i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)
By Organization for Transformative Works

bleep0bleep / Teen / StilesxDerek

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.

Help me practice drawing by sending me a high school stereotype and an animal.

A - Punk

B - Goth

C - Nerdy

D - Jock

E - Preppy

F - Skater

H - Gamer

I - Gangster

J - Gay

1 - Fox

2 - Bird

3 - Bear

4 - Bat

5 - Dog

6 - Cat

7 - Lizard

8 - Shark

9 - Rabbit

10 - Wolf

questscale asked:

Hello! Love your blog❤️. would you be ok with shipping me with supernatural, Avenger, or Percy Jackson characters? My name is Kathryn, I am 5feet 6, light blond long hair and dark blue eyes. I have an identical twin and we run/ coach cross country and track together. I can be described as a nerdy jock that's awkward with super cute guys.


I ship you with Sam Winchester.

Sam is passionate about being healthy, and would love to have you as a running buddy. A relationship would bloom out of your friendship, and Sam would indulge in both of your passions as a means of spending time together.

(Other matches: Dean Winchester, Castiel)


I ship you with Steve Rogers.

Steve is into fitness, being a super soldier and all, and would be happy to have someone to work out with. Being a super soldier also means that he is more powerful than the average human being, and would let you best him in the activities you do because he had grown a bit of a soft spot.

(Other matches: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark)


I ship you with Luke Castellan.

Luke was always one to welcome new arrivals to camp, and you would be no exception. He would give you tours of Camp Half Blood, walking or running, and neither of you would realize that he had shown you around five times already. Luke would let you beat him in swordfighting congratulate you enthusiastically when you won by yourself. Everyone around camp would comment on how cute you two were together, and Luke would eventually give in under the relentless teasing and ask you out.

(Other matches include: Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang)