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stray dogs + reddie

They weren’t the same. They would never, ever be the same.

Eddie was awkward; he’d ramble when he got nervous, he thought band aids could fix all his problems and that Richie was the prettiest and dirtiest thing he’d ever seen. Richie was a loner; the black sheep of his non-existent family, he had a switch blade and a broken past and he thought Eddie was too good for this world, too good for him. 

No, they’re never be the same. But that was okay. Different was good.

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morning jog is fun group activity

(no it isn’t. running is hell)


January 2. Officially 6 months since I decided to change everything I didn’t like about my life. (I’m still working on it) 🌹

anonymous asked:

do you reckon dan and/or phil are the type of people who have a cute pic of either them together or just the other person as their phone background?

well phil had their couch cushion as his lockscreen and actually brought his pillow to the tour as a “little piece of home” and dan seems like the person that’s value something like that to me so yes, i definitely think they’re the kind to put each other or something that reminds them of the other person as their lock/homescreens

a yoshi nanase/ nanashi fanmix !! 1bitHeart has consumed my everything…
art by miwashiba.

listen here!

i. milky way - shk
ii. death should not have taken thee! - kradness & reol cover
iii. good time - owl city feat. carly rae jepsen
iv. laplace - sakuzyo
v. stereo hearts - gym class heroes feat. adam levine 
vi. video killed the radio star - the buggles
vii. bubbly - colbie caillat
viii. i’m yours - jason mraz
ix. caelumize - void
x. streaming heart - mafumafu cover
xi. pulse - sta
xii. daisy - lindsey stirling
xiii. pick u up - adam lambert
xiv. see through - pentatonix 
xv. blindfold code - jin feat. yasagure koneko (mca remix)