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The Black girls who u refuse to reblog are still valid and still matter.

Size 20 Black girls
Scene/alternative/nerdy Black girls
Black girls with acne or scarring
Dark skinned Black girls who aren’t fuckable to u
Monoracial Black girls with Black features
Disabled Black girls
Black girls who say “fuck respectability politics”
Black girls with 4c natural hair
Black girls who critique the Black community and the damage it has done to us..

Like. Black girls matter whether you like us or not.

Yay I finally get to post the art I did for “All The Things Money Can’t Buy” by Lys ap Adin! We got paired up for the @sheithbigbang after I got shuffled around to a few different writers who dropped out. Was so glad to work on this fic though because it’s AWESOME and funny and so well written. I really enjoyed being part of my first Big Bang! 


This is an Euler’s Disk. It’s a physics toy that demonstrates angular momentum, potential energy, and kinetic energy.

stop making fun of alternate black kids.

same people talking about how diverse black people can be are often the same ones making fun of nerdy, alternate, geeky, or scene black people.

pro black means us too.

imthat-nerdy-girl  asked:

Okay I'm sorry for asking so much, some of the stuff I got into writing about is a little new to me, and I want to be sure I'm doing in right. Here's the question: what's the best way to carry out a fight in a book. Specifically a gun and explosives fight. I can draw it out no problem, it's just harder to write.

Ask away! There’s nothing to worry about. A writer who never asks any questions probably isn’t a very good writer. 

Anyway. Fights often very difficult to write. They are fast paced, action heavy, and require an understanding of things such as weaponry and strategy and such. 

First things first, get an understanding of your weapons, setting, and other tools that are going to play a part in the fight. You want to understand any possible limits that you might have in a scene in order to understand what would be a realistic result of each action. Plus, researching weapons, injuries, and other fight-related factors can actually help to inspire you to different outcomes or events within the fight.

Once you have that basic foundation, you can start to write the actual fight. For this, I actually have a few methods I can refer you to that can apply.

First, in this post I talked about the “action, emotion, reaction” structure. You’ll probably want to read the post in its entirety, but it is basically what it sounds like: when Character A commits and action, Character B then must react emotionally, and then react physically. Character B’s physical reaction then becomes the starting action for Character A, who then in turn reacts emotionally and physically, etc. That post goes more in depth about what that looks like, gives examples, and a few exceptions, etc.

Second, this post in which I talked about making sports scenes more exciting has tips that can also help with a fight scene. 1. “Show, Don’t Tell”, 2. “Keep Characters in Mind,” 3. “Remember the Stakes” and 4. “Keep Up the Conflict.” All are explained more in depth on the other post, and can apply just as easily to fighting as sports. 

Next, let’s point out a few key things about guns and explosives. In the case of these particular weapons, it’s important to understand what they are, and what they can do. You don’t necessarily need to define every single weapon in your story or even use real gun models. But you should set up some parameters even within your own world. What kinds of explosives exist? How big are they? Do they release gas, fire, shrapnel, etc? Are there timed detonators? What kinds of guns exist? How big are they? How many bullets can each one hold? Are there any that are automatic or semiautomatic? All of these details and more factor not only into the fight but also the worldbuilding as a whole.

You’re also going to want to study up on the kinds of injuries that can be sustained from guns and explosives. One common thing I see is characters being shot or “grazed” and still acting mostly normal, or just a little “pained” until they can get medical attention and be dramatic properly. It’s often very inaccurate. 

“Bang Bang Bangy Bang”

and @scriptmedic are some good resources to check out. 

Finally, it’s interesting that you mentioned that you can draw it out. You can use that to help yourself. If it helps you to visualize the scene, then by all means, draw it out first, and describe what you are seeing! You’re still going to want to fancy it up with descriptive words and emotional reactions, but having a clear visual is a great start already. 

Check out those resources, and I hope this helps~!


I just really like the idea of some Medieval fantasy general with the whole “planning with a council of generals around a big table and stabbing the map in the middle to punctuate a statement”.

But what if the lead general then falls in love with a map maker who really like wandering unknown territories by herself and tends to fuckin climb through trees and plants and shit and the general is so fuckin head-over-heels for this adventurous and crazy map maker.

The general always accompanies the map maker to explore new land “as a way to strategically plan invasion routes” but the map maker sees right through her lies and tries to put her escort in difficult situations. The general has a sword and clunky armor and the map maker persuades her to jump in a cool stream while in the middle of an expedition and the map maker is just BLOWN AWAY by the general’s abs and cute laugh when she jumps in the water.

Likewise, the general is fucking amazed with how the map maker swings from trees and jumps in the water, her afro not quite going flat even when wet. The map maker’s glasses rest on a nearby rock while the general’s metal helmet sits next to it.

By the end of the expedition and both women are returning to base camp with a more detailed map of the area, the general is about to stab the map to punctuate her statement but her new girlfriend is glaring daggers at her and the general swallows hard before tapping the map forcefully, but without damaging her girlfriend’s work.