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FC suggestions for a female redhead? The character is kind of quirky, but also very smart and sometimes very serious.

Ooo hmm Felicia Day is fabulous and nerdy

Sara Canning is one of my favorite underused redheads she’s so perfect 

Jayma Mays is pretty cute 

Bonnie Wright

one of my personal favorites is Molly C. Quinn 

Holland Rodenis over used a little but super pretty too 

Ellie Kemperis way underused and super adorkable

going into the Office Jenna Fischer is flawless

and so are Isla Fisher

and Amy Adams 

Danielle Panabakeris again really underused.

There’s also the Lizzy Bennet Diaries girls Mary Kate Wiles 

Laura Spencer

and Ashley Clements

Hope that’s helpful ~E

Okay, I know you want to act like “Solas won’t say ‘I love you’ because he doesn’t want to hurt the Inquisitor more” or whatever, but like…that’s factually untrue. He, as I said before, says it earlier than anyone else. No, he does not say it in English/Common (that we hear), but I’m pretty sure “ar,” “lath,” and “ma” are pretty common words for Dalish elves to know. That is: he didn’t say it in some super cryptic way to hide it from them or whatever. He said it. 

I’m just.

I mean, he did.

And he never pretends otherwise. He could. You know, hurt them to save them or whatever. “I never loved you; getting you into bed was an enjoyable side benefit,” blah blah, but he doesn’t. He, who has earned the title of Trickster, who is so good at lying about everything else, who has no issue with deception on any other matter, can’t or won’t lie about this. He says, “I can’t.” He says, “I made a selfish mistake.” He never says, “I don’t care about you.” Because at the very least, the one he loves deserves to know without the insult of making them doubt it.

So like. Don’t try to take that away from him to serve your angsty-elf-boyfriend-can’t-express-feelings narrative. If he weren’t willing to say how he feels, he would’ve avoided the relationship altogether.