilograms of muscle as it crushed his ankle.

The pain was something he’d never felt before.

The guy stumbled away, face shocked, and there was noise, voices, but Kagami couldn’t hear any of it. Ironically, the searing and burning agony numbed him. He saw Aomine’s face trough his tears, worried and panicked, felt his own skin burning and clammy with sweat.

And then he blissfully passed out.

He woke up in a hospital bed. There weren’t any tubes attached to him. It was just as though he had been sleeping in one.

Except, of course, for the throbbing pain in his ankle. He looked down to see his right leg hung up in a cast. He didn’t know what to think, except for the fact that he wasn’t going to be able to play basketball until it healed. Which sucked. How long would a broken bone take? Two, three months?

Kagami shrugged. He could probably last that long.

And then he remembered the match. He looked around frantically, but the room was empty. Don’t these beds have a button to call the nurse…? Just as he was about to look for it, the door creaked open and Kuroko stepped in with the doctor.

“Kagami-kun,” Kuroko smiled, but it seemed kinda sad. “Aomine-kun is on his way. He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Kagami frowned. “Kuroko. What happened? What about the match?”

“Well,” Kuroko hesitated. “After you were injured, the match was put on hold. We sent you to the hospital but Jabberwock was still intent on finishing it. So we did.”

“So who won-?”

“We did, of course,” the familiar husky voice said with absolute certainty, and Aomine walked in, grinning at Kagami. He knelt beside Kagami’s bed and took his hand in his own. “You think after those fuckers hurt you, I was just going to stand by and watch?!” he growled.

“Yes, Aomine was quite scary,” Kuroko said with a smile. “The whole team was. Seeing Kagami-kun hurt really shocked us all into seeking vengeance. Kagami-kun is more liked by others than he realises himself.”

Kagami blushed slightly. “Well, I’m sorry I missed the action.” His eyes moved to the doctor. “So, Doc, how long till I can play again?”

Everyone fell silent. Aomine squeezed Kagami’s hand, and refused to meet his gaze. Kagami could feel a strange panic in his chest, like a hole had opened up in his stomach.

“Hey…tell me. Aomine?”

Aomine took a deep breath, and turned to Kagami. He rubbed Kagami’s knuckles soothingly. “I was gone, because I was talking to the rehab doctors.”

“Rehab? I’ve just got a fracture, right?”

Aomine exchanged a look with the doctor, and he nodded. “Well, it’s a little worse than that. The painkillers you’re on are helping you with the pain, but once it wears off, it’s going to hurt, okay?”

Kagami’s mouth was dry. “What’s wrong with my ankle?”

Aomine sighed. “The doctor said it’s broken. In more than one place. It’ll take about five months to heal, and another six of rehab, before you can slowly start to play again.”

“That’s…nearly a year. I can’t…” Kagami’s voice shook. He knew what people would tell him. It’s just a game, they would say. You can go a year without playing one sport. But it was more than that. Basketball was…it was an emotional support. It was a way to express himself, a place he felt confident and happy and exhilarated and…it was taken away from him. He didn’t realise he had started crying until he felt Aomine’s arms wrap awkwardly around him, patting his back and leaving soft kisses in his hair.

Aomine understood.

No, all his friends did. All his friends, he had made through basketball. They all understood him. Would they leave him, now that he couldn’t play with them?

“We’re all gonna be right here,” Aomine murmured into his ear, almost as though he had read his mind. “We’re all right here for you, Taiga. Just because you can’t play for a few months, doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere. We’re right here. Always.”


“Daikiiiiii, I can’t reach the remote.”

Aomine rolled his eyes and walked out of the kitchen to pass it over. Kagami could totally reach it. He just used every opportunity he could to make Aomine do all the work. Aomine didn’t mind. Seeing Kagami smile was worth it.

But then his eyes narrowed. “What the fuck are you holding?”

Kagami paused from stuffing Nerunerune candy into his mouth. “What?”

That,” Aomine pointed at the small wooden frog in Kagami’s hand.

“Oh. Midorima gave it to me last week. He said if I hold it for three hours every Sunday, then it’ll speed up my recovery.”

Aomine was about to retort, but paused when he saw the small hopeful glimmer in Kagami’s eyes. Any slim chance of help was welcomed, even though he knew neither of them believe in that shit. It had been four months since the accident, and Kagami was recovering magnificently fast. He would be out of the cast in another week, and start rehab.

Aomine’s eye still twitched when he saw the overly flowery messages from the gang on Kagami’s cast, but it was heartening to see them nonetheless. Kise had bought Kagami these special markers that could be rubbed off, so the team wrote new messages on Kagami’s cast everytime they met him. Murasakibara and Himuro dropped off candy on a regular basis so “Kaga-chin won’t get bored of Mine-chin’s cooking”. Midorima steadily supplied charms, although he refused to admit it was because he cared, even though Takao kept teasing him. Kuroko helped around the house, and even though Kagami insisted that he couldn’t accept it, Akashi had paid for his treatment.

“That’s nice of Midorima,” Aomine said instead, plopping down on the couch next to his boyfriend.

Kagami smiled. “Yeah. Everyone’s doing a lot for me. Even you.”

“Me? I’m just doing chores.”

“You’re doing more than that,” Kagami held Aomine’s hand and kissed his fingers. “Your support…it’s been invaluable.”

Aomine smirked, leaning closer. “Using big words?”

Kagami huffed against his lips. “I’ve had a lot of time to read. You should do it too.”

“Shut up,” Aomine kissed him, but Kagami pushed him back a minute later.

“Do you smell that? Daiki…did you have something in the oven?”

Fuck.” Aomine ran to the kitchen as Kagami laughed.


“You sure it’s okay?”

“Oh my god, yes, it’s been two months since I stopped rehab!”

“Still,” Aomine pouted, and glared at Kise as the other sniggered.

“Don’t worry, Aominecchi, we’re all keeping an eye on him,” Kise winked.

“You’re on his team, so you better make sure he doesn’t work it too hard!” Aomine glowered and Kuroko patted him on the back.

“Calm down, Aomine-kun. Kagami-kun is staring at us as though he wants to set us on fire.”

“Let’s play already!!” Kagami whined like a child and Aomine rolled his eyes. “You better not go easy on me, Aho.”

“Have I ever?” Aomine snorted. Finally. We can play together again. He grinned, throwing the ball into the air. I’m here for you. Forever and always.

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GoM and kagami finding out that their partner keeps their picture as a phones background

this is so cute <3 so so so cute >.< 

Akashi: He stared at the phone, expressionless, before smiling teasingly at them.”Who was that?” he inquired, grabbing their arm. Could it possibly be, me?” He easily loosened their grip and unlocked the phone. “How did you know my pass code?” they asked, trying to reach for it back. He only looked at them knowingly, before taking a picture of them together and setting it as their background. 

Aomine: He couldn’t help himself but to laugh out loud at their background. It was a picture of him snoozing on the rooftop, his face drawn on with black markers. “Good choice of background,” he smirks, ruffling their head. But he doesn’t dare say anymore because his phone background is also of them sleeping.

Kise: His eyes light up with joy as he snatched their phone out of their hands. “Is this me? Is it? Is it?” he asked, waving the device about happily. “This is the one you took at my photo shoot the other day, wasn’t it? Remember when I…” He goes to recount memories from that day, but never forgets how special he felt in that moment.

Kuroko: He placed their phone on the table. “You almost forgot this on the bus,” he said. Before they could thank him, he left the room, praising himself for not turning into a blushing mess after seeing their phone’s background, especially since it was a candid shot of him in the middle of a game.  

Midorima: He slowly put the phone down back where he found it, feeling the heat rise to his cheeks. “Did you check it yet?” his partner asked. He stared at them, covering his face with a hand. “No, check it yourself. You shouldn’t be lazy like this all the time.” He cursed at himself for having to be stern in such a situation, but it was their fault for being so cute. 

Murasakibara: He smiled happily, relishing the close up of his face next to a large kit of Nerunerune. “I really like that picture,” he commented, huddling up closer to them. “Do you like me that much? I like you too.” He adjusted himself to lean onto them, feeling nothing but love from their phone’s background.

Kagami: He almost dropped the phone, seeing a still picture of himself in the middle of chewing a fairly large bite of a burger. His cheeks were bulging and his eyes were blearily focused on a drink to his left. “Why is this picture here?” he shouted, blushing furiously. As they went on to talk about how cute he was in the photo, his arm lowered and his cheeks only turned to darker shades of red. “Well… you could’ve… told me first…” he mumbled inaudibly.

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GOM and what they pack for going on vacation or overseas trip?

Oops! I realized that this didn’t include Kagami just as I was about to post it… I hope you don’t mind! ^_^” Thank you so much for requesting, and I hope you like it~

Despite what you might think, KUROKO is extremely messy and just stuffs a bunch of mismatched items of clothing into his suitcase – however, he is diligent in deciding what kind of clothing – appropriate to the weather and culture – to take. Then, in go toiletries and a towel and undergarments; essentials like that. Finally, after quietly considering his suitcase for a bit, he adds in the two novels – Salvation of a Saint and The Art of Misdirection – lying on his bedside table very carefully onto the top of the pile, because he just cannot bear to be without them.

KAGAMI travels a lot, but he still feels very lost and stressed out whenever he has to pick what to take and what not to take. He frowns and scratches the ridiculously shocking two-tone mop of auburn hair on his head for ages, wondering whether he should take the pots and pans in his cabinet – just in case. Most of the time, he sheepishly has to call a teammate, a relative or a loved one just to help him remember what the essentials actually compromise of. Something he always religiously stocks up on is POCARI SWEAT, which he is very fond of and bemoans its unavailability abroad.

KISE is a pro at packing! He’s done it so many times that he knows precisely how to fit in as many (useless) items into his suitcase as much as physically possible. No matter how short the trip, he always takes some (or, like, twenty) gifts he had gotten from his friends and loved ones. And one can never have too many matching outfits! Kise’s closet is definitely one worth raiding, and often the biggest perpetrator is the fashionable blonde in question – he gets exceptionally clingy with his outfits when it’s time to travel. He frowns every time he omits an article of clothing willfully, spends at least an hour bouncing and jumping on the suitcases just to be able to shut it close, but even still his manager often has to remove some items (or entire suitcases) when he is preoccupied at the last minute.  

AOMINE quite literally just grabs some stuff from his dirty hamper and throws them haphazardly into the suitcase. One boxer (aside from the one he is wearing), one shirt, one pair of shorts, a couple of jeans… and that’s it, that’s the limit of his patience. That’s as far as he gets, and after that he just shuts the suitcase and takes a nap. Of course, he berates himself for it after he arrives at his destination and finds it difficult to get by with just one extra underwear, but not so much so that he remembers not to repeat his ridiculous mistake the next time he travels.

MIDORIMA faces a dilemma every time he tries to pack for a vacation. He looks up the horoscopes a month in advance, and frowns over the lenses of his glasses as he reads them through. What if it is not possible for me to get these lucky items at my destination? Perhaps some of these are exclusive to the region, nanodayo. He thinks as such, wondering about the evidently disastrous things awaiting him if he were to face such a predicament. In the end, he decides to take two separate suitcases: one for the essentials and another for his lucky items. The airport staff are baffled every time, but on the account that it might be some new-fangled kink among the youths, let him off the hook after several astonished looks and bewildered questions aimed at the scowling green-haired boy.

MURASAKIBARA is hopeless at packing. He stuffs in whatever that looks coziest to him, regardless of the climate of his destination. The most important thing, in his opinion, are sweets. He can’t get Nerunerune candy or Maiubo candy while he’s abroad, and that’s a problem. It is a very big problem, indeed. He ends up filling half his suitcase with said candy, because to be honest, he’ll be done with most of it in half a day, anyway. However, this unhealthy practice had to stop after this one time when he was stopped at the airport and suspected of transporting drugs out of the nation, given his obviously dodgy pack-up. After that, one of his family members is always present to supervise the situation.

AKASHI is – unsurprisingly – the most efficient packer. He knows how to maximize his space, he knows what to choose and what not to choose, and he always leaves some space for any additional materials or souvenirs he might decide to bring back from his trip abroad. He likes the idea of traveling because it heightens the fact that he will always want something or someone to return to, and he packs accordingly – certain of the fact that he will always return home. Traveling is a soothing medicine for a mind as intellectual as his, but he always feels most at ease when surrounded by his loved ones, and he almost subconsciously always bases his actions on this fact.

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My Christmas gift smells like peaches.
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