i feel so uncomfortable writing out urls in cursive i don’t know. my handwriting is impossible. blame bluejaywaay . but what a pink sharpie amirite

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nerdyninjaintraining-blog-deact  asked:

Can you please send me a few of your favorite Teen Wolf fics?

I’m not sure if we share the same kinks but I’ll try!

Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats

Alpha Spikes

Counting to Infinity (Deaf Derek)

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf (Makes people cry)

Darling It Is No Joke

The Rags of My Skin

The Battle for Beacon Hills

Role Reversal (Haven’t finished readin’ this one yet)

nerdydetective replied to your post: Feel free to ignore the following rant

Sweety people care, most of us on this site pretty much feel the same. There’s strangers on here that I feel more comfortable with than in real life people. I cared enough to read this didn’t I?

Thanks… I feel alone most of the time and just writing about it helps me get it out… most of the time I try not and post it because I know it just catches people’s attention and I both do and don’t want that. I do want people to read it because I feel like I need help but I also don’t want them to because at a time like this I just want to be left alone… but thanks