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a yoshi nanase/ nanashi fanmix !! 1bitHeart has consumed my everything…
art by miwashiba.

listen here!

i. milky way - shk
ii. death should not have taken thee! - kradness & reol cover
iii. good time - owl city feat. carly rae jepsen
iv. laplace - sakuzyo
v. stereo hearts - gym class heroes feat. adam levine 
vi. video killed the radio star - the buggles
vii. bubbly - colbie caillat
viii. i’m yours - jason mraz
ix. caelumize - void
x. streaming heart - mafumafu cover
xi. pulse - sta
xii. daisy - lindsey stirling
xiii. pick u up - adam lambert
xiv. see through - pentatonix 
xv. blindfold code - jin feat. yasagure koneko (mca remix)

Look Guys

All I wanted was my Fantastic Beasts DVD so that I could take a nerdy picture of it with my FBAWTFT books and pop dolls and then watch it.


My change of address for the shipping didn’t take on Amazon so it got delivered to the wrong address AND IS UNDELIVERABLE 

I now may or may not receive my package that I literally ordered OPENING WEEKEND OF THE FUCKING FILM

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5 things

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1. tissues
2. pens
3. coins
4. ?
5. ?

(I dont have much stuff in my bag tbh??)


1. headphones
2. a computer
3. a chalkboard that i draw nerdy stuff on
4. pictures of my family + my dog
5. drawings i’ve made


1. have a gf/bf tbh
2. meet atleast 1 actor i like
3. go to a con tbh
4. get a leather jacket
5. be able to come out to my family


1. The Outsiders
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Leather jackets…
4. 80s music
5. X-Men


1. be able to draw a face
2. to be physically active
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

(I dont necessarily think of the future that way, like i dont have a to do list)


1. I can speak french
2. I have a scar on my chin 
3. I can do a 3 leaf clover with my tongue (dont ask fejwjenfkjwnef)
4. I! love! mickey! mouse!
5. i have a birthmark on my hand

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I’m gonna keep trying to rip apart the internet to find more nerdy pictures of Don because I love them and plus it seemed like you all enjoyed the one of him in college (;

Pictured: everything I keep in my bag, including: sauce on the go 2. the little sock I keep my sunglasses in 3. Dude knife 4. Animaniacs 90s bookmark I found inside a copy of Quicksilver at HPB (normally I use this bookmark that has a floating picture of my sister when she was in 4th grade holding a cow beanie baby and wearing a Scooby Doo shirt in some kind of savannah setting, but I’m worried I’ll lose it because she has destroyed all the other copies) 5. Regular accoutrements and stuff I use to groom myself in public

tried to draw some cute korean adcs while watching semi-finals this week. i feel pretty ambivalent about the results but at least i was kinda able to capture how cute skt bang is heheh :3

i’ll stop drawing pro league players, i promise… back to quality content next week.

PSA for folks looking for reading material

You’re totally in luck.

Several posts have crossed my dash saying “your Tumblr experience is what you make it.” If you look for drama you will find it. If you look for fun, you will find that.

I have looked for, and found, hilarious jokes; sexy pictures; nerdy posts about literature, science, and history; excellent (and virtually endless) Marvel gifs; and I have found some truly outstanding people.

I have also read some kickass fiction.

I want to return the Tumblr love by posting a list of the writers who have risen to the top of my reading list over the past year and a half.

Warning: my reading list does not fit into a single, neat category. I am a voracious reader, and my list of ships covers a wide variety of pairings that probably do not seem compatible with one another. I read m/f, m/m, f/f, OFCs, and OMCs. I read one-shots, multi-chapters, alt-universe, and rps. I lean more heavily toward Marvel, sci-fi, and fantasy, just because. The only thing I usually shy away from are real-person fics, though I have read some of those that I’ve liked, too, just not as many of them.

Please beware: many of these writers publish fics rated M or E – you should be over 18 if you read these. Don’t get your favorite writers into trouble.

Also beware: there will very likely be writers on this list that you will not love as much as I do, because you don’t do that ship. However, I’m willing to bet there is something here you will like.

This is a really long post, so I put most of it under a cut.

Please feel free to re-blog and add your favorite writers to the list, because there are lots of them out there who deserve not just praise but new readers. Clearly, this is not a complete list, but I’ve been working on this post for an embarrassingly long time and just need to post already!

Happy reading!

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Daddy Husband ! Namjoon

• he’s rich af 

 • he’s a CEO of this book authorizing company or whatever 

 • he’s father set him up on a lot of arranged marriages 

 • fighting he’s father all that time like actually squaring up 

 • fancy thing fancy that 

 • but he lives he’s whole life online 

 • he’s a lonely son of a bitch 

•you two met on a website 


 • you where being a hoe on the website because ur booty fat and you cute or whatever 

 • but then you came across his little nerdy picture that he took two years ago and you needed a new side side side side side man 

 •"pussicwater: hey big egg roll zaddy”

 •"richmoneyboii: excuse me, that’s very inappropriate young lady.“ 

•"pussicwater: wtf are you? You sounded like my history teacher.“ 

•"richmoneyboii: sounded??" 

 •"pussicwater: I maybe sucked some dick and ruined his life and maybe I can ruin yours big eggy." 


 • and he never went on that site again 

 • he went to to this old café that was near his house 

 • he saw this fat ass in skirt bend over a table while cleaning, long curly hair that was above that ass seemed to smell like fruits. 

 • he went over there and tapped you on the shoulder 

 •He saw your cute ass 

 •he freaked out.

• but then you smiled that big open mouth toothy smile his heart freaked out

• him asking you out without him really asking you out

• regret took over his body that night

• he dressed really crappy to to the date

• he tried acting like a total asshole 

• but that didn’t seem to work on you

• on your second date it was magic

• so much love in the air

• you two went ice skating 

• he really didn’t know how to skate so you taught him

• he held onto you like a baby to it mother

• he fell and pulled you down with him and he leaded on top of you

• boner

• that night sex went down against the wall of the empty ice rink 

• he would have you naked against the glass wall face first while he lifts your leg and thrusts into you

• you would still have your ice skates on

• you two would have sex everywhere in that ice rink

• you not knowing he’s rich 

• innocent little soul you

• your next date was at an amusement park 

• you two when went on every ride there

• wore matching head bands

• you two fucked in Ferris wheel chart

• and carved your name in that chart

• but you two forgot a condom 

• the next day you were puking 

• pregnancy tests everywhere

• screaming

• going on dates and you seem less passion about them

• namjoon knowing right away 

• you telling him 

• him freezing for a good 10 minutes before taking deep breathes and being a bigger man being a dad

• calming you down and telling you that he wont leave you and shit

• telling you that he’s rich

• going two the ultrasounds and you and nurse making fun of him 

• finding out you’re having triplets

• crying cause no sleep

• six mouths later

• namjoom making fun of you when you waddle 

• he calls you mama bear because you growl like a bear and eat a lot

• you shoving your feet up his ass when he bugs during sleep

• him staying up with you at night to makes sure you don’t feel lonely

•he gets stomach like you in the middle of the night

• he fixs your messy buns 

• loves putting his arms around you and placing his hands onto your big belly

• a lot belly kisses

• moving into a nice well sized house together 

• 3 more months later

• here comes these mixed crying babies

• two girls one boy

• naming your first girl that came out Zowie Xiu Kim, 2nd girl: Apollo Viviana Kim and the last one which is a boy : Xzander Agnese Kim

• taking thousands of pictures of them

• having 20 photo albums

• you finding him sleeping with them in his arms when you come back from work

 •breaks the baby bottles all that time 

 • thank god he’s rich 

 • would switch your babies with someone else’s babies at times when he went to the park 

 • coming home with the wrong babies 

 • him returning them faster then sonic 

• you finding out and fighting him

• hiring a babysitter aka Jimin

• you two taking the babies to the park and showing them a whole new world

• making them and namjoon wear monkey outfits 

• you taking them to the company 

• everyone loving them

• when they turned 7 you two soon realized they grow up and started crying

• namjoon crying when he hears his daughter was fighting some girl at school

• you and daughter tag teaming him when wrestling and winning

• taking them to the same  amusement park 

• you two laughing when you went on the same chart and saw the carving 

• you all taking a picture by it

• you two being so blessed and happy 

• kissing and grossing out your kids

• namjoon not knowing what he would do if he haven’t met you

• “ i love you mama bear,”

• “i love you egg roll zaddy.”

• “eww, you two are gross.”

Nette~ this one hit me in some how places like namjoon as a dad wow