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This new Mary Lambert music video dropped a few days ago and I haven’t seen anyone talking about it but it’s amazing and super catchy and super gay (both the video and the song) and more people need to be talking about it!!!

Please watch this video I promise you won’t regret it

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congrats on 150 followers!! <333 can i get head canons about yuri on ice characters' music tastes? xx

Were you expecting this to be like 1,100 words long? Because it is 1,100 words long lol

This ask went straight for my heart! I am a huge indulger of music, and this is such a great ask!!! I’m listing every skater that I had an idea for, saving Victor and Yuuri for last J (some of them are paired because it is cuter that way)

Leo and Guang Hong – have joint playlists on Spotify and are constantly sending each other new songs and debating about which playlist they belong on. Whenever they are trying to choose music for a program, they skype each other and blare the song at same time (“1,2,3… PLAY!”). They send each other YouTube videos of their favorite songs whenever they know that the other one is having a bad day.

Emil and Mickey – Emil sends Mickey songs and is constantly asking his opinion. All of them are strangely romantic and Mickey is constantly responding with “yeah, that’s nice.” Emil’s profound patience is the only thing that keeps him from throwing his phone in the closest body of water.

Sara and Mila – share similar tastes in music and can be found sharing earbuds whenever they are together. They exchange the newest, most popular hits from their respective countries whenever a song strikes their fancy.

Their favorite musical pastime is finding the most ridiculous parody videos of popular songs on YouTube. Mila’s current favorite is Talk Nerdy To Me while Sara loves the Staying in Anthem.

Minami – loves upbeat pop music and jazz music from every era. He finds inspiration for step sequences from videos of old dance routines and has an obsession with old school tap dancers (like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.) He absolutely did not tap dance on his training rink’s staircase pretending to be Shirley Temple to Yuuri Katsuki’s Bill Robinson.

(Spoiler: he absolutely did)

Seung-gil – prides himself on his vast knowledge of his country’s music, from the most traditional to more modern releases. He is constantly supporting musical artists on social media and even knows how to play several instruments.

But one night, after a few too many drinks, Seung-gil takes the private stage at a karaoke house…. And absolutely crushes Eminem’s Rap God. The other skaters are shocked into silence as Seung-gil drops the mic and calmly walks off the stage like it never happened.

JJ – without embarrassment or shame admits to liking Nickelback – a lot. He once sang with the band at a benefit concert and it was the best night of his life. He loves all kinds of rock, even the songs that have a pop-like edge to them.

His secret pleasure is: Boy Bands. He knows every lyric to every Backstreet Boys, O-Town, NSync, and 98 Degrees song that ever lived. He cried when One Direction broke up. If he had his way, when he retired him and the other skaters would form a boy band.

Chris – has multiple playlists of songs, comprised of all his past skates plus a random assortment of all the songs he has picked up along the way. If you picked up his phone and examined his playlists, you would think “sounds like Chris.”

But Chris also loves Opera. He will watch and listen to Opera in any language, and shed a few tears during the most emotional songs. He loves the pure emotion mixed with the strong voices and has even learned to sing some of his favorite pieces. When he is alone in his car, he is belting out the baritone parts, making his windows vibrating with the strong bravado of his voice. His boyfriend FINALLY catches him singing while showering and the video almost breaks the internet.

Phichit – will lie dead to your face and tell you that his entire music collection is full of fluffy love songs. And it is true, for the most part, his playlists consisting of movie soundtracks and pop songs from all over the world.

But Yuuri knows about that one playlist, the one marked “Rainy Day” that is filled with nothing but songs that would inspire even the biggest prude to start stripping.

Yuri P. – Mr. Edgelord wants you to believe that he is all hard rock and pounding EDM. He blasts his music until Yakov and Lilia threaten to throw his speakers out of the window. Welcome to the madness is his ringtone and he dares anyone to say anything about it.

But his favorite playlist has been slowly built up with samples from Otabek’s mixes and the original songs that inspired his best friend. Even when the songs aren’t necessarily the kind of anger-lashing tunes that Yuri wants to be associated with him, he loves each one of them and listens to this playlist on loop.

Otabek – has playlists for each of the world’s most prominent DJs and keeps them organized in the order in which the mixes were released. His other playlists are comprised of his own mixes, soundbites, and songs that inspire him.

But his absolutely favorite song… that’s a story for another day (or a catfishprompt response that will be out this weekend ha ha)

Yuuri K. – He is an emotional consumer of music. He wants to hear the message and feel the story in the notes. Even if the song is a traditional Japanese song without lyrics, Yuuri can envision the story there. He immediately assigns songs to the people in his life and to different memories. When he hears the songs of Victor’s past skating programs he swoons, but he cannot bring himself to listen to any of his old program songs (especially from the Sochi year, because RIP Vicchan). Stammi Vicino will always hold a special place in Yuuri’s heart and the goosebumps always appear across his skin with the opening notes.

But there is another song, a song that Phichit would send him the YouTube video link for whenever there was a slight chance that Yuuri would come face-to-face with Victor. It takes Yuuri until the first summer of their marriage to play Marry Me by Train for Victor. Slow dancing in their socks, Yuuri explains why it had always reminded him of Victor. They both cry.

Victor – will listen to anything. He loves music and eagerly absorbs melodic sounds from all over the world. Once Yuuri is in his life and his inspiration has sparked again, Victor begins to find new life in music, often telling Yuuri it is like he is hearing the world with brand new ears. He used to draw out routines, listing moves on paper and pencil, but now he lets his ideas carry him around the room, while Yuuri watches him from the couch with a quiet smile. When they are mapping out pairs routines, they will dance anywhere, from the grocery store to the middle of the park.

Victor is still trying to convince Yuuri to coordinate a banquet themed pair skate (complete with ties on their heads) to Say You Won’t Let Go.

And if you think Phichit’s stripping song list is bad… it is nothing compared to the pure lust comprised in Victor’s playlist simply labeled “Yuuri.”

Yakov – likes Brittany Spears. He just does, leave him alone, the man deserves a vice!

Okay, I know you want to act like “Solas won’t say ‘I love you’ because he doesn’t want to hurt the Inquisitor more” or whatever, but like…that’s factually untrue. He, as I said before, says it earlier than anyone else. No, he does not say it in English/Common (that we hear), but I’m pretty sure “ar,” “lath,” and “ma” are pretty common words for Dalish elves to know. That is: he didn’t say it in some super cryptic way to hide it from them or whatever. He said it. 

I’m just.

I mean, he did.

And he never pretends otherwise. He could. You know, hurt them to save them or whatever. “I never loved you; getting you into bed was an enjoyable side benefit,” blah blah, but he doesn’t. He, who has earned the title of Trickster, who is so good at lying about everything else, who has no issue with deception on any other matter, can’t or won’t lie about this. He says, “I can’t.” He says, “I made a selfish mistake.” He never says, “I don’t care about you.” Because at the very least, the one he loves deserves to know without the insult of making them doubt it.

So like. Don’t try to take that away from him to serve your angsty-elf-boyfriend-can’t-express-feelings narrative. If he weren’t willing to say how he feels, he would’ve avoided the relationship altogether.

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FC suggestions for a female redhead? The character is kind of quirky, but also very smart and sometimes very serious.

Ooo hmm Felicia Day is fabulous and nerdy

Sara Canning is one of my favorite underused redheads she’s so perfect 

Jayma Mays is pretty cute 

Bonnie Wright

one of my personal favorites is Molly C. Quinn 

Holland Rodenis over used a little but super pretty too 

Ellie Kemperis way underused and super adorkable

going into the Office Jenna Fischer is flawless

and so are Isla Fisher

and Amy Adams 

Danielle Panabakeris again really underused.

There’s also the Lizzy Bennet Diaries girls Mary Kate Wiles 

Laura Spencer

and Ashley Clements

Hope that’s helpful ~E