i started this like months ago or something and i finally opened it up today after going through all my files and just

i can’t look at it anymore LOL i had to clean up the coloring and threw on some quick shading but i’m just going to totally remake this sometime eventually because wow this is terrible 8’)

my old rp group’s digimon OCs……

designed by the wonderful liza and played by myself, herself, khepri and gigi

heartscale  asked:

I agree, a lot of people went waaay too far on the Christian bashing for that pokemon thing. Anything related to God or Christianity will automatically be ridiculed on tumblr, and nobody thinks twice about it when they do it. I think it's cute, and everyone is like "SHE'S RUINING POKEMON BY PUTTING GOD IN IT DERP!" But I also think its funny that there is a "god" pokemon already. I think I've become immune to being affected by anti-christian sentiments thanks to everyone tumblr.

Arceus will answer them for their sins, nerdycouture.

Hello new followers. =]

Thank you so much for following! And super thanks again to nerdycouture for the lovely post about my shop, and bringing you guys to me. =P

I’m all out of stock of Pokemon necklaces now! I’ve been selling Pokemon necklaces for just over 2 years now and they’ve been surprisingly popular. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be making and adding new Pokemon necklaces to my Folksy shop over the next month. If you’ve got any suggestions/requests of a pokemon you’d like to see on a necklace (as I tend to go for my personal favourites =P) then please send me a message here. That link takes you to my personal Tumblr’s ask box. 

I don’t think I’ll be making as much for a little while as the second year of my degree has just started! And I’m going to be getting my nerd on and try to do the best I can to get good grades, but I will be still running the Folksy shop 24/7! I’ll still reply to messages and send out orders as soon as I can. =] I love doing it so I’m not going to stop while I study.

Anyway, hope you guys are all good. And speak to you soon =]