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If anyone follows me, here or on, you will know I am a little behind on updates for all three of my works, and there are a lot, and I need to apologize for that. In all honesty, life is just a b*tch sometimes, can you not agree? 

If you don’t know me, my name is Nereida. My current obsession is writing Richonne Fanfiction and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (Sorry, babe!) This hiatus is killing me softly, but the perfect remedy would definitely have to be sitting down in the spring sun with a snack and some good tunes and writing stories about a tv love so beautiful I forget they aren’t a real couple. If you’re still with me, I appreciate it! I’ll let you know what’s going on with my fics and what you can look forward to!

1. Smutty Sundays 

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My latest series, Smutty Sundays , is a collection of one-shots and drabbles based on requests and prompts by anyone who asks and wants to be added to the list. That’s right; anyone. I’ve faithfully added updates each Sunday so far, with the exception of the most recent. I’ve sustained an eye injury and it definitely delayed my progress severely, so the update will be posted as a surprise sometime soon when I can see out of both of my eyes lol. I’m sorry. Health does come first. But please feel free to check out the first five entries and catch up on the first two parts of my latest, a Canon Richonne BDSM tale with Dom Rick and Submissive Michonne before part three! “Say Yes to Submission". Don’t knock it til you try it.

(and also feel free to message me any requests you have. richonners have the best ideas!)

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2. Kismet- A Richonne Novel

Previously titled Talisman

Michonne is on a mission to a place she’s been longing for since the Turn. Plagued by PTSD, she is angry and wary of strangers. Rick, her newest traveling companion, is immediately intrigued by her and would follow her anywhere. What is she looking for on Cumberland Island? Will she open up to anyone about her mysterious past? AU/ZA in Georgia.

My first fic ever.  And my first ever multichapter.

I threatened a title change long ago, as this fic will be a year old on the Fourth of July. This title had always been my intended, and it is now much more fitting. There has been too much time since the last uodate, and I can sadly admit that it is because I lost a great deal of the progress a few months ago and haven’t had the courage to say anything. However!  Chapter 14 is coming along amazingly and will be updated within the next week, two weeks max (once again, eye injury, the healing is unpredictable.) 

Meanwhile, all thirteen chapters of this Au/Za are waiting for you if you would like to read them! 

Here's Kismet- A Richonne Novel

3. Midsummer Nights

AU, no zombies. After taking a young life on duty, Rick Grimes seeks solace in a bar on a lonely summer night and is seduced by an alluring beauty that he falls for instantly. An unexpected and intense flame is sparked and the two connect deeply in the midst of their many struggles. Perhaps people meet because they need each other… perhaps everything happens for a reason…

This fic started from a one-shot and has blossomed into an exciting multichapter smutty AU tale with more to come, a story of single Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes and Lawyer Michonne meeting in a bar. She literally dances her way into his life and makes an immediate impression on him and their first night together is not a typical one night stand. They realize they met precisely when they need each other, and things are about to get hot and heavy fast, in more ways than one!

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Read Midsummer Nights here!!

And there you have it, we’re all caught up!!! Once again, I am so sorry for the delays. These fics are very important to me, so don’t worry and updates will be more frequent! Please enjoy, feel free to hit me up about anything, questions or just a chat. Happy reading, writing and reviewing, whichever is your contribution to my favorite fandom. I appreciate all the continued support more than you know. Hope you’re ready for all the scrumptious updates to come.

And a big thank you to @alwayseverythingrichonne for designing my midsummer and kismet covers!  i’m so in love with them!

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Sorry to bother you,but do you have any headcannons on Undertaker as a father?

You’re not bothering me, hon! <3


  • Although he’ll be happy as long as the baby is healthy, he’s absolutely over the moon if it turns out he has a little girl. His first choice of name is Klaudie, but he’d be equally happy with unique names that are still ‘classic’. (Anastasia, Caitriona, Nereida, Philomena, and Vitaliya would be his back-ups.)
  • Is always the fun parent, even when he doesn’t mean to be. He just can’t stand seeing his child upset, so he’s willing to do almost anything it takes to cheer them up. This… may be the cause of some fights with his S/O.
  • If his child is being bullied or anything of that nature, the first thing he’d want is to talk with authority – schoolteachers, the other child/children’s parents, etc. If nobody does anything about it, then the gloves are off.
  • He 100%, seriously, literally, sleeps in a coffin with his child, especially if they’ve had bad dreams recently.
  • Is actually pretty popular with his child’s friends. Everyone always wants to come over to the funeral parlor to hang out, because Undertaker tells the best jokes, serves the best snacks, and has probably hosted a secret party or two that the other children’s parents and his S/O don’t even know about.

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Can I get a list of all your aus? Thanks!

Once Upon a Blue Moon AU

Featuring Dipper as a werewolf and Mabel as a witch. When he was twelve, Dipper ran away after getting bitten to go find help to control the “beast within”. When he comes back many things have changed, including his sister. 

There’s a full fic you can read here (that link also leads to the blog itself!) and just general information here

Big Dipper AU   

Dipper (age 15) and his sister Mabel (age 12) are spending their third year in Gravity Falls with their Grunkle Stan when they stumble upon a weird journal in the woods. They always knew this town was weird but now, armed with knowledge they never had before, they set out on adventures to discover the mysteries.

The full fic Danse Macabre can be read here as well as a list of oneshots and general information!

Orphaned Twins AU

Mabel and Dipper’s parents die in a car crash when they’re six and are sent to go live with their Grunkle Stan.

That tag can be found here! (Please note that the tag for this au is orphaned twin au, not orphaned twins. That will take you someplace else!)

Sword and Shield AU

Gravity Falls but in the late Middle Ages. Dipper is an apothecary apprentice, Mabel is working on becoming one of the few female artists (while also standing in for her brother during knightly tournaments), Grunkle Stan is a conman, and Ford is on the run from the church bunted by Bill Cipher, the Egyptian God Set who has come to bring disease, plague, and destruction to Europe. 

That blog can be found here!

Pines Grove AU

Because I’m a sucker for sibling relationships, and everyone draws the rev!twins as sixteen anyway, this is an au where the Reverse!Twins (now named Nereida and Orion) are the sixteen year old siblings of Dipper and Mabel. The other Rev! characters make an appearance including Rev!Pacifica as Atlantica Southeast and Rev!Gideon as a projection of future Gideon trying to warn the twins of Weirdmageddon.

That blog can be found here!

Ex-girlfriends/Ex-boyfriends Part 2- asked by anon :)

Sergio Womanizer Ramos and Cristiano Womanizer Ronaldo - Witch who they were in a relationship?

2006 Sergio was in a relationship with Carolina Martinez.

2006/2007 Sergio was in a relationship with a model and Miss Spain 2006, Elisabeth Reyes.

2007 Media wrote about the affair of Sergio with Nereida Gallardo but probably it was just a rumor. No evidence or photos.

2009 Paparazzi caught Sergio with Amaia Salamanca (spanish actress - media also wrote about her affair with Iker Casillas) on the street in Madrid. But it’s only two photos, nothing official.

2010/2012 The Love story of Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez was very complicated - of course in the media, we don’t know what really happened. There seemed to be a perfect relationship, and Sergio found the woman of his dreams but … the couple gave their relationship few chances until they finally finished their relationship. I very liked Lara and I hope she finds the love of her life and will have a happy family :)

And now Pilar. For ten years, Pilar was in a relationship with José Molinero, a member of the band Hamlet.


2003 - Media wrote about the relationship of Cristiano with Jordana Jardel, Mario Jardel’s sister. But Ronaldo claimed that she is just his friend.

2005/2006 Cristiano was in a relationship with Merche Romero, Portuguese model and TV Presenter. She was nine years older than him.

In 2006, media wrote about the affair of Cristiano with Mia Judaken. Nothing official, it’s just a rumor.

Probably in 2007 Cristiano was in a relationship with Gemma Atkinson, but he never officially confirmed this relation.

2008 - Cristiano was in a relationship with Nereida Gallardo. I think that is the best known “ex-girlfriend of Cristiano” who tried to make a career telling in interviews stupid things about Cristiano. Poor woman.

In 2009, Media wrote about the affair of Cristiano with student, Olivia Saunders.

Before Cristiano met Irina, the media also wrote about his romance with Paris Hilton and … Kim Kardashian. (God thank you for Irina!)

And … 

Before Irina met Cristiano, she was in a relationship with Valerio Morabito.