The North East Regional Tuba & Euphonium Conference (NERTEC) is coming soon guys!  It will be hosted at Ithaca College on April 19-21, and will feature many phenomenal performers, including: Steven Mead, Alan Baer, Aaron VanderWeele, Tim Buzbee, Phil Giampietro, Carol Jantsch, Aaron TindallDanny Helseth, and Velvet Brown.  Composers Peter Meechan and Barbara York will also be there, along with ensembles such as: Eufonix Quartet, River Bottom Quartet, and many studio groups.

There will be competitions, concerts, concerto premieres, presentations, and much more.  This is a major event for both the Tuba world and the Euphonium world guys, be there and see some of the best talent out there, and see how bright the future for our instruments really is.  Reblog and spread the word!

Details here:


Aaron Rivkin playing Harry James’ Euphonium Concerto at NERTEC in Ithaca, New York. 


Aaron Rivkin playing Let There Be Peace, by Andy Scott at the North East Regional Tuba and Euphonium Conference in Ithaca, New York.