neru arts


I colored Sidu’s Datsugoku sketches because they’re datsugoku and it’s sidu.

also kawasemi is looking fine as fuck. holy shitt


more vocaloids lol 

where i drew my influence for luka’s face is very apparent lol… 

len and neru (akita) have history. she’s been one of his bullies for a long time, but he just started fighting back in highschool. now she doesnt really..hurt him more than she does just antagonize him. the major thing that keeps her at bay is the fact that he found out she has a crush on yowane haku, one of her teachers. 

I want you to notice the lie that got stuck in my throat, 

the one that said “Please don’t treat me so nicely” 

My Name is Love Song / neru / 1st anniversary