let’s see what i remember from class today…


  • always true: oxidation at anode, reduction at cathode (‘red cat’)
  • it follows then that: e- flows from anode to cathode ('a cat’)
  • more positive Eo (standard reduction potential) => more easily reduced
  • It = nF
  • dG = -nFEo
  • Nernst Equation: E = Eo - (RT/nF)lnQ (use for concentration cell questions)
  • Hendersen-Hasslebach: pH = pKa + log ( [A-]/[HA] )
  • “how much needs to be added to dilute…” <–remember already have the starting amount!

A Very Short Fact: On this day in 1900, Max Planck discovers the law of black body emission (Planck’s law).

“In 1900 Max Planck had shown that light is emitted in distinct microscopic ‘packets’ or ‘quanta’ of energy known as photons, and in 1905 Einstein showed that light remains in these packets as it travels across space. It was in his theory of energy quanta that Planck had introduced his eponymous Planck’s constant traditionally abbreviated to the symbol h (the combination h/2π being denoted ħ). This was the beginning of quantum theory and its immediate success was in explaining how atoms could survive.”

[p. 96, Nothing: A Very Short Introduction by Frank Close]

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Image credit: From left to right: W. Nernst, A. Einstein, M. Planck, R.A. Millikan and von Laue at a dinner given by von Laue in Berlin on 11 November 1931 by unknown. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Wanting to provide for my dogs is the only thing motivating me sometimes. I have this ridiculous chemistry final coming up and I have zero motivation like I am here to study animal bones not the pH of sulfuric acid, you feel me? But I’m doing this and I’m studying this material hardcore and I’m trying to understand the Nernst Equation in 72 hours because one day I will have a huge dog ranch with all my dogs and a little vet practice out in the mountains where I am “the local vet” and everyone knows me and maybe they pay me in apple pie sometimes. 

It’s a good goal. It’s a good dream. It’s an achievable one. So I’m going to make another cup of tea, and figure this out.