nerdy white dudes

you know its really sad because when i was younger i really looked up to joss whedon because he created some of my favorite stories and characters that shaped the person i grew up to be and now, almost ironically, as an adult i’ve grown to realize that he’s nothing but a typical nerdy white dude who thinks hes the second coming of jesus and is stuck writing the same stories/tropes over and over and spewing NiceGuy bullshit while trying to suck his own dick

I love my German professor so much she’s like 22 and has a half shaved head and a nose ring, and like 80% of my German class is these boring fuck boys and… anyway, today we were talking about East Germany vs west Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall and how obviously berlin’s experiment w communism wasn’t successful, and these pasty nerdy white dudes are like “FUCK communism! god bless America! USA! usa! usa!” and then one of them was like “do you know what they had in west Germany? FREEDOM!” I was sooo annoyed, but my professor straight up called him out! she was like “uh actually no, what they had was CAPITALISM!” like… damn… u tell em… it’s impossible to be truly free under capitalism… auf Wiedersehen!