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Y'all love to make Max and David angst but I raise you this:
Minor Character angst.

Give me Harrison trying so hard to live up to his brother’s talents and his parents’ expectations (really Harrison, be more like your brother) that when he does the Great Vanishing Act and his brother disappears, for a split second he’s relieved.
Give me Harrison trying day and night to bring his brother back while listening to his parents’ crying outside his locked door– a door not locked by his choice. Give me Harrison still trying, through all this, to impress his parents with magic tricks during dinner (small things– a rabbit from a hat, a random card picked) but only succeeding at being sent to a cheap summer camp where people doubt his magic even being real.

Give me Preston having to deal with the after-effects of being with Nurf, wearing sunglasses until he’s completely sure the bruise has faded and after insisting it was a fashion choice and nothing else.
Give me Preston still being loud and self-absorbed, but flinching every time someone moves a little too fast, raising his hand to his face instinctively when someone raises their voice.
Give me Preston who knows deep down Nurf was in the wrong, but still can’t find it in him to not blame himself.

Then give me Nurf’s side of the story.

Give me Nerris doubting her powers because really, if she was that great wouldn’t she be able to do some of the cool stuff Harrison can do? 
Give me Nerris taunting Harrison more and more to make her feel better about herself until he yells at her that he wishes he knew her from before– so he could make her vanish instead of his brother. 
Give me Nerris locking herself in her tower, her only real friends being stuffed animals, and wonder where she went wrong.

Give me Space Kid not realising he’s the brunt of everyone’s jokes and continuing to go along his merry way until it finally clicks.
Give me Space Kid slowly growing annoyed that no one seems to remember he has a name–it’s not Space Kid, it’s Neil, and how come Other Neil gets to have his name?
Give me Space Kid taking off his helmet one day when he’s older and when being asked about it saying he grew out of space and that he doesn’t want that to be the feature people remember him by, even while knowing that ‘stupid Space Kid’ is his legacy now.

Honestly, I guess what I’m getting at with this is: Please rip my heart out in more than two ways. I’m r e a d y.

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: why does harrison have an accent but his parents dont? what was his brothers name? what really happened? how old is everyone, anyway? whats harrisons last name? are prestons parents ok? what was the car in the season two final? it seemed important. you cant tell me that car and the driver isnt important. was it a reference to something? was it daniel in reference to ‘we’ll end this in the finale’? was it max’s parents? the scene would have been fine without it so why is it there? will max ever eat? why is there a platypus in america? what the fuck happened to jasper? is mr honeynuts ok? did harrison apologise to max after 'mind freakers'? does nerris play dnd with someone other than her stuffed animals? why does david-
  • psychic: what the fuck.





•Maxs hoodie not fitting over his head and him being like why the fuck

•Neil being Jewish was great

•David buying all the kids presents

•David knowing full well he’s gonna get shot at and probably blinded, but buys the BB gun for Max anyway(number 1 dad)

•The kids eating Dolphs nativity set while Dolph is looking at them hella pissed

•Preston in his costume(not gonna lie kind of upset I didn’t get to see his one man play)

•Harrison putting his hat on the snowman and instantly regretting it, the snowman wanting to die 

Nerris being graceful and ice skating 

•Nurf throwing snowballs at the kids to determine who’s naughty or nice

•Max just laying face down the snow accepting his fate


•Max accepting that Nikki is Nikki and is just like fuck it ok (also him smiling when hanging out with Nikki was amazing)


•David giving Gwen the #2 counselor mug made me laugh(he gave her hella marsh mellows though)

•David wearing the goggles and being the first thing that Max shot was great

•Nikki giving Neil and Max a hug was so sweet (also Max having a shocked face at getting hugged and then smiling was like HO my god my shipping heart)

•Their speech at the end was A+++++++++++

•There was no mistletoe kiss but it was a great episode anyway

I’m sure there are more amazing things I missed, so feel free to add!!!!


“Welcome to camp, asshole”