nerdy scene

The Black girls who u refuse to reblog are still valid and still matter.

Size 20 Black girls
Scene/alternative/nerdy Black girls
Black girls with acne or scarring
Dark skinned Black girls who aren’t fuckable to u
Monoracial Black girls with Black features
Disabled Black girls
Black girls who say “fuck respectability politics”
Black girls with 4c natural hair
Black girls who critique the Black community and the damage it has done to us..

Like. Black girls matter whether you like us or not.


This is an Euler’s Disk. It’s a physics toy that demonstrates angular momentum, potential energy, and kinetic energy.

stop making fun of alternate black kids.

same people talking about how diverse black people can be are often the same ones making fun of nerdy, alternate, geeky, or scene black people.

pro black means us too.

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Sleepover of horror: When Weebs attack!

(All names are changed for safety reasons! Even my own.)

Me: Sage

Best friend: Cat

Weeaboo 1: Miku

Weeaboo 2: Pocky

When I was a 8th grader our school started to get some new kids coming in. My best friend Cat and I were so hyped because only our table of friends were into the whole nerdy scene and it be cool to meet new people! So that’s when Miku joined one of my classes that year. She did not talk much, she seemed rather shy, though during homeroom I would see her pull out her sketchbook the next day and decided maybe I should introduce myself. I could already see Miku was wearing a Fairy Tail shirt walking up to her. Perfect!

We talked some and she was very nice to me. She got warmed up quick. Maybe too quick…though I have course invited her to my table. Throughout the day she would follow me like a lost puppy. Calling me “Sage-chan! Wait for me!” Really loudly in the hallways of course. I laughed it off of course.

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every westallen scene ever (29/?)