pls nerf dwarf

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How come none of these hockey players wear glasses while they play?

Have you ever got hit by a puck? Those things aren’t nerf balls you know.

My boss brought one of the industrial-strength leaf blowers into the office, so that she could see if it’s strong enough to make her swivel chair go round & round in circles when she aims it sideways (it is). This is the same person who frequently likes to demonstrate her shooting skills by making me balance a plastic cup on my head so that she can shoot it off with the nerf gun.

The only reason I mention any of this is because this is the first time I’ve ever been in a situation where I was not the most immature person in the room. It is an odd feeling.

>Like 10 fucking heroes get extra abilitys on buying an aghs

>Nyx turns into a Lurker with Aghs

>Tusk is now Ice Captain Falcon

>Minefield Sign turned from a joke ability into an actual ability

>sand king is the god of the lane now

>Aghs OD is the best initiation/counter initiation in the game now

>Aghs morph straight up steals an ultimate from HOTS

>Lifestealer’s aghs ult gives allies his ultimate in a nutshell

>Nature’s Prophet is god all around now

>Batrider nerfed?

>Mudgolems aren’t magic immune

>like 8 new fucking items

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Oh get up you drama queen *Tosses her a Nerf Gun* *Puts on glasses* fite me m8

*puts arm over eyes while on the ground* I can’t. you have slain me in battle. I have perished by your hands!


This kid in my math class at school froze the document camera while his face was under it. When our teacher came into the classroom from being in the hall, she immediately ran to her desk and grabbed a nerf gun from a drawer and started shooting the kids face while saying “I’ve waited a long time to do this.”

You are getting there.

Nintendo, for people like me it takes dedication and true skill to be able to main a low tier disadvantaged character like Doctor Mario on smash 4. I like how you buffed his forward air but all his moves should have a 5 percent increase of damage.

I am tired of this fucking biased towards op characters like Rosalina, Palutena, shiek and Diddy. It takes the most skill to main Dr. Mario just nerf the ever living fuck out of all these characters and buff the fuck out of Doctor mother fucking Mario. This is all I ask.

If you do this Nintendo then maybe smash 4 can be a decent game because I am tired of people being biased as all hentai fuck when it comes to a high tier character thinking they are good when they beat a low tier. I still come up on top because I am gaming legend.

jon pls consider these match ups next season of on the spot

  • lazer team crew!!
  • adam ellis/joel heyman vs adam kovic/joel rubin
  • arryn zech/aaron marquis and whatever other aaron you can find (look…. i’m just saying check if arin hanson is available)
  • blaine vs the bleach
  • get all the adams in roosterteeth and just make them fucking fight each other. i’m not even talking on the spot i’m just taking give them nerf guns and see whos the alpha adam