I figured how what Alex is doing.
He’s like that annoying 1st grader who beats up kids and then when he gets caught and yelled at he goes “I was just playing! I was just joking!”
But the kid really doesn’t care who gets hurt.

(Sorry I’m still fuming over this)

So yet again another riot has started up here on tumblr and this time it is about the once loved and respected Alex Day.

I heard the news this morning from my friends and was shocked by the news, speechless actually for probably the first time in my life. A guy who was perceived as funny, clever, witty and a good artist for some to abuse his power and ‘fame’ for something stupid such as this.

The respect I have for the girls to step forward and tell their stories is immense and I hope that if I was ever in this sort of situation, I would have the guts to stand up and tell the world my story to inspire people not to be afraid, to raise awareness for what has happened.

However, when people message people who are/were close to Alex, such as, Carrie, Charlie ect voicing their own opinion on the situation and how they should handle it, I believe to be rather rude and none of anyone’s business.

The YouTube community may have lost a lot of respect but Carrie and Charlie didn’t do anything and I expect them to be as upset and devastated as some of us are. They need time to heal and gather their thoughts, for people to claim 'I don’t think Carrie should get back together with Alex’ is totally unnecessary.

She has been friends with him for a long time and dated him recently as well. The wounds from the news go a lot deeper than any of us think, her decision would had been a carefully deliberated one and whatever she chooses I believe we should be the ones to support her and not critique her judgement.

Her not Charlie did anything so as true fans and just human being we should stay out of it and keep our thoughts to ourselves. Their situation doesn’t need to be made harder.

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