La última sirena” (2013) sesión fotográfica
Modelo: Crystina Cano Ramos “Nereida Red”
Ayudante de iluminación: Sara Castro Barrientos
Fotografía y edición: Diana Festa

exaqua-nereida replied to your post:Mermaid M!A Extended for three days!

“…” Neri blinked. “You okay, dude?”

His head jerked up, at the noise. He didn’t expect anyone to be along this particular stretch of coast. But all the same, he felt some relief flood him at the sight of Nereida.

“Y…yeah, I just…” he looked down to his tail, stuck in the foam of the surf. “I’ve…..suffered a minor….transformation?”

How does he explain to her he’s become a merman with a crocodile’s tail?

Sailor to attempt record-setting circumnavigation from Victoria

Jeanne Socrates, 74, hopes to become the oldest person to sail solo non-stop around the world.

The British sailor will set sail from Victoria on Wednesday and will spend roughly the next eight months on the S/V Nereida. If she’s successful in the feat, she will edge out the record currently held by a 71-year-old man from Japan.

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Ex-girlfriends/Ex-boyfriends Part 2- asked by anon :)

Sergio Womanizer Ramos and Cristiano Womanizer Ronaldo - Witch who they were in a relationship?

2006 Sergio was in a relationship with Carolina Martinez.

2006/2007 Sergio was in a relationship with a model and Miss Spain 2006, Elisabeth Reyes.

2007 Media wrote about the affair of Sergio with Nereida Gallardo but probably it was just a rumor. No evidence or photos.

2009 Paparazzi caught Sergio with Amaia Salamanca (spanish actress - media also wrote about her affair with Iker Casillas) on the street in Madrid. But it’s only two photos, nothing official.

2010/2012 The Love story of Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez was very complicated - of course in the media, we don’t know what really happened. There seemed to be a perfect relationship, and Sergio found the woman of his dreams but … the couple gave their relationship few chances until they finally finished their relationship. I very liked Lara and I hope she finds the love of her life and will have a happy family :)

And now Pilar. For ten years, Pilar was in a relationship with José Molinero, a member of the band Hamlet.


2003 - Media wrote about the relationship of Cristiano with Jordana Jardel, Mario Jardel’s sister. But Ronaldo claimed that she is just his friend.

2005/2006 Cristiano was in a relationship with Merche Romero, Portuguese model and TV Presenter. She was nine years older than him.

In 2006, media wrote about the affair of Cristiano with Mia Judaken. Nothing official, it’s just a rumor.

Probably in 2007 Cristiano was in a relationship with Gemma Atkinson, but he never officially confirmed this relation.

2008 - Cristiano was in a relationship with Nereida Gallardo. I think that is the best known “ex-girlfriend of Cristiano” who tried to make a career telling in interviews stupid things about Cristiano. Poor woman.

In 2009, Media wrote about the affair of Cristiano with student, Olivia Saunders.

Before Cristiano met Irina, the media also wrote about his romance with Paris Hilton and … Kim Kardashian. (God thank you for Irina!)

And … 

Before Irina met Cristiano, she was in a relationship with Valerio Morabito.