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少女革命ウテナ 30 day Challenge: Day 2

2. Favorite male character and why

I would I orginaly go for Miki Karou since I think he’s just a sweetheart that I wish he wasn’t ending up in the duels that breaks his sweet little heart and make up his mind for what he wants. Thats just me. But I really like this guy:

御影 草時

Souji Mikage aka: Pro. Nemuro

Why you ask?

‘cause he’s a very interesting character. I like how he just plays the mastermind in the Black Rose Saga. With the whole, “hey come to me and lets talk about your problems. If your problems satisfy me, you’ll be my dueling guinea pig to take me to revolution.” kinda thing XD To me, I don’t think he’s that bad of a guy. Yeah I know he burned a building with school boys still in it, but still He just wanted to be something else other than “everyone’s living computer” mostly. He wanted something more than in life he used to live(s) in. I even liked the one part when he refers himself onto Utena also. As I watched the series after that arc, I can kinda see it. I like Mr. Mikage. Very Interesting character. = D