Chameleon Circuit Songs That Don't Include Alex or Ed

A little late, but I’ve made a list of CC songs that don’t feature Alex Day or Eddplant as prominent vocalists, for anyone who wants to know which songs to keep in their iTunes and such.

Chameleon Circuit

  • Gallifreyan History 101
  • Count the Shadows
  • Blink
  • K9’s Lament
  • Friends of the Ood

Still Got Legs

  • The Subwave Signal
  • Nightmares
  • Travelling Man
  • Mr Pond
  • Big Bang Two
  • Eleven


Also check out my newest playlist? It’s songs by YouTube scumbags, covered by ladies.

the fact that alex day didn’t publish an apology video to his 1mil subscribers OR push his “apology notes” to twitter shows exactly how poor quality he is. only letting people who want to see your apology is an attempt to “contain the issue.” and that is unapologetic manipulation. with still over 1 mil subscribers, you owe it to them to let them know what nasty life choices you decided to make. especially when it is your followers you targeted.

just admit that you were a disgusting scum with no moral ground. a seven year habit deserves no sympathy if it took getting caught to realize that you were wrong. 

same goes to tom milsom, alex carpenter, and all the proven and accused. i’m not looking for the green brothers to say anything because they were manipulated just as much as we were (plus it’s hard for two adults to feel that they need to be responsible for keeping tabs on another fucking adult who lived across the ocean from them… they gave alex the benefit of the doubt, and i’m afraid after this incident, they’ll never do that again. imagine how hard it will be to earn any good standing creators trust now.)

 edit: discovered alex day is deleting comments on youtube. wow.