The reason I am here









and now confused90saddict because of living close!

There’s so many though. I love everyone on here so much.

I wouldn’t keep on keeping on if it wasn’t for you guys. All of you who are reading this.

i started this like months ago or something and i finally opened it up today after going through all my files and just

i can’t look at it anymore LOL i had to clean up the coloring and threw on some quick shading but i’m just going to totally remake this sometime eventually because wow this is terrible 8’)

my old rp group’s digimon OCs……

designed by the wonderful liza and played by myself, herself, khepri and gigi

NerdyCouture is my inspiration. She is such an amazing person, and I love her to death. I do wish I talked to her more. I need to be better to my amazing friends here. They are some of the greatest. These kind words mean so much to me, and have made my week. I feel the same about her. She is a huge inspiration to many, and definitely me. She is such a wonderful person, and I admire her. Her, Nebbles, Eric, and Tommy are the only reasons I am still here. Without them I would have left tumblr long ago and then I wouldn’t have met many other wonderful people.

heartscale asked:

That "poem" is such an embarrassment, and seeing ~*nostalgia*~ people (who forgot pokemon even existed) reblog it and saying "omg how cute" just pisses me off. Like the other day I was wearing my pokemon hoodie and this girl told me she was "literally obsessed" with pokemon and that pokemon is her life. She points to Charmander and says "Squirt is my favorite" then pointed to Charizard and called it Charmander. Yeah, if she's so "obsessed" then she should take a pokeball and shove it up her ass.

Jesus christ Liza, I wish I could take this ask and shove it up every nostalgiafag’s ass