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nerdy!jock!stiles trying to woo nerd!derek for valentines day (as a valentine's day prompt, obviously :p)

Alrightly, here it is @demisexualhale! I really hope you like it! (also on ao3!)

Stiles had never really been sure if he could be considered a jock or not.

Because, yeah sure, he was on the lacrosse team and played baseball in his spare time but he was no star athlete. Hell, he spent most of his time during lacrosse games warming the bench and fetching Coach refills of Gatorade.

He had always been into sports, for as long as he could actually remember, really. He had been a devout Mets fan since long before he could even walk, his mom and his dad joking that he had inherited his preference from both of them. He could still remember his dad teasing his mom about it, claiming she had watched too much baseball while pregnant, Stiles born only a few months before the World Series.

Older now, he never missed a game. Not once. Whenever the Mets played, he would dress in his finest blue and orange gear, baseball cap and all, just to firmly plant his butt on the living room couch with a giant bowl of low-fat popcorn in his lap and a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups in the freezer for later.

Back in elementary school, he and Scott had played Little League together, baseball both a good hobby and a wonderful way to keep them from getting into too much trouble. Stiles took to it like a pig to mud, one of the best pitchers their local division had ever seen, finding his element out on the mound.

Both of his parents would come to every game, his mom taking a break from her work at home and his dad somehow weaseling his way out of doing paperwork just to catch the opening pitch. Without fail, his dad cheered louder than anyone else in the crowd, jumping to his feet and waving his arms around as he proudly proclaimed, “That’s my son!”

When Scott had eventually grown tired of playing in Little League, in part due to his asthma which was being somewhat exacerbated by all of the physical activity and in part because of the fact that baseball was no longer considered cool, Stiles had decided to quit with him. He just hadn’t seen the point of continuing to play if his best friend wasn’t there with him. And besides, it just wasn’t the same without his mom there.

In high school, he still gravitated towards baseball but he had soon developed an affinity for lacrosse after Scott started showing interest in trying out for the team. He had spent hours researching all aspects of the sport, wanting to know exactly what to expect at tryouts.

With his asthma clearing up a bit and all the confidence of no longer being a virgin thanks to Allison, Scott had managed to snag a highly coveted position on the first line. Meanwhile, Stiles only barely made the team, beating out two other guys who had tried out, owing his victory to pure dumb luck though he barely ever made it onto the field.

It wasn’t that he was bad at lacrosse per se, he was actually pretty good. His leanly muscled body was built for speed and agility, making him a wonderful prospect. He just had a tendency to trip over his own feet. And other people’s feet. And grass and rocks and, at times, even thin air.

So, while he could run suicides and drills with the very best of them, giving the team captain, Jackson, a run for his money, he was usually stuck on the bench during games, just watching his teammates play. His dad still came to all of his games, though he didn’t understand why.

But while there was some question about whether or not he was a jock, there was no dispute whatsoever over the fact that he fell victim to some of the most stereotypical jock tropes. Namely, falling for a nerd.

But not just any nerd. No, that would be too easy. He had fallen for the king of nerds. Derek freaking Hale. The epitome of a high school nerd.

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A short “ comic strip “ for a Jock!Cole and Nerdy!Jay. Yeah. I couldn’t come up with any good names so.

“ That was a really good game Cole! Good job! “ - Person A

(But you guys sure are swarming.. I need some space.) - Cole

“ Thanks guys, it wasn’t too difficult this time. “ - Cole

(Inaudible) - Jay

“ H-hey Cole.. Good job out there. “ - Jay

(Cute..) - Cole

“ T-thanks Jay.. Glad you think so.. “ - Cole

Jock!Sterek AU

I just saw a post about Stiles scoring in Lacrosse and Baseball-player!Derek cheering for him. So, it got me thinking… We always have one nerdy and one jock, or rivals, BUT what about star-Lacrosse-player Stiles, who is Baseball-star Derek’s boyfriend, and besides that, Stiles also helps out the track team, and Derek is a regular in Basketball and the swimming team, and they are together in the debate team, they both got scholarships lined up for college, and they have been the named the cutest couple since middle school. You can always see Stiles cheering his lungs out with Derek’s letterman jacket, or Derek with Stiles’ jersey. The Stilinski-Hale clan is known around the county. Everyone is alive and happy.

Things that Give Me Life:
  • Bokuto Koutarou’s happiness and joy over simple compliments
  • Yamaguchi’s shear determination to succeed 
  • Tsukki’s ability to learn to give his all
  • Hinata’s inability to back down from a challenge 
  • Kuroo’s chemistry nerdiness seeping into his jock life
  • Kenma’s little smile when he talks to Hinata
  • Akaashi’s list of Bokuto’s weaknesses
  • Asahi’s hairband 
  • Suga’s Mom Chop™
  • Daichi’s unfortunate luck concerning wigs and toupees 
  • Kageyama learning how to smile
  • R O L L I N G T H U N D A
  • Tanaka’s shirt swinging attitude and love of manliness 
  • Yachi learning to stand up for herself and what she wants
  • Kiyoko’s shyness
  • “Talent is something you make bloom. Instinct is something you polish!”
  • Iwaizumi aggressively caring for people
  • Turnip Head
  • “It’s all in your head, Bokuto-san.”
  • “Were you seducing me?” “Was I that obvious?”
  • Go Go Let’s Go Let’s Go Dateko!!!
  • “I’m good at getting on my knees and begging.”
  • Everything about Saeko Tanaka
  • Kyoutani slammed up against a wall by pretty boy Yahaba
  • That one face Furudate draws where the eyes are only little circles 
When the Levee Breaks

Word count: 1918

Summary: Castiel and Dean are paired for a project, but as the evening progresses, essays get put aside and something else is brought to their attention - their feelings.

“I’ll return shortly, mom. I’ll be working at the library on a project with my partner.” Castiel said before exiting his house.

Of course he was going to the library. Of course he had a big project so soon in the year. And of course he got paired with Dean Winchester, football jock of the school. Complete eye candy to all, crushed on by many, including Castiel. But to his knowledge, those feelings weren’t reciprocated.

This was the first time they had communicated in all four years of their highschool experience. Actually, if you asked Castiel, he’d tell you he was certain that Dean wasn’t even aware of his existence. Not that many people were.

Castiel was quiet. He preferred a good read over interaction almost all of the time. However, he wasn’t a complete loner, he had a few friends. Charlie, Gabriel, and Kevin. That’s all he needed.

As he continued to walk to the library, he pondered of how this could go: great, horrible. He wasn’t sure which one. Dean wasn’t known for being mean to people, even though he could and would beat someone up if needed. But, it’s not like Dean and he were friends or even acquiantances, really; they’d never spoken until being paired for this project. And Castiel was both pleased and unamused with the set up.

He reached the library a few minutes earlier than the time they had arranged - one of his values being punctuality. Castiel walked up to the front desk and greeted the old librarian with a kind smile. They knew each other well, as Castiel came here often. They’d trade books and recommend new ones. Castiel loved to read.

“What can I do for you, young man?” She asked quietly, looking up from her book - one that Castiel himself had recommended. He smiled at that.

“I’m looking for a boy. We have a project to work on and I don’t know if he already came in.” Castiel spoke, his words soft and gentle.

“Well, people come in all the time, young man. D'you mind telling me what he looks like?” She mused, chuckling softly at Castiel. He blushed and nodded.

He wouldn’t even be asking if it wasn’t for the fact that this particular library had three stories. Upstairs held the children’s reading nook, which Castiel highly doubted where Dean was located. The main entrance held the classics, research, and adult books. And the basement area was where the young adult books were held, along with a few computers for the teenagers to play on.

“Um, he has light brown hair. It’s pretty short. Good build, I think and the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen.” Castiel described, blushing as he realized that he sounded like a middle school girl with a silly crush. It’s not his fault Dean’s eyes were the greenest eyes that ever greened. It wasn’t.

The librarian chuckled at him, but nodded and said, “Yeah, sweetie, he’s down that way. Came in a few minutes ago.” He nodded, mumbled a farewell, and made his way through the labyrinth of bookshelves to the area where the tables were set up.

“‘Greenest eyes you’ve ever seen’, huh?” Dean greeted as Castiel sat down, chuckling as he saw the boy blush. Castiel cursed under his breath, unaware that Dean had even heard him.

“You heard me?” Castiel asked in an embarrassed whisper. Dean laughed, a bit too loudly, as there was a rather loud cough from the front of the library.

“Well, it is a library, Cas. It’s not particularly loud.” Dean said, the nickname rolling off his tongue with ease. Castiel went pink at the use of the foreign name, only ever being called Cassie by his older brother, Balthazar.

“Yeah, I guess,” He mumbled. “Anyway, we should probably get some books for the assignment.”

“I wasn’t exactly paying attention when Mr. Jones went over this…” Dean trailed off. It wasn’t that he was a bad student, he made good grades, actually. He just had a short attention span. Especially when Castiel was in the room, admittedly.

“Oh, um, we’re supposed to write a seven page essay on how music and dance is essential to human life.” Castiel said and then he was off to collect books. Lucky for him, coming to the library so often helped him know where everything was. He’d gathered a number of books in no time.

“Okay, I got a few.” Castiel said as he sat down a stack of about ten books. Dean was stood, mouth open, and a single book in his hand.

“'A few’? I only found one!” He said, holding up the book entitled The Sound of Music. Castiel smiled at that.

“I come here frequently.” He mumbled, looking down. Wow, he sounded like a such a nerd. A total dork. And in front of such a cool guy like Dean. Great.

“You think?” Dean chuckled, adoration filling his green eyes, making them somehow impossibly brighter. This boy was such a cutie, though Dean would never use those words out loud.

Two hours passed by as they spent their evening working and laughing. Castiel was both thrilled and shocked that this was going so well. He was sure that he’d be miserable and Dean would hate him. But the jock was either good at acting or he really enjoyed Castiel’s company. Of course, Castiel prayed for the latter.

“I’m so tired of this. Let’s quit. How about some coffee? Pie? God, I could go for some pie.” Dean said, complaining for the umpteenth time in the last five minutes. The had been working pretty hard for a couple hours and straight and Castiel could tell that Dean was losing patience and concentration. He was becoming tired. They both were.

“I know it’s a lot at one time, but if we get it done now, we won’t have to keep coming back to work on it for the next two weeks.” Castiel said, trying to be encouraging, but doing the opposite. Dean sighed and put his head on the table.

“Exactly! We’ve got two weeks. And maybe I want to keep meeting up.” Dean said, mumbling the last part. Castiel heard him and blushed, but forced himself to take that comment as Dean just being tired. Castiel stayed quiet and continued to write, letting Dean have a break.

“Besides, you get great grades. Even if we finish and it’s a bit choppy, you’ll still have a great average. Mr. Jones loves you, Cas.” Dean groaned, shifting restlessly.

“No, Mr. Jones loves children. He’s a perverted old man that wants underage kids to get on their knees. Either gender, he doesn’t care as long as they’re under eighteen.” Castiel said, and he would’ve laughed if it weren’t true.

“That’s true, but you’re still a good student. Let’s leave. Or at least take a break. It’s getting late.” Dean whined. Castiel giggled at him, shaking his head. He was like a little kid. It was adoable.

“Well, I’d rather not suffer a bad grade in such a big project, but if you wish to offer him a good time, I suppose he’ll let us pass.” Castiel joked, laughing as Dean raised up with a repulsed look on his face.

“I can’t believe you just said that. God, Cas. Ewww. Who knew a little nerdy guy could be so gross. Ugh.” Dean laughed, snarling his nose up in disgust. “I’m leaving. Gross. Ugh.” He stood up, pulling his jacket on and pretending to walk away. Castiel took the opportunity to quietly run behind a bookshelf as he wasn’t looking.

Castiel, now hidden, perched himself on the thigh-level bookcase, swinging his legs as he heard Dean walking around.

“Cas? Where’d you go? I wasn’t actually leaving, you know?” Dean sounded worried, as if he’d offended the boy. Castiel giggled at that. The fact that Dean was so caring only furthered his crush.

Finally, after a minute of searching, Dean turned into the aisle and saw Cas sitting on a bookcase, grinning like a little kid who had just been found during a game of hide and seek.

“There you are.” Dean chuckled, walking over and standing in front of Castiel. The bookcase made him even shorter that Dean, his forehead reaching up to Dean’s chin.

“Here I am.” Castiel whispered, not wanting to break the silence, but feeling the urge to. Their eyes were locked and Castiel was becoming nervous under Dean’s gaze.

After a few more seconds that admittedly seemed like hours, the silence was again broken, but by Dean this time. “Fuck it.” He mumbled before leaning forward and connecting his lips to Castiel’s jaw, peppering the area with kisses.

Castiel was shocked, to say the least. He’d always hoped to have Dean’s lips on him, but now that it was happening, his stomach was twisting with anxiety and nervousness.

What if Dean wanted to him to kiss back? Castiel had never been kissed. He was lip virgin. He didn’t know how to do it. Well, he knew the basic idea, but he couldn’t do it properly to have an effect on anyone. And what if Dean wanted to go even further? Castiel would hate to disappoint his crush, but hell, he wasn’t ready.

Castiel could feel Dean’s stubble rubbing his neck and scratching his skin, making him tingle. And also, he’s pretty sure that he just moaned because wow Dean can really kiss and now he’s softly sucking on Castiel’s jaw and right behind his ear.

After about six whole seconds that seemed like six hours and also a single millisecond all at once, Dean pulled away. He seemed nervous, as if he’d made Castiel uncomfortable or possibly done something wrong. Castiel really hoped Dean didn’t regret what he’d just done. He really hoped it wasn’t just a caught-in-the-moment type thing. But, the lust and desire in Dean’s eyes said differently.

Castiel reached and grabbed his hand, rubbing his thumb over Dean’s knuckles in reassurance. Dean smiled and pulled Castiel to standing position and smirked.

“How about we head downstairs?” He spoke smugly, until seeing Castiel’s nervous stance. He dropped his smirked and opted for a kind smile. “Only if you want. We don’t have to. I just thought we could go somewhere private and talk some more. Maybe kiss a little.”

Castiel smiled at that and nodded, a tint of bright pink rising up his body and settling on his cheeks and ears. “Let me put the stuff up. I’ll meet you down there, yeah?”

“Sure thing, Cas.” Dean grinned, squeezing his hip farewell, chuckling as Castiel yelped and then giggled.

As Dean walked off, Castiel decided that it would be just horrible if he deprived himself of staring at Dean’s ass, so he allowed himself the pleasure, and damn, did he like what he saw.

When the jock walked out of sight, Castiel dashed to his backpack and grabbed a pack of mints, throwing about five in at once for good measure. After that, he rushed to put all the books in their appropriate places. Once he finished, he quickly made his way downstairs to the most likely vacant teenage lounge.

As he reached his destination and spotted Dean sat at a bean bag, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. Things were going good, and that point was only further proved as the evening progressed in a balance of light conversation and soft kisses.

And, of course, they got an A on the paper.

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Just Look At Me is sooo adorable. I love it. Are you going to write a part 4? I really hope you do! 😊

Just Look At Me—Part 4

Make sure you go read the other parts before you read this, sweethearts. Check right here for the link. Have a nice day!


Percy was jerked out of his reverie when a piece of paper was slid down onto his desk around his elbow. He looked up to see his math teacher, Mrs. Price, smiling down at him. She tapped the paper in the top right hand corner and said, “Good job, Percy.”

He stared in disbelief. There was a 97 written in red ink. He had made an A. 

On a math test. 

Fucking shit. This was amazing. He needed to text his mom. 

The bell rang, and even though the rest of the class was shuffling out of the class, Percy still sat at his desk, staring at the paper. 

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i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)
By Organization for Transformative Works

bleep0bleep / Teen / StilesxDerek

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.

Los Angeles Is Burning - Tate Langdon X Reader

AN: This one came out kind of fluffy actually. I wasn’t really going for romance when I started this, but it came out that way. Warnings for death, violence, drugs and language I guess. 

“Fuck this world, and all the bastard motherfuckers who live in it.” You snarled. Sweet, innocent Beau was gone.

Tate was pacing back and forth in front of you, tearing at his hair. “I know she was behind this, and she had her fucking sorry excuse for a boyfriend take care of it.”

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New Kids

Pairing: Michael, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Y/N.

Word Count: 2,122

Requested: Anonymous - “Could you do a AU imagine where they are the new kids at your school and you need to show them around and help them in classes and stuff?”

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks to alyssatrevizo for suggesting I do a mixture of the bad boy, jock, and nerd au! Also, I know that gif doesn’t really have jock or nerdy, but I really love it, so just pretend and enjoy.

Part Two

You walk down the hallway of your school excited to meet the new student you will be helping around today. Ever since you moved during the middle of your freshman year you’ve volunteered at your school to help new students learn the ins and outs of your school. You loved the program, because it helped you come out of your shell and meet so many unique people, and was in fact the reason you had met so many of your close friends. You finally reach the principal’s office where you always pick up your new student, but stop dead in your tracks when you see four boys standing in her office. You assume she’s in a meeting, because there’s no way you’re expected to help around all four boys. You notice two jock looking boys. One with floppy golden curls hanging loosely on his forehead, immensely defined arms showcased very nicely in his Chicago Bulls jersey with his toned legs in black skin tight skinny jeans. The other has a soccer jersey on showing his tan skin littered with tattoos. His jawline is so chiseled you swear he can’t be a day younger than 25. You notice a pale boy with jet black hair with a few colored strips wearing a Metallica shirt showcasing his tattoos along his arms. He has black, ripped skinny jeans with untied combat boots. Lastly you see a tall, thin, blonde boy with a lip piercing, wearing black rimmed glasses, black skinny jeans and a button up shirt. They all turn around as they notice your presence and the one with the soccer jersey gives you a flirtatious smirk causing you to look down bashfully.

“Uh, s-so sorry Mrs. Smith. I-I thought you wanted me to meet the new student. I didn’t meant to int-“

“It’s okay, Y/N.” She smiles softly, and waves you into her office. “These are the new students that you’ll be helping around actually. I couldn’t get any of the other volunteers to help, so I need you to take on more than just one student this time. I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course.” You smile politely.

She turns her body towards the four boys and claps her hands together with a smile on her face. “Okay, boys. This is Y/N Y/L/N. She is a senior here, so you’ll all have similar classes together, and she’s been a volunteer for this group since her freshman year, so you’re with one of the best!”

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omg i love you and your writing so can you please please continue {just look at me}? thank you❤️

Just Look At Me–Part 2

Since you asked nicely, here you go, sweetheart. 


He was standing in the hallway again. 

This time, he was one of the only people leaned up against the lockers. Normally, he was in the pool, practicing before first period started, but he just couldn’t get his head in it today. 

And well, it was probably because something else was in his head. Or more like a someone else. He just couldn’t help it. He thought it was just a crush, but god, it just wouldn’t go away. 

Annabeth Chase was standing a few feet down the hallway, shuffling through her locker. She was wearing jeans and a pair of Nikes with a long sleeve t-shirt. Her blonde curls were hanging down around her shoulders (which was Percy’s personal favorite). As he watched, she pushed her glasses farther up her nose, and she scowled when someone brushed past her. 

Percy gulped. 

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This is my first Fic Care Pack for your Sterek High School AU needs. A Fic Care Pack is basically a huge, absolutely massive, fic rec list. There are 112 fics, divided into two parts: A Part are fics that I would like to read over and over again (includes a surprise under the cut), B Part are fics that I had fun reading and would recommend, even if they aren’t my favourites.

If you have any suggestions, send them in my ask box and I’ll see about putting it in the revision. You can also send me theme suggestions for the next Fic Care Pack.

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“Blackness is not a monolith. There’s nerdy black, jock black, manic pixie dream black, sassy black, shy black, conscious black, hipster black … the list goes on and on. But some people don’t want to believe that, because if varying degrees of blackness become normalized, then that means society has to rethink how they treat black people. In other words, if you allow black people to be as complicated and multidimensional as white people, then it’s hard to view them as the Other with all the messy pejorative, stereotypical, and shallow ideas that have been assigned to that Otherness.” 

Robinson, Phoebe. You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain (p. 79). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Reading this right now, and while it’s a bit uneven overall, this definitely felt like a sentiment worth repeating.