nerdy scene

The Black girls who u refuse to reblog are still valid and still matter.

Size 20 Black girls
Scene/alternative/nerdy Black girls
Black girls with acne or scarring
Dark skinned Black girls who aren’t fuckable to u
Monoracial Black girls with Black features
Disabled Black girls
Black girls who say “fuck respectability politics”
Black girls with 4c natural hair
Black girls who critique the Black community and the damage it has done to us..

Like. Black girls matter whether you like us or not.


This is an Euler’s Disk. It’s a physics toy that demonstrates angular momentum, potential energy, and kinetic energy.

stop making fun of alternate black kids.

same people talking about how diverse black people can be are often the same ones making fun of nerdy, alternate, geeky, or scene black people.

pro black means us too.

okay you don’t even have to ship it 


just imagine after Jenkins’s first ‘antidote’ Flynn and Jacob start taking turns reciting cute love poems to each other

and after the mission is over neither of them can think about those poems without blushing really hard and getting Super embarrassed and cursing the poem writers’ names under their breaths