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Nerd This Podcast EP #2 !!

Hey guys! @kawaii-till-you-die, our friend Brandon, and I have a podcast where we just goof around and talk about nerdy things. If that sounds fun to you, check us out! We only have two episodes up right now and we’re new to the podcasting world but it’d make us a lot more confident if we had some more viewers 🙏✨

We talk about Overwatch, anime and more nerdy stuff in episode 2!!!

Owwweeeeee, Hola my fello simblrs !!! 😋 my name is Royal Hendrix. I’m a 21 year old Mom to 2 beautiful babies ❤️ Blake and Haley. I’m into Media and I do podcasting 😂 Nerdy I know, I moved to NYC when I was 19 because I wanted a change, and I mean I love the city! I’m keeping a job and hustling because my kids dad left when he thought i was down and out but I’m BACK AND BETTER!!! So I support myself and all the rest of the single parents out there shoutout shoutout! But I’m living good and wanted to say what’s popping !!!

Convention Panel Opportunity

Hey guys! The girl behind this blog (me, duh) runs a nerdy podcast and does panels at conventions. 

I’m interested in doing a panel at Anime USA this year and I want to do a Saiyuki panel with one other person! “Saiyuki: The Lost Anime” will cover the basics of the anime, its hiatus, and return. We’ll delve into character growth, expectations, realities, and why people should give the show (or mange) a chance upon its return. 

Inbox if you’re interested and I’ll point you to the correct facebook page! 


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More Exciting News - Podcast!

As part of this website I will be starting with some pretty cool peeps, I am also going to be starting a somewhat-regular podcast with @wendynerdwrites and @theculturalvacuum.

Our podcast is called The Fanwankers, where will discuss various trends, storytelling conventions, news, and analysis that nerdy media has to offer.

We are recording our first episode tonight, called “Trope Busters,” where we talk about some of our least favorite tropes and have a bit of fun. And once we figure out all that newfangled editing and such, it shall be on iTunes, so stay tuned for that announcement.



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The Martian Fandom Survey

In total, 217 people responded to the “Finding The Martian Fandom” survey. I posted links to the survey from tumblr and from my Facebook (and a nerdfighter facebook group). 185 people from tumblr responded, and 32 people from Facebook responded. 

For question 3, “How did you hear about The Martian?,” other responses included:

  • seeing the trailer in a movie theater, on TV, or on Youtube (10), 
  • science or nerdy blog, personality, or podcast (8), and
  • 1 each for BN book review, Goodreads sci fi rec, school assignment, reddit, news article about it being turned into a movie, a combination of tumblr and a friend’s rec, seeing it in Target, seeing a guy read it on the bus, and picking it up at the library. 

In addition, several people mentioned tumblr users who convinced them to read it: @steviebucks (29 respondents), @sasstronautmarkwatney (2), @spacedorkstark (1), @the-stonedsoldier (1), @buckyhowls (1), @lyrangalia (1), and @astronautbeck (1)

Obviously due to the nature of my blog (and the blogs of people who reblogged the survey), there was a ridiculously high number of people who read or saw it due to Sebastian Stan. When filtering for only Facebook respondents, most people found out about it through no actor/not applicable (23 respondents), Matt Damon (4), Sebastian Stan (3), and Ridley Scott (1). Also, when filtering for only Facebook respondents, they tended to become aware of The Martian later, and were more likely to have been referred by friends, blogs, and trailers. 

An Askmiddlearth Podcast?

Okay, guys, tell me what you think about this: Last weekend I was talking to my friends (they’re not really huge Tolkien fans, but they love me so they always ask about the blog), and one of them (who works in social media) suggested I add a podcast feature. Which, after thinking about it, both excites and terrifies me. 

So consider this “market research” - what do you think of a regular Askmiddlearth podcast? Would you listen to it? Encourage others to listen to it? If you think it’s a good idea, what would you like to see (or, I guess, hear) in the podcast itself? If you think it’s a bad idea, by all means talk me out of it. There’s really no point to doing this if you guys don’t want it, you know, so I’m sort of relying on your honesty.

Some (tentative) ideas I’ve had so far about content:

  • Themed episodes where I cover many questions on the same topic (for example, I’ve got a whole pile of questions about elvish “fading” that I don’t want to answer as separate posts, but would also be too long for a single post. I could just address them all in a podcast instead.)
  • Verbal “little answers” posts - to possibly replace the photoset ones I do now.
  • Interviews? I know that’s sort of the podcast’s bread and butter, but I’m really not sure who I’d interview. Interviewing “real people” sounds like so much work.. - maybe I could interview other Tolkien-themed blogs? So it’d be 50% interview, 50% blog promo? I know there are a ton of really interesting Tolkien tumblr-blogs out there, if you run one, would you be interested in participating in something like this?
  • Music would be awesome, but there are copyright laws. Any musicians out there who’d be willing to make some sort of Tolkien-inspired music for a nerdy podcast?
  • Just literally reading answers (I could always post the answer in written form a few days after the podcast, for those who like to save them as references.)
  • ???? I don’t know, you’d get to hear what I sound like?

Anyway, let me know what you think. I’ll just be here, poised breathlessly over my pros/cons list…


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