“Snow” day! School was out because our state can’t handle a single flake, so I went out to take some better quality pictures(:


Made a Grumpy Cat Cake today on Nerdy Nummies! She is so cute! ♥


Matsu Boyfriend playlists!

A collection of Matsu/You fanmixes I did a little while ago. I updatet them a bit so feel free to check them out!

Idiot BoyfriendPainful Boyfriend 💘 Nerdy Boyfriend 💌 Kitty Boyfriend 🐾 Puppy Boyfriend 💕 Cutie Boyfriend 💗


Cattitude Collection

Are you sassy? Do you like cats? I like to think I’m sassy and I like cats. Made some shirts to fit both of those checkmarks!

Get them here!

It’s Not My Purroblem You Can’t Handle My Cattitude Pink ll Blue

I Don’t Have A Bad Cattitude You Just Can’t Handle My Purrsonality White ll Pink ll Blue