Keeping up with my pseudo X-Men theme of the morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please: James McAvoy in glasses.

I hope the first day of Grad School when I walk in, someone that looks like this ends up sitting next to me. Just a small wish. 

For those of you who are nerdy musical lovers, like myself.

Aaron Tveit who played Enjolras in Les Miserables. I kind of liked his shaggy, wavy hair in the movie. But I also think this three piece suit and the glasses fit him quite well. 

A good voice, that can sing Les Miserables songs = love. 

Because they are comic book characters … thus nerdy.

Plus, you know … Fassbender is going to be portraying Carl Jung in an upcoming film, and that’s pretty nerdy right?

Listen, I will rationalize Michael Fassbender being in my nerdy blog for days. Even if he isn’t stereotypically nerdy.

You know why? BECAUSE I WANNA. And because he is super sexy.

Let’s be honest. There is one man on everyone’s mind these days.

It’s Ryan.

I just saw “Drive”. Go see. Really, go.

He’s wearing glasses in this photo, he is playing the guitar, and he likes Disneyland. That qualifies him for this page.

But let’s be honest, Ryan doesn’t need any approval. Nobody should mind having to look at him. Ever.

Hey, Ryan, did anyone ever tell you how good you look in glasses?


Well, let me be the first to say they are very becoming on that perfect face of yours. It’s, like, almost annoying how good they look on. Oh, what’s that … you want to sit down and drink a glass of red wine with me ??? My place or yours??

(another submission from Xtina)

Did anyone watch the new 90210? 

Me neither. 

But, the one time I did pass by my friend watching it, I spotted this guy.

Ryan Eggold. He played an overly attractive teacher. I didn’t have any teachers that looked like this in high school. How unrealistic of 90210.

Another fantastic submission from XtinaL. 

Let me tell y'all, it’s also quite a coincidence that someone sent in a submission for our friend Jorma Taccone (you know he’s pretty famous for the line “plus, the way you bag cans got me bothered and hot” a la Jizz in My Pants) because I crossed paths with him in real life the other day.

Yes, it happened. I was parking at the movie theater in L.A., was on my way to treat myself to a viewing of Super 8, when I spotted an attractive male paying for his parking at the machine. The closer I got, the more I felt he looked familiar. I thought to myself, wow … that guy really looks like the guy from Lonely Island. You know, the one that isn’t Andy Samberg or Jorma Taccone (his name is Akiva Schaffer by the way, and he probably deserves a photo on this blog asap). At this point I was staring and squinting awkwardly, and I glanced over at the person standing next to him and it was Jorma. I passed by fast, trying to play it super duper cool. But then I immediately tried to think of every person I could call who would care.  

Fast forward twenty minuets and I am shopping in a record store waiting for my movie. He’s shopping for CD’s in there. I kind of ran away because I felt awkward. 

Factual story. 

This is Alec Ounsworth, the lead singer of the fantastic Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

The other day, I was volunteering at the Culture Collide Festival in Echo Park, CA. And CYHSY was playing.  Since I was at the entrance, I kept seeing people go in and out. And many men caught my eye, but one of them was Mr. Ounsworth. I didn’t even know it was him, until later when I watched the band, he was up on stage, singin’ .

There really is something about the quality of his voice, and his presence on stage that commands my attention.