The Black girls who u refuse to reblog are still valid and still matter.

Size 20 Black girls
Scene/alternative/nerdy Black girls
Black girls with acne or scarring
Dark skinned Black girls who aren’t fuckable to u
Monoracial Black girls with Black features
Disabled Black girls
Black girls who say “fuck respectability politics”
Black girls with 4c natural hair
Black girls who critique the Black community and the damage it has done to us..

Like. Black girls matter whether you like us or not.

Alternative Black Girls

Black Girls are the ratchet type,

Black girls are the ghetto type

No! I am an alternative black girl,

The one who watches anime and play video games,

Listen to rock music, listen to k music, and cosplay my features,

Very quirky but I’m still in the game,

Be kawaii & embrace my melanin,

Maybe you should stop assuming that all black girls are classless & ignorant,

We’ve been silence for so long that we feel the need to express our lives,

But, you don’t wanna hear us but rather see us tear ourselves apart in hell,

We chosen our own destiny & respect all black girls around the world,

Society is the one to blame and they claim to tame me,

But no no,

I’m livin for my lifestyle for that I breathe in the life cycle,

Just to escape this bullshit called reality,

I’m fatality and this is my philosophy,

Black girls

It’s not weird that black girls like metal alternative or techno music. Like reading comics and watching anime. Like cosplaying and video games. It’s weird that ppl generally put you in this box. They think according to the color of your skin you like this type of music or do certain things because of your ethnicity. I got that shit all the time, still do. This is just my opinion btw… I don’t know if anyone would agree with me.

C: Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get a black boyfriend. Like, I feel like my first boyfriend won’t be black at all. I’ve had black men tell me that I have to b slutty, less shy and party more for guys to notice me. Black men will date any non-black girl and won’t have high expectations. All I wanted was a nerdy black guy to compliment my nerdy black girl self but it probably won’t ever happen 😔. What’s worse is that I go to an HBCU and am not good enough for black men. Why do black men hate introverted and shy girls?

S/O to the:

“weird” black girls
Hippie black girls
Anime loving black girls
Socially awkward black girls
Stoner black girls
Conscious black girls
Still trying to find themselves black girls
Nerdy black girls
So shy that your voice crackles black girls

To the black girls that the world tend to sleep on, I got love for you girl!