nero devil may cry 4

**May have to download or click for a better view**
For some reason, Google isn’t working well with me so I can’t share the source link on where I got this information from. If you want to know, though, it’s the 3, 1, 4, 2 Graphic Arts book.

**Edited due to all the other render artists I’ve commissioned already, and am commissioning a few more, since I got a bit of a deal**
**May have to download or click for a better view**
You may recognize these from this post I made. These are just some refs I’m using as a form of link for when I want to request or commission someone who can render, mod, pose, etc. Devil May Cry characters.
As I stated in the other post, I’m very curious as to how some of these ideas would look fully rendered/modded. These are the ones I chose.


You’ve seen me doing Dante derps, Vergil derps and Markiplier derps, now tis time for Nero derps, hehehe. And boy, does he have a nice set of pearly whites, there >w<
First batch comes from missions 1 & 2.
Second batch comes from missions 3-10.
Last batch comes from missions 11 to the end.