nerf longstrike


Nerf Longstrike CS-6

Oh man, this project took way longer than I expected! I spent a good few hours just trying to figure out how to put everything back together. Nerf gun was taken apart, sanded, primed, and painted (with lots of section taping involved). The only mod I did was drill out the air restrictors, but it shoots pretty dang far!


When i said I was cutting back, this is my minimum Nerf game loadout

Nerf Pyragon [Rarity] with a ten clip, 2 x 20 clips, and 40 drum.  This is the fire suppression weapon of choice. For when you absolutely have to spam someone into tomorrow.  

Nerf Longstrike [Elle Vera] which was modded by Joe Craddy with the standard AR removal, plus spring modded, plus other dark arts.  Using 2 x 18 drums from the Alpha Trooper range. ElleVera is for HvZ when you want to play aggressive and go hunting with a pack. Clip fed, so you can pick up clips from fellow survivors, Elle proves her value in a short range, accurate straight firing, and a stupidly high accuracy to ammo rate. 

Rebelle Series: The Guardian [Shotbow] with the bow arms removed is my pump action side arm. On a sling, it sits close to the body, primes one handed, and is quiet.  You can get point blank on someone with this for a theatrical epic kill shot if you’ve snuck up on a Zombie player who’s distracted.  Plus, with the Australia spring and AR, the range is short, and not unpleasant to be hit at close quarters.  Five shots, front loaded, takes most modern darts

Sweet Revenge Triple Play: One Australian SR, with the grey trigger, two US SR with pink triggers.  Fifteen shots total, although I tend to run the AUSR single handed, and discard it when I run out, and then draw the two USSR (heh) for hunting.  Plus, if you holster the AUSR with a single dart primed, it’s your last stand resolver for when you’re getting rushed.

Vortex (Modded): These are my mess around guns - a modded Vigilon (5 shots) which fires perversely straight for a Vortex, which is great for sniping from cover (since you need to reload, oft and quickly). Vigilons have a structural weakness in the location of the internal reload clip which makes them spring open when you’re running - which, is bad. Very bad.  But if you’re dug into a spot, and have a bag of ammo, you can make life miserable for attackers.  Grand for defence, would never want to use it on attack.

Two spring modded Protons which I can fire strangely fast for a single disc. A personal favourite for HvZ light running, where a bag of ammo, quick fire reloading, and people assuming that a single shot blaster means three zombies can’t possible lose makes for great game play escapes.  I have survived down to the final five in a large HvZ rolling only Proton.

So that’s the load out now.  A mix of firepower, speed, and accuracy that reflects how my gameplay style has evolved from the walking turret into the running scout.