nerdy pun joke is nerdy


Happy π Day, Tumblr!

This year, I got my very own apple pi to celebrate!  (Get it? 😁)

Pro tip:  Just like π is not a whole number, apple pi cannot be eaten whole.  Sitting on it does not help, either.  I recommend demanding your human cut your apple pi into more manageable slices.

Talk Nerdy to Me (Cisco x Reader) Imagines

Imagine: Everyone’s having lunch in the Cortex and you and Cisco can’t help but get a little nerdy…


“Hey Cisco,” you said, holding up a square cup. “D’you want a beer?”

He blinked, surprised. “Um…sure?”

Everyone looked at you confused as you handed the container to your best friend, who took the cup hesitantly. No surprise, considering it was still early for alcohol.

At least, by S.T.A.R. Labs’ standards, that is.

“What kind of beer is it?” He sniffed the liquid, checking for its alcoholic content. “I can’t smell anything.”

“Just try it,” you gestured, eager.

The four of them - Barry, Cait, Cisco and Harry - shared a look of curiosity before turning back to you expectantly. With one eyebrow raised, Cisco raised the cup to his lips and took a quick sip, swished the beverage around his mouth a couple times and gulped it down.

His brows furrowed while he tried to discern the flavor.

“I don’t get it,” he said, setting the cup down on the counter. “That’s just regular root beer.”

“Actually,” You beamed, a lot more prideful than you should have. “It’s beer. See, it’s root beer in a square cup and because the function cancels out the exponent, you are simply left with beer.”

You settled back in your seat, your hands imitating the movements of a small nuclear explosion going off as you lip-synched a ‘BOOM.’ 

Your mind-bomb motion, as you’d like to call it.

Everyone stared at you, mouth agape; though, it was an expected reaction. Your joke, by far, had probably been the cheesiest thing they’ve heard in…well, forever.

Cisco cast you amused look. “Are you…are you talking nerdy to me?”

“Of course,” you grinned, taking a bite out of your Big Belly Burger. “Don’t you find it a-peel-ing?”

Beside us, Barry and Caitlin hung their head in shame, completely rejecting the idea that they could associate with someone so pun-oriented. Harry, on the other hand, took the worst of it all, and immediately stood up, grabbing his food.

“I’m not dealing with this,” he muttered, rushing out of the lab before he could hear any more of your genius witticism. “You kids have fun.”

Cisco couldn’t help the goofy grin on his face.

“Oh my god, ______,” he sputtered, barely able to contain his laugh. “You got Harry to leave!”

“Some people just donut understand,” you added dorkily. “I love to turnip the jokes.”

“Stop!” he said, face turning red. “You’re kiwi-ing me!”

“But I’m so egg-celent!” you pointed out.

He nudged you. “I guess you’re kind of a big dill.”

“That’s what cheese said!”

The two of you burst out laughing, and you felt a small, prideful glow light inside of you. When it came to Cisco, it was one thing when you got the mechanical engineer to laugh; but, it was an entirely different matter when you got him to join you in your stupid stunt act.

Beside you, Barry and Cait seemed disturbed.

As if their internal selves were doing the best that they can not to cringe, or have their face cave in so much and explode out of the back of their heads. Simultaneously, the two got on their feet and collected their lunchware. 

“Sorry, guys,” Cait apologized, her nose wrinkling uncomfortably. “I think I’m just gonna go. It’s getting a little weird in here.”

“Same,” Barry added, dashing out the door.  Any faster and that man would’ve been rushing at the Flash’s speed.

Now, it was only you and Cisco who remained in the room.

At this point, both of you couldn’t suppress your fully spread smiles. Reaching across the table, past his Big Belly Burger wrappers and cup of beer, the mechanical engineer held your hand.

“You are amazing,” he stared deeply in your eyes. “And not to mention, completely adorable.”

“As are you,” Tightening your fingers around his, you leaned closer to him across the table. “I guess you could say, we make a great pear…”